Nutrition Biochemistry


Nutrition Biochemistry

We want to understand the mechanisms behind why we feel the way we do!

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folic acid cycle 6 Replies

I'm having trouble finding a good description of the folic acid cycle. I'm wanting to know what forms of folic acid/folate are best to counter the effects of the two common MTHFR mutations. It seems clear that 5-MTHF (food source folate) is best for…Continue

Started by Shannon. Last reply by kinshealth Feb 17, 2012.

"folic acid vs. folate" 3 Replies

I have an interesting and confusing issue I'm trying to untangle. I'm in the process of qualifying the Garden of Life products to be included in our Buyer's Club. Here is my dilemma with their description of their "whole food form as The nutrient…Continue

Started by Pat Robinson. Last reply by Gilla Weiss Jan 27, 2011.

Resources 1 Reply

Please share links to blogs, sites, videos and resources about Nutrition Biochemistry!Continue

Started by Pat Robinson. Last reply by Kathryn Dubay Aug 9, 2010.

lemon juice 2 Replies

I'm trying to figure out what exactly is going on when you use lemon juice to support the kidneys. I think my kidneys are my weak point, and it seems that dd reacts strongly to me drinking fresh lemon or lime juice on an empty(ish) stomach.…Continue

Started by Shannon. Last reply by Brit Apr 7, 2009.


Started by Shannon Apr 4, 2009.

blood calcium levels 6 Replies

Things that affect blood calcium levels:calcium absorption from dietparathyroid hormone (PTH) controls bone resorption to increase blood calcium levels when they drop too lowvitamin D affects how well calcium is absorbed and transportedvitamin A…Continue

Started by Shannon. Last reply by Shannon Apr 4, 2009.


Glutathione is made from cysteine, glycine and glutamate, using the enzymes gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase (glutamate+glycine) and glutathione synthetase (adds the glycine).Cysteine is supposed to be the limiter. Cysteine comes from breaking down…Continue

Started by Shannon Apr 2, 2009.


ammonia is converted into urea using two molecules of BH4 (tetrabiopterin)alpha ketoglutarate binds with two ammonia ions to make glutamatecarnitine protects against high…Continue

Started by Shannon Apr 2, 2009.


calcium mediates histamine somehowantihistamines increase your chance of cavities (just lost the good link, it has to do with asthma medication)…Continue

Started by Shannon Apr 1, 2009.

vitamin A"...retinoic acid attenuates B cell proliferation to promote maturation and differentiation into…Continue

Started by Shannon Mar 31, 2009.


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