Do you all know about our 10PM Bedtime Club? We are working to heal our stressed out adrenal glands.

Want to join us?

Our circadian rhythms provide hormones based upon our historical usage. Evolutionarily, we were active at daybreak and resting in the dark. As we disrupt that natural cycle with artificial lights and activity, our hormones are stressed to keep up.

They say that each hour of sleep BEFORE midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep AFTER midnight. If awake around 11pm, the body dumps a bunch of cortisol out due to the "stress" of being alert and awake during "rest" time. This amps one up to get that "second wind" and keep going until the adrenaline and creative brain energy are exhausted.

For people who are chronically stressed and tried, we may wake up about 1am with our mind going round and round analyzing and organizing our thoughts, the cupboards, our lives and our problems. This "stress" of being alert and awake during "rest" time, dumps adrenaline into our body and we can't wind down for several hours in the middle of the night.

Sound familiar?

There is some indication that "night owls" may have a genetic component.

Cortisol demands stress the adrenals when we work against our evolutionary biology. It becomes a vicious cycle of "too tired to sleep".

Here are a few articles about adrenal fatigue:

So, join our 10PM Bedtime Club. Restful sleep has changed my health as much as any food. (and no naps)

It is ALL interconnected. Food Has Power - the power to harm and the power to heal.

I did a bunch of research about adaptogens and adrenal support herbs and ordered this product. I used it on our 8600 mile drive around the US last April and I LOVE IT!!!~!

This is a terrific diagram of chemical "Pathways to Happiness and Sleep" (Serotonin and Melatonin). Zinc, Vitamins C, B1, B3, B6 and Magnesium, will help you sleep.

Valerian - Your "Sleepy" Friend, by Yvonne H. Laine of Holistic Herbal.

Dr. Osborne Discusses the Importance of Sleep for Good Health.

For exhausted mamas: I need Sleep...Sleep...SLEEP! (many tips and tools).

Overwhelmed? Where to Start?!  


P.S. a few tools to 'get back to sleep' that I've learned over the years are to get up, bend side-to-side and forward repeatedly, or rub your abdomen down-leftside up-rightside for a minute or so. These seem to unblock digestion/stagnation.

Also, firmly rubbing the cartilage area on the upper ears for a minute or so each. There are some calming nerves (or something) there. These are my interpretation of some TCM ideas that I've heard.

I've also found that taking a spoonful of raw honey and/or a small cup of orange juice (potassium) if I'm restless helps me to get back to sleep.

I avoid Melatonin as I've always heard of people becoming more and more dependent upon it and requiring increasingly larger doses. I'm not convinced that supplementing exogenous hormones is a healthy alternative, especially long-term.

However, there is a liquid Melatonin which can be dosed in miniscule amounts. Only a few drops are needed for sleep inducing benefit. Most people find that Melatonin wears off after about four hours and they wake up. (Don't take it after about 4am as Melatonin can make you feel groggy in the morning.)

There is another herbal product with Valerian, called "Deep Sleep". Both are available from inexpensively. Again, you only need drops of the herbal product and it helps to keep the deep sleep, once the Melatonin wears off, ime. But, I'd only use it for a week or two to change up the sleep cycle. Both can be taken about 30 minutes before bed and help to drift off to sleep.

I prefer Nettles infusions which are nutrient-dense and magnesium-rich sources of whole food nutrients to help balance the body's hormones. :-)

For more information about healing naturally, keep updated on Facebook  Heal Thyself! 

Overwhelmed? Where to start?     ~Become your own Gut Guru! 

Welcome, we hope you will join us!

Pat RobinsonWellness Educator

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Comment by Kia on February 1, 2012 at 10:42pm

I have seen you doing this and I kept saying I KNOW I need to go to bed earlier to TRY, but I was worried  my life long insomnia would just make this frustrating instead of helpful. That all said, and I am vowing to do my VERY best to begin this tonight. Kale everyday, greens with breakfast & a decent bedtime - why not? 

Comment by Jennifer Redwine on August 29, 2012 at 5:56pm

What do you do if your kids are night owls too? How do you get them to go to bed earlier too? I stay up late because my kids do.

Comment by Pat Robinson on August 29, 2012 at 6:11pm

I just get us ready for bed, help with pjs and tooth brushing and offer support toward that and we gradually wound up all going to bed closer to 10pm.


Comment by JOYCE WHEELER on October 10, 2012 at 9:21am

Joining you in this challenge.  I really need to do this permanently.

Comment by Lisa Chelton on October 10, 2012 at 1:57pm

No TV or computer in the bedroom - bedrooms are for sleeping.  No bright lights in the house after dark - most of my lights have 25-watt bulbs in them.  I set an alarm on my phone for 8:00 to remind me that it's time to stop working (including ANY computer activity), drink some tea and relax, so I have wind-down time before bed.  I go to bed about 10:00, and work a crossword puzzle by a dim bedside light.  Reading makes me sleepy, which makes it difficult for me to actually follow a story; solving puzzle clues occupies my mind so it doesn't wander...  By 10:30, I can barely hold my eyes open, and it's all I can do to set my book and pencil down, and turn off the light before falling asleep.   Going outside for some solar therapy during the day, and starlight therapy at night also has a powerful affect on the body and mind.

Comment by S on October 10, 2012 at 7:45pm

I need to join! I've already been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue so I've got some work to do. We've gotten in the habit of having the tv on; my throat starts to hurt if I read aloud too much, some days more than others. My doctor thinks that I also have a hiatal hernia. Once I get extra money, I plan to go to a Rolfer or specialized massage therapist to try to help with that. Maybe I'll have to wait until I'm not spending oodles of money on adrenal supplements.

Comment by Pat Robinson on October 10, 2012 at 9:07pm

We are getting ready for bed --- soon~!

Sweet dreams,


Comment by Cyndi H on January 3, 2013 at 2:24am

I'm curious about who the "they" is that you reference here.  I told a friend about this and I'm going to need some hard core evidence to convince her. :) My children go back to school next week. We are going to work toward this. I am a night owl, my husband and my children are all night owls and so are many of my friends. I have always struggled with needing a nap around 2pm if I get up at 5 or 6 and try to stay up all day. 

Comment by Wendy Warner on January 10, 2013 at 12:00am

I always feel better when I get to bed by 10pm so I'm in!!!  Thanks for the encouragement!

Comment by Mary Ross on September 26, 2013 at 3:48pm

I love the 10pm bedtime club. Will start tonight!


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