I wasn't sure what category to put this under... But I would like some info on what kind of water is best to drink. I have a friend who goes to get reverse osmosis water and fills up glass jugs every week. I've been using a filter that attached to our fridge, but it was recently checked by our electo- dermal screener, and she said it wasn't good. Now I'm using bottled spring water but I'm not do happy about the plastic it comes in. Is a Brita filter any good?

Julie <>/body>

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Gosh, this is strange! I have heard about water, water, water for three days straight. Something must be in the news or, in the water. ;-)

Apparently, Union county has HIGH arsenic in the water table. We are just looking to see how to go about getting our water tested for heavy metals.

I don't know an answer for you. I've started a thread about Toxic Water, at MDC: http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=1139875

We use RO water and I add a pinch of Redman's sea salt to it. For cooking, I use our well water. We often carry RO water in stainless for portability. And occasionally purchase spring water from Costco. But, apparently, some "bottled water" is actually city water put in plastic bottles! I also use bottled Mineral Water from Europe for the added minerals, maybe a case a month. I use it for making bone broth and smoothies.

Some folks add ConcenTrace to add nutrients to RO water. http://www.traceminerals.com/products/drops.html

I believe the Brita may take out chlorine, but not fluoride, nor heavy metals.

I'll have to try the reverse osmosis water. I wish we had well water....

Thanks, Pat. :)
We run an reverse osmosis filter on our well water, and I haven't ever added anything but lemon to it. I also buy San Pellegrino mineral water, and then I save those bottles because they are terrific water bottles (by the 750mL screw tops). Our water tests very clear and tastes very good.

I don't have any information about what anyone should be doing, but that's what we are doing and it feels right.
Does anybody have any thoughts on this particular water filter? It looks really good but is way out of my price range.

Here are two other threads about Toxic Water and Ionized Water.

Basically, city water is unhealthy due to medications and chemicals in the water which are NOT removed. Alkalized (mineralized) water is easy with a pinch of sea salt added to water. Or with bone broths, herbal infusions or green smoothies for nutrients.

Lisa, distilled water is dead. It has no nutrient value other than H2O. The sea has 50-100 minerals in the water. Our body requires some 25 macro and microminerals. 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of the six elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. So, distilled and reverse osmosis water is deficient in the most important ones: carbon, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. Additionally, there are other critical and essential "Trace Minerals" missing!

Drinking straight distilled or RO water will pull minerals out of bones and organs for cellular functioning. It does not pull heavy metals and toxins out of the cells, as far as I know. Hydration could make you feel better, short term. But, basically, distilled and RO water are starving the body of nutrients.

City water isn't much healthier, unfortunately.

We can add back sea minerals to distilled and RO water with just a tiny pinch of sea salt. It is just so easy to add the 84 minerals in Himalayan salt, or the 75 minerals and trace elements in Celtic Sea Salt®, or the 50 trace minerals in Redman's Sea Salt, with just a pinch to receive alkalizing benefits.

Most Americans are deficient in magnesium (an alkalizing ion). So, a pinch of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) in water provides plenty of alkalizing minerals to water for about $8 a year.

Distilled and reverse osmosis are two different processes of removing all elements from water. Water needs to be alive to nourish us, alive with minerals and their ion charges.


I am interested in this too.  We live in the city and drink either just the regular tap water or we have a Clear2O filter pitcher, but its almost impossible to use it for all of our water and not be re-filling it constantly, which gets kind of annoying.  Plus, I don't think it filters out flouride. 

I'd love to know what other people who live in the city are doing!  I hate the thought of drinking all the crap like medications etc that is in the water system. : (

So what is the best water to drink? Distilled, RO and tap are out. What is best?


After realy looking itno it, I just found that a regular carbon filter system seems pretty good to me. I know they don't all filter out flouride, but it seems like the best option for us. I have one hooked up to our fridge and I use that water to cook too.

I have heard that spring water is the best. If you can find one, you take your own containers and fill them. I have a friend who has one!

That is an advertisement, with or without link. No go. Heal Thyself is not an advertisement bulletin board. Heal Thyself is advertisement-free.



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