A fever is usually a healthy child's response to an illness. By raising the body temperature, a child's immune system can defend against invading organisms by increasing the release of white blood cells and other specialized disease-fighting immune cells. Most fevers in children last between one and three days, with temperatures ranging from 101 degrees F to 104 degrees F.

What to do about a child's fever is a common question. As an antipyretic wears off, the fever spikes and it is the sudden fever spike which can lead to febrile seizures. Fevers in infants younger than 6 months, lethargy or dehydration- consult a health care professional.

My biggest concern for an infant with a fever is related to the potential for dehydration. Is she nursing effectively and frequently? Is she listless or lethargic? If she is not nursing effectively and frequently, has few wet dipes, or is lethargic, I'd have her evaluated for dehydration.

Headache, body ache, fever, chills? I gave ds homeopathic Oscillium which is FDA approved and has been used in Europe for years and years. It is amazing!! Available at CVS. http://www.oscillo.com/

The basic premise with which we often view this situation differently is that I trust that a fever is the body *healing*; and yet, it seems that conventional folks worry that a fever is a problem to be fixed.

Facts about an URI or cold:

  • Most children will develop at least six to ten colds a year. This number increases for children who attend daycare.
  • Colds do not happen as much after the age of 6.
  • Adolescents get colds about two to four times a year.


Young children get lots of colds, some as many as 8 to 10 each year before they turn 2 years old.

"Colds tend to be more common in fall and winter when children are indoors and in closer contact with each other, so it may seem like your child has one cold after another all winter long. Young children have more colds than older children and adults because they haven’t built up immunity (defenses) to the more than 100 different cold viruses that are around.

Children can catch colds from siblings, parents, other family members, playmates or caregivers. Children with older siblings and those who attend daycare have more colds. Once you’ve had a cold virus, you become immune to that virus, so children get fewer colds as they get older. By the time they start school, children who attended daycare will have fewer colds than other children."

If a child gets many colds, it’s not a sign of a weak immune system. It just means he’s exposed to many viruses. The only reason to have a child’s immune system tested is if the colds often lead to more serious problems.


Here is more information about how the immune system works, and the impact of vaccines. Note that "The immunized group had depressed serum iron and elevated serum copper." (Annals of Internal Medicine, 1974,
Volume 81, Number 5, pg. 594 – 600)

I'd use the homeopathic Belladonna and other homeopathic for fever comfort and to facilitate healing:

I am much more comfortable with Motrin than Tylenol safety wise. But, do NOT give any NSAIDs with chicken pox or any virus. Generally, Motrin's issues revolve around the GI disturbance, which can be addressed with normal dosing and food on the stomach. Motrin can be given in huge doses and this is where the GI issues can become significant. But the real issue with NSAIDs is the unknown affect that they have if one has a virus. The interaction isn't well understood and there is an aspect of impeding the immune system. The whole Reye's syndrome is related to NSAID and the virus.

Another issue is that Tylenol wears off abruptly and Motrin wears off more slowly. Fever spikes are more common when Tylenol wears off abruptly. Febrile seizures are more common with fever spikes. We never use Tylenol. There are potential issues with liver toxicity too. (And masking illness is a whole 'nuther issue.) And Tylenol (Acetaminophen) depletes Glutathione, which is necessary for healthy liver functioning. http://www.whale.to/vaccine/tylenol_depletes_glutathione.html

Here are some more ideas:
Garlic is a natural antibiotic.
Collodial silver is a natural antibiotic.
Vit C-large doses (natural fever reducer, iirc)
Cod liver oil- essential fatty acids help the immune system (We use Nordic Naturals -strawberry and our son loves it!)
chamomilla is good for restlessness, discomfort, insomnia, unbearable pain; fever; child is impatient and angry.
Zinc lozenges help the immune system
Echinecea- We use Sambucol for Kids
Probiotics- for immune support, digestive system is 70% of immune system.

Apparently adults who were given antipyritics had longer duration of the flu by like 8.2 days vs. 5.3 days. So, we don't treat fevers, under 105-106 degrees in children. Children under 1 year are more susceptible to dehydration with fevers, however. And I'd call a doctor if our child became lethargic, not eating/drinking or playing.

Here it is: "antipyretic therapy might prolong some infections because it alleviates fever and, thereby, abrogates the reported potentiating effect of fever on resistance to infection."

In the influenza A group, patients who received antipyretics had a significantly longer duration of illness than did those who did not take antipyretics (8.8 vs 5.3 days) p<0.001.

Similarly, the duration of S sonnei infection was significantly longer among subjects who took antipyretics than among those who did not (4.6 vs 1.9 days) p<0.001.

In contrast, antipyretics use did not alter the duration of illness in the R rickettsii group. Antipyretic therapy was significantly associated with the duration of influenza A and S sonnei infections even after the researchers controlled the analysis for severity of illness.

Here are homeopathics for fever and other alternatives:

Another discussion: http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?p=14376491&...

Epsom salt baths help too. Vit C, zinc, magnesium, elderberry, echinacea, black seed oil, cod liver oil, vit D, Emergen-C, folate, B12, (ginger tea, chamomile tea, for comfort).

Cover up and let the fever do its work.

This is the BEST article, from Dr. Mercola's site, Fever in Children - A Blessing in Disguise It discusses the dangers of fever reducers.

and here is one about ear infections, for good measure:

Children under 1 year are more susceptible to dehydration with fevers, however. And I'd call a doctor if our child became lethargic, not eating/drinking or playing.


Additional references:

‎"Brain damage from a fever generally will not occur unless the fever is over 107.6 °F (42 °C). Untreated fevers caused by infection will seldom go over 105 °F unless the child is overdressed or trapped in a hot place.

Febrile seizures do occur in some children. However, most febrile seizures are over quickly, do not mean your child has epilepsy, and do not cause any permanent harm.."

"Fever itself is not life-threatening unless it is extremely and persistently high, such as greater than 107 F (41.6 C) when measured rectally. "

Fever Phobia: http://www.herbcraft.org/fever.html


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Comment by Apryl M on July 31, 2011 at 8:34pm
I have a question. We avoid fever reducers in all but the most needed situations. I've been using belladonna instead. But I'm wondering how it works. If the 'normal' stuff suppresses the fever leaving the body not fighting as well, what does the belladonna do? Does it just make them more comfortable but still fully fighting the illness or does it actually reduce the fever and leave less able to fight stuff?
Comment by Pat Robinson on July 31, 2011 at 8:53pm
Homeopathy helps the body by supporting the healing process.  Homeopathy doesn't "reduce" the fever, per my understanding.

Comment by Apryl M on August 1, 2011 at 11:33pm
Thanks that was what I thought too, but we had fevers in two kids last week and the fevers seemed to drop soon after the belladonna so I was wondering.  Thanks :)
Comment by Pat Robinson on August 2, 2011 at 12:33pm
Yes! Homeopathic belladonna is amazing!  :-)



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