There are some 500-1000 different microbials which inhabit and reproduce in the gut. Some are only there transiently and therefore, to have a "healthy" gut (based upon our historical traditional cultures), we need to consume beneficial microbials regularly. Whole food probiotics more effectively remain viable until they reach the large intestine. Most bottled probiotics are denatured during transportation, and don't survive the stomach acid to make it to the gut.

*Homemade milk kefir has 56+ different beneficial microbials strains.

*Water kefir has about 30 different beneficial microbial strains.

*Commercial store-bought kefir has about 10 different beneficial microbial strains, more than most bottle probiotics.

*Kefir "starters" have about 7 microbial strains.

*Commercial yogurt has about 7 different beneficial microbial strains. (They add strains intentionally for benefit. Bifidum is one to look for, if you purchase commercial whole food probiotics.)

*Homemade yogurt strains vary, but each starter has somewhat limited different strains, usually about 5-7 different strains. Having different sources of microbials in our food is optimal.

Basically, most probiotics are not viable all the way to the gut, due to heat destruction during transportation and storage, acidity in the stomach, and low viability of powders and capsules. Commercial yogurts must have "Active Live Cultures".

I prefer whole foods which are naturally cultured or fermented: kefir or yogurt from cow, goat, coconut, almond, hemp seed milk, etc. And fermented foods. Bubbies brand sauerkraut and dill pickles are easy to add to the diet.

"Homemade yogurt that is fermented for 24 hours, will have an average concentration of 3 billion cfu/mL of yogurt. If you were to eat a small bowl (500 ml) of 24 hour fermented homemade yogurt, you would receive 1.5 trillion beneficial bacteria - 100 times more bacteria than a 15 billion capsule.

And homemade kefir has 5x that; homemade kimchi 10x that!

Dairy-free kefir, or any type of dairy could be made into kefir. And the kefir grains reproduce and you will be giving them away to friends and strangers in no time!

Here are my two favorite videos about making milk kefir:

And how to make water kefir:

More about probiotic selection and making homemade probiotics:


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Comment by Sherry England on October 25, 2011 at 4:03pm
I have a friend who asked what my thoughts or input is about Ganeden BC30/bacillus coagulans? I really don't have any info on it.Anyone have any info on this?
Comment by Binbin on February 15, 2012 at 9:02pm

I am new to this site, and need help with a massive candida issue. 

I am borderline diabetic, so stay away from all medium to high GI products, sugar being one of them.

Does water kefir effect the blood sugar (as in spikes) the way any other sugary drink would?

Does anyone here with sugar spike issues consume water kefir safely?


Comment by Pat Robinson on June 27, 2012 at 11:31am

People are selling expensive probiotics every day - because people will buy them.

BioKult has 14 different microbials (manufactured in a chemistry lab, dried, processed and transported by mail in this heat).

The gut has 500-1000 different microbials. BioKult has 2 billion microbials per capsule. Kefir has trillions of microbials per teaspoon spoon.

Kefir has 56+ different microbials, some of which *recolonize* the gut, not just pass through into the toilet down the drain with your money. :-)

BioKult has Bacillus subtilis a spore-forming bacteria, which is the only "soil organism", per my reading. Bacillus subtilis is the bacteria in Natto (an Asian fermented soybean curd).

Homemade yogurt has 7-10 different microbials and has 100 times more beneficial microbials than a 15 billion capsule.

Kimchi has 200+ different microbials!!

No. I do not believe that BioKult is worth buying. It is certainly worth selling, however. LOL

Even GASPS says, "If you continue the feeding of your pathogens in the gut with sugar and processed carbohydrates then the probiotic will not have much chance of helping you."

Introducing high counts of isolated, spore-forming microrganisms is a whole 'nuther topic.

A couple of years ago, the "favorite" (read expensive and highly marketed), commercial probiotic was Primal Defense. And Flora Prime. Then it was VSL#3. Then it was "Custom Probiotics". And currently proprietary probiotic combos "exclusively sold" by an N.D. or M.D. profiting from their sales...


For further reading:

Comment by Jael Greenleaf on January 11, 2013 at 2:19pm

Where can I find the info on probiotics and amalgam fillings. Is there a list of dentists who can remove them safely?


Comment by MomLady OR on January 28, 2013 at 4:44pm

Hi everyone!  I'm new here.  I started making water kefir last May and am now also eating Bubbies Sauerkraut and Bubbies Relish (haven't ventured out to try my own yet, but will).  I was at a GAPS support group meeting (no, I'm not truly GAPS, but just wanting to learn more) last week and they were talking about probiotics.  The leader, a certified GAPS nutritionist, insisted that the kefir and ferments were great, but we still needed a probiotic from the "soil" and we could only get that from supplements.  This just didn't feel right to me.  Of course I can't remember the word she used; but what I thought she meant was a kind that would continue to live in our gut and reproduce in our gut.  I thought she said our kefir and ferments would do good while in the gut but that they would just pass through.  Thoughts?  Thanks so much!!

Comment by Pat Robinson on January 28, 2013 at 5:01pm

There are some expensive soil organism probiotic supplements. They are quite controversial, especially with isolated and limited microbials. They DO permanently inhabit the gut FOREVER - therein lies the controversy. There are only a few microbials included in the expensive laboratory processed and isolated microbial strains.

Kefir has a variable and broad symbiotic colony of beneficial microbials. Some of them are transient, but some of them recolonize the gut. Cultured veggies, such as kimchi have an even broader variety of microbials.

There is a Western myopia that believes that laboratory created probiotics are "better" than Mother Nature.

The key is VARIETY of microbials.


P.S. I always question the bias/opinion of the source of the information when they are SELLING the solution (ie. patented commercial probiotics).

Comment by MomLady OR on January 29, 2013 at 1:38am

Colonize!  That's the word she used.  Yes, I was very hesitant.  She didn't try to sell anything right there, but definitely was pushing the lab was better than food aspect.  Thanks for the input.  I think I'll stick with what I'm doing.  As always, I greatly appreciate and value your input.  Thanks so much!!

Comment by Debbie Curtsinger on October 2, 2013 at 10:15am
I usually drink my kefir first thing in the morning but is it okay to drink coffee afterwards?
Comment by Pat Robinson on October 2, 2013 at 1:16pm

yes, I'm sure it is fine, kefir is hardy.

Comment by Stephanie on May 8, 2014 at 11:48pm

My youngest son is 1 1/2 and he has eczema (his scalp is especially dry and flaky).  Can anyone recommend a probiotic supplement that I could give him, as I have not made kefir yet?  I recently took him off dairy to see if that would help and I think it's made a little bit of a difference.  Also, he is a rather picky eater.  Does anyone have a suggestion on what to make first?  What could I get a picky child to eat drink that would supply him with probiotics?


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