Below, is a compilation of my ongoing research and findings regarding "estrogen dominance". From my understanding there are food additives and chemicals in the environment which have xenoestrogens (synthetic) which mimic estrogen in the body and 'use up' the available estrogen receptors, leading to "excess" estrogen circulating and hormonal imbalances. By avoiding the xenoestrogens and even consuming the naturally occurring phytoestrogens (which block the xenoestrogens from using up the estrogen receptors), hormonal balance can be reclaimed naturally.

Here is one perspective of phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens.
Here are an alternative 60+ studies regarding the benefits of phytoestrogens.
xenoestrogens and understanding estrogen dominance

There are specific nutrients which are related to hormonal balance. Have you had saliva testing done? There is commonly an association between androgen levels and estrogen levels. Both can be elevated. Read on the iodine thread also about the relation to thyroid receptors being blocked by halides also. The hormones are all interrelated. My understanding is that all 5 hormones need to be saliva tested: thyroid, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and cortisol, multiple times during the day.

Inositol is said to promote healthy hair, hair growth, and helps in controlling estrogen levels and may assist in preventing breast lumps.

Inositol is available from both plant and animal sources. The plant form in which inositol is available is phytic acid, which can bind with minerals and so affect their absorption negatively.

The body is also able to manufacture this factor. Inositol is available from wheat germ, brewers yeast. bananas, liver, brown rice, oat flakes, nuts, unrefined molasses, raisins and vegetables. Good sources of inositol include: lecithin, beef heart, beef liver, wheatgerm, soy, eggs, citrus fruits, wholegrains, nuts.

Thyroid 101 and then there are the hormones related to PMS, irritability and rage...
Estrogen-like actions of Red Clover Leaf Infusions

Black Cohosh Root does not stimulate the production of estrogen, but it may compensate for low
or highly variable levels of estrogen during menstruation or in the menopause.

One probably needs methionine since I read that pregnancy (estrogen excess) causes stagnation of bile in the liver and can cause gallbladder issues. Our livers have a lot of different chemicals to deal with (both chemicals our bodies make, like estrogen, and various things from outside our bodies). Some of these, like caffeine, are dealt with in one step. That is phase 1 detoxification, and caffeine is ready to leave the body after phase 1 deals with it. But some chemicals are perhaps more complex and so phase 1 starts the processing on those chemicals, but instead of being ready to exit, the are turned into more reactive chemicals so that phase 2 detoxification can finish them off.

Therefore foods which support liver detoxification naturally will help balance estrogen levels.


Methionine promotes the excretion of estrogen.

Are you eating any eggs, lentils, yogurt, seeds?

methionine- is an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized in the body. Methionine is a precursor for the other sulfur amino acids, cystine, taurine, and glutathione. It has the ability to be a methyl donor to other molecules, which is essential in formulating RNA and DNA. Methionine is necessary for the absorption, transportation, and bioavailability of selenium. In order to be properly utilized, methionine requires the help of its cofactors -- Vitamins B6, B12, choline, folic acid, and magnesium.

Methionine is an antioxidant and, because it has a methyl group, it can combine with active free radicals. However, its derivative, homocysteine, is a powerful oxidant. Adequate levels of B6 are required to allow this harmful compound to be reconverted into an antioxidant substance called cystathione. A high meat intake with an inadequate supply of B6 would produce this type of situation, as would high methionine supplementation without additional B6. The result is cardiovascular disease.

Methionine is important in the treatment of rheumatic fever and pregnancy-induced toxemia. With the help of choline and folate, methionine is a chelator for heavy metals and helps remove them from the body.

Women on birth control pills could also look at this nutrient, since it promotes the excretion of estrogen.

Methionine is found in good quantities in meat, fish, beans, eggs, garlic, lentils, onions, yogurt and seeds, soybeans.

Foods high in methionine include:

· Cottage cheese (dry) 1,200 mg/cup
· Cottage cheese (crmd) 854 mg/cup
· Fish & other seafoods 2,000-3,500 mg/lb
· Meats 750-2,500 mg/lb · Poultry 1,500-2,000 mg/lb
· Peanuts, roasted w skin 640 mg/cup
· Sesame seeds 1,400 mg/cup
· Dry, whole lentils 350 mg/cup

Found this list of estrogen found in foods. Have been reading that foods high in glutamate and asparate are associated with migraines and hormonal imbalances.

Basically, foods lower in glutamate and aspartate:
1) Fruits, berries
2) Vegetables
3) Potatoes
4) Lamb and eggs are relatively low (compared to beef, chicken, turkey)
5) Tree nuts (e.g. pecans, walnuts, macadamias) NOTE: These are relatively low when compared to peanuts and cashews.

Also, magnesium is inhibitory of glutamate. From what I read lentils could be consumed whole, unprocessed because of the natural presence of magnesium in them, which can be lost in processing. This is a bit beyond my understanding, but they are saying "methylation detoxes estrogen." "And when I eat gluten, my methylation goes to sh!t, I can watch in my cycle how I have a lot more high-estrogen days".

I'm wondering if you've noticed any correlation between the estrogen issues and consuming gluten? Or glutamate foods? Here is a list of high glutamate foods: tomatoes, corn, parmesean cheese, peas, milk, rice, peanuts, casein, beans, seeds, meat, flax, sunflower, cashews, almonds.

This is the methyl detox overview.

Folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and methionine are necessary for the methylation process. Food sources of methionine.

Happened upon this (contradicting but) fascinating article about estrogen dominance. I'm going to look about Kudzu tea.

Research on soy, red clover and flax seed has shown that phytoestrogens have the following properties:
1) they have the ability to prevent the body from over-producing estrogens (ie. they act as anti-estrogens just like the synthetic cancer-preventing drugs, Tamoxiphen and Raloxifene, for preventing breast cancer and osteoporosis
but without the increased risk of uterine cancer and blood clots of the synthetics);
2) they are powerful antioxidants;
3) they prevent the formation of new blood vessels that feed cancer cells (anti-angiogenic);
4) they are anti-proliferative and inhibit cancer cell growth (Setchell and Cassidy 1999).

Phytoestrogen-rich foods and supplements have been found to be efficacious for preventing and even reversing menopausal problems and osteoporosis in older women and prostate cancer in men and may turn out to be the most important cancer cures yet discovered (Bracher, F. 1997; Brinker, F. 1993/94; Stephens 1997;
Rickard et al. 1998).

Phytoestrogens in other types of beans also have these properties, such as peanuts, pinto beans, chickpeas and black beans.

Additionally, this was an informative and thought provoking article!

I was intrigued/perplexed by the advocation of phytoestrogen. It seemed contrary to what I'd always "heard". However, the discussion seemed a bit more 'informed', about the receptor sites and how they differ. I'm curious to learn more about it. Of course, as soon as one 'group' determines one thing, another will dispute it with new science down the road, it seems. LOL The T3 T4 thing with the thyroid is relevant too. And I often see a "conclusion" based upon isolated variables, without awareness of the other relevant concerns.

I thought the article very interesting.

Just read this, "The way to deal with over zealous estrogen is to eat more cruciferous vegetables and curried foods. These foods help the liver to metabolize the hormones better, including estrogen. "

A lady just had a class this weekend with Susan Weed. She wrote this to my inquiry:

Chickweed is good :) She didn't talk a lot about it, mentioned it in passing, but then it was hard to get very in depth about too many topics. This is what she had to say about phytoestrogens: phytoestrogens are phytosterols. Phytosterols are precursors to hormones (created when our bodies ferment the phytosterols). These counter the effects of chemicals, block the action of organochlorines. Women with lots of phytosterols are 400xs less likely to get breast cancer.

The soy phytoestrogen is only one kind, isoflavones, which if exposed to/eaten prior to breast formation can be protective, but if started eating after breast formation (which is where most of the breast-cancer age population of women are now with the introduction of soy into all our food after we started developing breasts) has a negative, cancer enhancing effect. In Japan if it's eaten more than twice a week (I'm guessing not fermented soy, but not sure) there is a higher incidence of Alzheimers.

Isoflavones are a long path estrogen, like the estrodiol produced by the ovaries when the eggs mature (and linked to breast cancer, hence the issue with increased # of mensturations over a woman's life being linked to increased breast cancer risk). Red clover is ideal for breast cancer because it has short path estrogens which beat the long path estrogens to the estrogen receptor site. Not clear why that's helpful but she called red clover "herbal tamoxofin" which is a drug used to block the estrogen (long path) from making it to the receptor sites and is used
for breast cancer treatment. >>

She recalled that there were "different" types of phytoestrogens. With food folate and folic acid, it is the same. The fast folic acid 'gets there first' and blocks the ability of the food folate to do its job.

This makes sense that there are short and long path phytoestrogens. Fascinating.

Per Susun Weed:

* "If you are overweight, do something about it. Because fat cells convert other substances into estrogen, extra weight increases estrogen levels. Fibroids in obese women may not shrink after menopause. (What causes weight gain is a complicated topic, and beyond the scope of this article.)

* Avoid foreign estrogens (xenoestrogens). Many chemicals, pesticides and pollutants double as strong estrogens in the body, skewing the balance. Hormones added to commercial meat, poultry and dairy are definitely unwanted.

* Eating a variety of fresh, whole foods increases your intake of compounds with weak estrogen-like activity (phytoestrogens). These mitigate high estrogen levels. There are many herbal phytoestrogens as well.

* Sometimes the problem isn't excess estrogen, but rather, a compromised ability to clear estrogen. Fiber can help (especially flax, rye, buckwheat, millet, oats and barley). Your liver changes estrogen into a harmless metabolite so it can be excreted. If you've had hepatitis or taken drugs, your liver needs extra support (options include Milk Thistle and increasing your intake of cabbage family vegetables).

* Women with hormonal problems are often advised to reduce their intake of saturated fat from animal products. I have no proof, but I suspect the real reason some improve on this regimen is that they are not ingesting the xenoestrogens concentrated in the fats of commercially-raised animals."

And iodine is a whole 'nuther variable in hormonal balance. The absence of iodine and the excess of halides from the food and environment) impairs the thyroid function which is inseparable from the other hormones and their balance.

Caution supplementation of iodine as many women with thyroid issues have Hashimoto's. Iodine can throw you into a hyperthyroid crisis.
Dr. Datis Kharrazian and Dr. David Brownstein are contemporary thyroid sp
ecialists. I'm more inclined to consult a professional herbalist and TCM specialists for natural alternatives than supplement isolated iodine.

Everything is interconnected.


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Comment by Jennifer Steinbachs on September 14, 2010 at 10:14pm
the SE women's herbal conference has a class on phytoestrogens - how's that for timing?
Comment by Pat Robinson on September 14, 2010 at 10:34pm

Comment by Debbie Young on December 3, 2010 at 10:54am
how about herbals such as dong quai, licorice root, chaste berry ? anyone tried those?
Comment by Pat Robinson on May 14, 2012 at 10:14am

Progesterone cream is not a natural product. "Bio-identical" is just another marketing term for manufactured in a laboratory. It may be derived from a natural product, just like many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants. However, progesterone supplements are chemically synthesized in a laboratory. But, it is marketed as "natural".

I feel more comfortable wtih Adaptogen herbs:

Address the underling causes, such as adrenal exhaustion?:


More about cortisol/progesterone imbalance:

Ovarian cysts:

I'd add nettles, Omega 3 fatty acids, vit A and D, magnesium, food folate (beans, greens, liver and legumes).

Comment by Pat Robinson on November 8, 2013 at 7:36am

I do not agree with or recommend bio-identical hormones or progesterone. They are chemically synthesized to be as similar as "we" are able to manufacture them in a laboratory. They are not natural hormones, nor are they natural products.

I would much prefer to see women naturally balance their hormones through nutrient support with whole foods and herbal adaptogens which support the body with a multitude of phytochemicals and constituents which "we" are unable to measure, let alone reproduce.

Acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalists, TCM herbs are other natural routes to consider for hormonal balancing acutely. Decreasing stress, increasing sunshine, walking and gradual increase in exercise, deep breathing, alkalizing the body naturally with plant foods; balancing the gut microbials; including essential fatty acids in natural forms; decreasing Omega 6 fatty acids; decreasing toxins such as fluoride, chlorine, bromides (in processed foods); decreasing BPA and other xenoestrogens; increasing hydration; adding heavy-metal tested sea vegetables; herbal infusions and minerals in sea salt are all NATURAL healing alternatives to consider.

Here are my 14 steps for healthy guts as a place to start rebalancing hormones with nutritional support:

Susun Weed's remarkable, informative and empowering book, "The Menopausal Years" is a must read, IMO.

I do not believe there is a need for synthetic "bio-identical" supplements. They are an alternative, but not essential to healing and balancing hormones.

Additionally, birth control pills decrease folate. Impaired/deficient folate is associated with cancers.


Comment by Pat Robinson on November 8, 2013 at 7:57am

I do not avoid phytoestrogens. I add fermented soy to my diet. I do avoid processed soy and "soy protein isolates".

Phytoestrogens are very different than xenoestrogens. They act differently by competing for the estrogen receptor sites. There are ma
ny documented benefits of phytoestrogens for hormonal balancing, including many tumors.

Phytoestrogenic herbs are a great alternative and are relatively inexpensive compared to HRT.

Comment by Pat Robinson on November 8, 2013 at 8:02am

Here are a bunch of Thyroid 101 resources.

The hormones are all interconnected: thyroid, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone and estrogen. Heavy metals and halides block the thyroid receptors. Iodine deficien
cy can be a variable in hypothyroid issues. Iodine deficiency can be a result of blocked thyroid receptors, also. Autoimmune issues due to impaired nutrient absorption, assaulted immune system due to unrecognized allergies (often due to wheat/gluten), imbalanced gut microbials, etc. could be addressed.

Stress reduction can help!

I would much prefer to see women naturally balance their hormones through nutrient support with whole foods and herbal adaptogens which support the body with a multitude of phytochemicals and natural constituents.

Acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalists, TCM herbs are other natural routes to consider for hormonal balancing acutely. Decreasing stress, increasing sunshine, walking and gradual increase in exercise, deep breathing, alkalizing the body naturally with plant foods; balancing the gut microbials; including essential fatty acids in natural forms; decreasing Omega 6 fatty acids; decreasing toxins such as fluoride, chlorine, bromides (in processed foods); decreasing BPA and other xenoestrogens; increasing hydration; adding heavy-metal tested sea vegetables; herbal infusions and minerals in sea salt are all NATURAL healing alternatives to consider.

Here are my 14 steps for healthy guts as a place to start rebalancing hormones with nutritional support:



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