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Herbs for Menopause

[Guest Blog Post from Siri Baldeep Kaur of  Angelic Herbs. ]

Herbs for Menopause

You are a goddess and as every beautiful goddess before you, and like all the great goddesses after you, we must all go through menopause as part of the beauty of womanhood. The transition of becoming a wiser woman and going through menopause is part of the secrets…

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The S(tress) Factor

[Guest blog post from Nicole Sheldon, The Spice Doc.]

The S(tress) Factor

You would think that… Continue

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MTHFR and pregnancy

Most people don't realize the difference between folic acid and folate, since they believe they are both 'the same vitamin.' It is 'old school' to supplement high doses of folic acid with MTHFR as it is preferentially absorbed and excess circulating folic acid has detrimental effects on a developing fetus, past the first trimester.…


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Drug-resistant bacteria and antibiotics

I have a few dead horses which I choose to beat. The MYTH and FEAR associated with discontinuing UNNECESSARY antibiotics, in the event of improperly prescribed (viral illness), or excessive diarrhea (antibiotic induced diarrhea-which could be dangerous C. difficile overgrowth), is one of them.

  • There is no "rule" or "obligation" to…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine nutrition, the 101

[Guest blog post from Nicole Sheldon, The Spice Doc.]

Food Noise : the Diet Post

Food noise. It's everywhere. Every which way you turn, there's another diet, myth, "fact", or antioxidant savior. The… Continue

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Inflammation Help

[Guest blog post from Christene LeDoux of Gluten Free in Europe.]

*Note, this document was for a friend and I thought I would share. Obviously not every single remedy will be for you, but perhaps there is one thing you haven't tried yet. Good luck! Love, Chris*


Hi everyone!


OK, so I made this document for a friend… Continue

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For the Love of Fermented Foods

[Guest blog post from Ruth Almon of Ruth's Real Food.]

The first time I heard that people from traditional cultures eat a small amount of fermented foods at each meal, the information passed right by me. That’s fine for them, but I wasn’t about to start eating kimchi and sauerkraut with every meal.


The second time I learned about the wonderful properties of fermented foods, I was intrigued. It seemed…


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tea and fluoride fears

Research the difference between naturally occurring calcium fluoride and synthetic sodium fluoride. The concern is instant teas, at worst. Not loose leaf tea.

Here is a lengthy article elucidating the differences: …

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Introduction To Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

[Guest post from Janine Lattimore of  Vanilla Soul - naturally great living.]

Basic Introduction To Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Meridian Tapping


One of the easiest and best techniques that I have found to help develop self-love and acceptance, ease fear and anxiety and boost physical wellbeing is Meridian…


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What is Strep A?

An abnormal rapid strep test:  An abnormal or positive strep test means that strep bacteria are present.  

A positive test result does not distinguish those people with an active strep infection from those who are carriers of strep bacteria but actually have a viral infection (rather than a bacterial one).…


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I saw a lot about St Johns Wort both tincture and topically (oil).

Plant Allies:

Heal Thyself:

Someone suggested, "Homeopathic remedy - herpes zoster. Worked in three days on DH. Never came… Continue

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Adrenal Fatigue?

New eCourse: You can feel better. You will feel better!



Start Here...

                Master Tonic 101

          14 Steps for Healthy Guts

   The Beet Test (stomach acid)

                Healthy Poop 101

Overwhelmed? Where To Start?

                      Candida 101

Signs and Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

        Nettle Leaf Infusion 101

            10pm Bedtime Club 14-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

        Sharing Starter Cultures

               Probiotic Selection

       Water Kefir vs. Kombucha         Natural Remedies for Flu

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