December 2012, Heal Thyself Feedback Survey, "What do you like most?":

  • A wealth of information. I don't want to take pharmaceuticals and I have found alternative healing treatments on your website.
  • At this time, I think this is a lot of info to absorb. I can’t tell what to change or add. It covers a lot already. I’m not a professional herbalist, nor a professional nutritionist, so for me this is already great coverage.
  • By sharing lots of great ideas that are simple and effective.
  • Can you put up more child informational posts? Like vitamins worth it or not?
  • clone Pat
  • Connected me with others who are like-minded so I have some sense of "normalcy." Also get to read tons of ideas so I can think of things I hadn't before, use new remedies, etc.
  • Continue what you’re doing.
  • Encouragement!
  • Everything has been helpful, informative and empowering.
  • Fresh ideas
  • Great advice and info on GMO and bad food additives. I made and am consuming my Master Tonic daily. Eating well is the key! Thanks.
  • Great information especially last night with the link about auto immune solutions.
  • Great information in easily digested format.
  • Heal Thyself has been a wonderful site that I've shared with many. I love the input from other members but mostly, I appreciate the links and direction to resources.
  • Heal Thyself has helped me know what to do to help and prevent sicknesses naturally.
  • Heal Thyself has helped me with new healthy ideas - has me thinking healthy regarding everything we put in our mouth.
  • Heal Thyself has made me aware, and then given me direction to heal my family’s many illnesses due to improper nutrition, lifestyle, and exposure to chemicals and medicines.
  • Heal Thyself has pointed me in the right direction while trying to heal my family. Bone broth, Master Tonic, herbs, adrenal health info, 10 pm bedtime, etc., all things my husband and I have been adding to our life and it makes a HUGE difference!! Growing up using conventional meds and consuming the SAD and slowing switching to everything from scratch and no more meds is awesome!!! We still have more work to do but I'm constantly surprised that the human body can heal on its own.
  • Heal Thyself has provided me with a way to take back my health naturally. It's loaded with advice and resources that have been tried and tested.
  • Heal Thyself provides access to information about alternative treatments and nutrition that is not available from conventional medical sources.


  • Healthy information
  • Helping me learn about nutrition and how to nourish my family in a manner that focused on adding in nutrient dense foods instead of cutting out various foods. Heal Thyself has helped me to be creative and see that there are always options, alternatives and possibilities when it comes to nourishing my family. It has helped me to let go of fear around food/nutrition/health (esp. in relation to food sensitivity issues) as well as to enjoy the benefits of adding in healthful foods in a manner that honors and respects the choices of myself and my family as individuals. It's been a supportive environment made up of a plethora of amazing and knowledgeable resources. Finding Heal Thyself was the true start of my journey towards a more nourishing way of living, and I am forever grateful for it!!! <3
  • home fermenting
  • How to videos are informative.
  • HT has been instrumental in helping me find whole food-based approaches to health and healing.
  • I am happy as it is......
  • I am new, but am loving learning about new, holistic wellness ideas.
  • I am on quest to heal my family. You have been very helpful with your posts. I cannot pin point just one.
  • I am quite satisfied with things the way they are.
  • I am switching to try to get your 14 points in, for healthy gut, liver and a couple I added myself.
  • I enjoy the ideas from people of all walks of life. I've noticed there isn't one "right" path promoted by the group which is refreshing. I felt so much more empowered when I joined Heal Thyself especially when confronted with a minor illness in my son.
  • I get feedback to help a group of people with many differing ailments.
  • I get good ideas from the website for food and recipes.
  • I got the most help from the 14 Steps list.
  • I have found low-cost, natural remedies that have really worked for us. I enjoy making, rather than buying, our "medicine" and it is wonderful to find it all in our kitchen.
  • I have learned some new and updated homeopathic ways to cure various ailments and I much prefer treating myself 'clean' rather than toxic!
  • I have used the information on Heal Thyself to help me with some of my health issues.
  • I just got on the site, but made the Tonic for sickness and have already given it to two different people. Haven't needed it myself yet but I'm ready when I do.
  • I learned about the tonic
  • I like the way things are currently. I like the "questions" features.
  • I look at all the posts that are on my fb from you. If they interest me or family, I repost, Sometimes I print recipes for GF and pass on too. I have added new links to my likes that you have posted from. Sometimes I comment in the "reader asks" posts. I would like to refer them all to earthclinic. I have told people about you and your link. I particularly brag that you were in "materia medica" for over 10 years and now research and post all natural care and treatment. Thank you for your contributions. I love being part of your link.
  • I love it just the way it is, love the resources and access to the data, and discussions we have already had.
  • I love the home made tips and affordable advice. Especially ones that show the difference between organic and conventional chicken.
  • I love the information given and all the natural remedies.
  • I love your master tonic!!
  • I really enjoy reading everything on the website, but I learn most when I hear and see the information presented.
  • I think it is great as is.
  • I think things are great the way they are. HUGE fan!!
  • I think you are doing things just fine!
  • I think you're great as you are.
  • I tried to do the bed before 10pm thing once...I succeeded for two nights...maybe the opportunity to have a buddy system would be help motivate people to stick with it!!
  • I use it mostly to educate myself. Articles that have interest, give me information to start doing more research.
  • I would love to have a list of where to purchase certain items (i.e. the best places to buy herbs, water kefir grains, raw dairy products)
  • I’ve learned how and what to eat to be healthier.
  • ideas from others with similar health challenges
  • I'm happy!
  • I'm pretty new, and could use information on bone broth and also how to make ferments.
  • IMO you are doing a GREAT job. Keep it up!! :)
  • Improving our way of life.


  • info to help my family
  • Information and an atmosphere to learn about nutrition that is not judgmental towards non-vegetarians.
  • Information is power
  • It has changed our eating habits, expanded my food and herbs knowledge. And the group Q&A is a wonderful resource to collaborate about physical issues one may have and is seeking other voices or experiences regarding such. I like from time to time little reminders like the Master Tonic, or Smoothie Challenge, or 10pm Bedtime Club. This is a kind of inspirational community and it is fun as a group effort. Overall I would miss Heal Thyself if it would close today :(
  • It has helped me know what to do to help and prevent sicknesses naturally.
  • It has helped me to realize that my thoughts on the medical industry are true - they're only in it for profit! That it is ultimately up to me to become healthy!
  • It has helped me with new healthy ideas - has me thinking healthy regarding everything we put in our mouth.
  • It’s awesome.
  • It’s the best site I have visited ....Heal Thyself
  • It's already great.
  • I've been using the healing tonic whenever I start to feel sick; it works well. I am also doing the sleep club principles most of the time.
  • I've found this site to be full of knowledge and when I'm looking for clarity, I'll log in and find it. The links to other trusted sites are greatly appreciated.
  • I've learned a lot on my path to healing. Also great recipes.
  • Just the fact you are a like-minded community I believe is the most helpful.
  • Just wish there were more people with experience in certain more "rare" topics. In time... :)
  • Keep doing what you are doing!
  • Keep doing what you do. I love your posts!
  • Keep on being awesome!!! :)
  • Keep up the good work
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Love the recipes (i.e. nettle infusions, kefir, bone broths, etc)
  • Many ideas about living naturally and healthier.
  • Master tonic has kept the seasonal colds at bay.
  • Master Tonic recipe, kefir recipes.
  • More information on eating for female health (fertility). Information about improvement on ovarian cysts and endometriosis.
  • More recipes and nutritional information.
  • My MTHFR resource, lol.
  • Natural remedies and holistic education. Connecting us with other great resources.
  • Perfect the way it is!
  • Permission and support to break the SAD (Standard American Diet) pattern. I simply love your site!
  • Posting great information on health issues and how to help you through those issues. And recipes.
  • Practical information on which nutrient dense, healing foods to add to our diet.
  • Provided valuable information.
  • Providing information to issues I may not have thought of to ask.
  • Recipe ideas and tips on how to treat certain ailments. Just the regular things you do every day!
  • Recipes!
  • Recipes.
  • Shares lots of great ideas that are simple and effective.
  • So many ways. Hard to list them all. I have a 3 year old and lots of questions about how to handle our health issues at home, so needless to say I ask tons of questions and always get great advice and help that would never come from our regular MD.
  • So much useful information. So informative and very helpful.
  • The how and why to ferment info has helped us.
  • The information looks really valuable; all of it can be a bit overwhelming. But not sure that is anything you are/aren't doing and just that it is overwhelming!
  • the master tonic, natural remedies
  • The sharing of information and ideas on health. Very supportive and informative. Attaining and maintaining health is a gradual process. You acquire and implement new knowledge and confidence by sharing this information and putting it into practice.
  • The site always has just what I need when I need it.
  • The site has a lot of information.
  • There is so much wonderful information on your page I don't know where to start!
  • Tips
  • tips and ideas on how to heal ourselves
  • tips and tricks to avoid the doctor’s office from people that have solved "problems" themselves. I love being part of a natural solutions community!
  • We are now adding more good stuff to our guts that we weren't before.
  • We can now identify things in our food that I had no idea what they were before. We are more health-conscious - we eat more plants and less other stuff. We are making Master Tonic and are overall healthier. It's a great resource for information.
  • With lots of good ideas for healthier things to do.
  • You guys are doing an awesome job. You keep me very well engaged and informed. You can never have too much accurate information, so keep doing what you're doing!
  • Your posts are action oriented and real. Very applicable!
  • You're doing great.




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