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Could you share what issues are a concern? Mood stability, night wakening, chronic fatigue, salt cravings, overwhelmed, brain fog...

And about your current diet and supplements? (especially related to cravings) Adrenal fatigue is a BIG issue.

Also, do you have/had amalgam (silver) fillings in your teeth? When removed/replaced? How many? Protocols/chelating??

Recently overloaded by stress?

thanks for the reply. my concerns include waking up unrefreshed, low libido, brain fog, fluctuating energy and mood instability.

my current diet is primarily organic vegetables with brown rice or potatoes and a rotating protein. before this i was paleo/low carb which i felt exacerbated the issues. i want to include more fermented foods and was wondering if that would help rid of the brain fog.

i am under the supervision of a holistic doc and am taking cod liver oil, probiotics, folate, isocort, 5htp and a complex of vitamin c, d, b12 and zinc.

i avoid dairy and eggs as i was tested to be sensitive to these foods.

i am not recently overloaded with stress but i had a parasite infection which knocked me down to stage 3 adrenal fatigue causing leaky gut and hormonal imbalances. its been about a year and while my adrenals havent gotten much better lab testing-wise, i have made improvements in my sleep and ability to eat whole grains since getting rid of the infection.

never had any cavities on my teeth thus no amalgam fillings.

anything else i should cover?
How did you address the parasites?

I'd focus on magnesium, Epsom salt baths and molybdenum for detoxification support and selenium to help thyroid.

Also, increasing Omega 3 fatty acids with wild, cold water fish could help.

Milk thistle and bone broths help to support the detoxification pathways too.

Whole food probiotics have tons more benefit than bottled probiotics, imo.

Here are a few links with more info:
Glutathione 101

Bone broths

Whole Food Probiotics 101
More about Probiotics

Sleep Issues

Where to Start?(short version)

The long Adrenal Fatigue Thread...

Could you talk more about your difficult Paleo experience, off grains? That is unusual, ime. Were you grain-free for months or a short time? Did you have enough fats? What about beans and legumes? They are important for folate and molybdenum for detoxification. Did you lose weight on the Paleo diet? When we lose fat, we have to excrete the toxins that the fat was storing and need more nutrients to do that effectively.

What about kelp for the iodine and protein? Only use heavy metal tested sea veggies, though.

Consider adding small amounts of fermented veggies, especially a forkful of Bubbies sauerkraut or homemade kraut for the stomach acid benefits, with meals. I'm big on water kefir. You can get grains from Cultures for Health shipped to you, for example. But, the sauerkraut juice or a tablespoon of ACV will help digestion. I'm not crazy about unsoaked/unfermented grains, personally, especially with adrenal or thyroid issues.

Mostly, I'd focus on magnesium and Omega 3, molybdenum (you are already doing zinc) and some whole food probiotic. Oh, and a couple of Brazil nuts for the selenium. I'd rather see people do sunshine than supplements. And a bit of walking is amazing for energy, especially if done before eating in the am. Exercise while still 'fasting' from the night before increases metabolism by 75% or so for the whole day. And I prefer food folate to supplements, unless it is 5-MTHF for the MTHFR gene issue. Even then, food folate is preferred.

Perhaps, consider some salt water flushes for the brain fog.

Another version of the salt water flush. Use sea salt with minerals. I like Redman's or Celtic or Himalayan salts.

Usually, brain fog is mobilized toxins or circulating toxin overload. Magnesium, vit C, selenium, Epsom salts, Bentonite clay all help. Milk thistle is another alternative for liver support.

Are you staying hydrated? That is another source of brain fog, ime. I prefer high mineral water and Nettles infusions.

Meditation helps too.

And Liver!

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Oh, salt water flush not advised if you have high blood pressure.

thank you for the tips.

i used antibiotics to rid of the parasite. stool tests showed i had severely low lactobacillus bacteria as a result and is why i wish to add more fermented foods.

I went grain free for months. I had to in order to keep the parasite from acting up and disrupting my sleep. While paleo I ate a primarily meat based diet with vegetables, nuts and fruits. i did not eat sea veggies or beans. I didn't know how to prepare veggies too well so I'd say I was ketogenic for months. I ate veggies with every meal but the carb count was so low that I lost weight. I think this exacerbated my fatigue increasing catecholamines and toxic load on the body. While paleo I was extremely constipated sometimes having a bowel movement once every three days. When I added the grains my bowels stabilized. I think I was eating adequate amount of fats in the form of coconut oil/milk, evoo etc. Whenever I ate too much fat I would become extremely fatigued and am now cautious of overdoing it. i hydrate myself with water whenever i am thirsty.

reading over your points on gut healing, in what way can you incorporate an ounce of liver into your diet. also, do you think organic sprouted grains are ok for my gut.

much appreciated,

When we lose fat, we mobilize stored pesticides. When we are ketogenic we could be breaking down muscle and mobilizing stored heavy metals. I expect both contributed to not feeling well, in the absence of nutrients to excrete the overload of circulating toxins. Antibiotics increase toxin loads for excretion as "beneficial" and "pathogenic" microbials are killed off.

There is huge debate about the pros and cons of sprouts. I tend toward yes in moderation. Which I think might be 1/4 cup a day or less, not as a primary food source (including as sprouted flour). There is huge debate about the pros and cons of beans and legumes also. I tend toward yes when soaked in an acid medium and cooked. I don't believe beans/legumes are sole source of protein. But, everyone has his own bias and priorities.

Again, I'd focus on Omega 3 fatty acids and magnesium sources. Personally, if I'd had more than one round of antibiotics, especially without concurrent probiotics, alongside the toxin load you describe, I'd hold off on any grains for a bit to rest the gut. Maybe a 4-6 weeks and ADD tiny quantities of whole food probiotics!

Liver is magical! I make a "liver pancake". I buy 100% grass-fed beef liver, place it and a few pasture-raised eggs and some raw milk kefir (any liquid would do) and various herbs (oregano, rosemary, splash of cayenne, etc) into the blender and puree. It makes a pink mousse looking mixture. I pour it out on a hot griddle with bacon fat and cook them like pancakes. Just barely cook them on each side, like a minute each side.

Then I freeze the extra "liver pancakes" and just reheat one occasionally in the toaster oven. Barely heat - just to thaw well. I'll fry an egg or two, over easy so the yolk is runny, and place that on top of the pancake. The eggs add some lightness (texture) and flavor along with the bacon fat drippings.

This liver pate recipe is said to be loved by toddlers and husbands!

Here are a bunch more liver recipes!

what is your opinion on the use of sauna and coffee enemas for detoxing?
This thread is great! Thank you for bringing it up!
Shanna, thanks for sharing.

I've read some concern about throwing people into hyperthyroid with maca root and some concern about the goitrogenic effects in uncooked maca root. The high content of iodine could also displace halides and cause some detox symptoms. The gelatinization process evidently removes some of the goitrogenic properties, similar to cooking. Gelatinization maca root is much stronger than powdered root, so be aware.

But, I've read about positive benefits for adrenal symptoms and for sexual functioning.

Personally, I've not yet comfortable with maca root as a supplement, other than as a food source. So, adding it to smoothies seems closer to cultural usage.

Sauna with hydration and salt water flush, I'd be ok with on a intermittent basis. Skin is a detox pathway. But, not while fasting.

I'm not keen on coffee enemas, unless one is seriously addressing cancer with a practitioner's support.


I just want to recommend the BEST supplement ever for Adrenal Fatigue!! My Naturopath putt me on it after the birth of my second child and the difference was like night and day. When I am in the throws of adrenal fatigue I honestly can not even begin to think about the several different ways of addressing it ie, bone broths, liver pates/pancakes etc etc. So it is sometimes good to start with a supplement just to get your brain and body functioning again, THEN I am able to go into the other nourishing and wonderful things….anyway…The name of the supplement is Drenamin by Standard Process. It is super affordable, like a large bottle is about 20 bucks and will last for a while. I take 4 in the morning and 3 sometime in the afternoon. After I have been taking it for about 5 days I start to notice a HUGE Difference. I am a full-time momma to my two sons 5 and 1, so when I can control stress levels with them, and check in with my SELF before reacting ALSO KNOWN AS PATIENCE!!!! I know I am feeling a ton better and my adrenal fatigue is being wholly addressed. This is when I begin making the lists and doing the shopping it takes in order to eat better, as a matter of fact I have a 100% Grass fed liver in my fridge right now just waiting to be turned into something yummy and nourishing for my whole family!


Hope this helps anyone just trying to get started on addressing their adrenal fatigue!  


Now…I have to find that thread on Psoriasis….I have just recently purchased a second supplement from this company to try and begin addressing that other annoying problem I have...


Coffee enemas are wonderful for detoxification!  They stimulate the liver to secrete bile into the colon for immediate elimination.  Although I started doing coffee enema's as part of the Gerson Therapy one does not have to be afflicted with cancer to benefit from the cleansing and detoxification achieved by regular coffee enemas.  However, to prevent nutrient depletion, you will want to avoid coffee enemas unless you are taking a very high level of nutrients.  Additionally, if you are taking in a high level of nutrients, your systems will be stimulated to start "cleaning house" and ridding your body of toxins - which is what you want!  But if your liver doesn't have adequate means of getting rid of these toxins you can do damage to the liver.  This is where coffee enemas are wonderful in assisting that cycle of nutrition and detoxification!

Fernando said:

what is your opinion on the use of sauna and coffee enemas for detoxing?

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