Bio-Allers for grass or outdoor allergies provides homeopathic relief for the symptoms of sneezing, congestion, headache and itchy, watery eyes associated with grass, tree and other pollen allergies. These are easy, safe and quite amazingly effective~!

You might try the new nasal wash X-clear. It only has water, xylitol, saline and grapefruit seed extract. The xylitol is a natural antibacterial, and the grapefruit seed extract is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Keep the windows and door to the bedroom closed to keep out allergens and consider a HEPA air filter. And no stuffed animals except for a bedtime lovey which is washed frequently. Eucalyptus helps to open the nasal passages too. Vit. C decreases runny noses, in large doses.

1. Decrease allergens, especially food allergens. (dairy, soy, wheat, eggs and citrus are the most common) There is an 'overflowing bucket' effect as allergens are cumulative.

2. Keep bedroom allergen free with HEPA filter. (no pets in bedroom, limited stuffed animals, door closed at all times, allergy cover on mattress and pillow, vacuum daily, brush/wash hair before bed, change pillowcases daily)

3. Vitamin C mega doses (I can't proscribe, of course) I give ds 1000mg, 3x day with first sniffles.

4. Sambucol for Kids (intensive dose, tsp 4x/day) caution with asthmatics some are allergic to echinacea.

5. Consider classical homeopathy, NAET, TAT as alternative therapies. Investigate now. (Classical homeopathy cured my husband's asthma and resolved many of our son's food intolerances.)

6. Avoid steroids like the plague.

7. (We are a totally non-vaccinating family, thumbs down to flu shots)

8. Humidifier in bedroom for dry air and sniffles, scrupulously clean. Clean daily with vinegar.

9. Avoid antibiotics like the plague.

10. Avoid benedryl-dries mucus membranes

11. Avoid allergy shots

12. Consider saline nebulization instead of albuterol for loosening secretions, requires physician order. Doesn't cause the jittery feeling and doesn't taste as bad. This is the first line humidification that I'd consider.

13. Adding coconut oil, cod liver oil (Omega 3 fatty acids), magnesium, probiotics, vit C, zinc. These are important for healing the gut, which is 70% of the immune system.

A German study, published in the journal Allergy, found that participants who ate foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids were less likely to suffer allergy symptoms than those who didn’t regularly eat these foods. Omega-3s help fight inflammation and can be found in cold-water fish, walnuts and flaxseed oil, as well as grass-fed meat and eggs.

14. Green juices for the food folate!

15. Quercetin. A natural plant-derived compound called a bioflavonoid, quercetin helps stabilize mast cells and prevents them from releasing histamine. Quercetin also is a natural antioxidant that helps mop up molecules called free radicals that cause cell damage, which can lead to cancer. Citrus fruits, onions, apples, parsley, tea, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and wine are naturally high in quercetin.

16. Stinging Nettle. If you decide you need an antihistamine but want a natural option, stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) behaves in much the same way as many of the drugs sold to treat allergies, but without the
unwanted side effects of dry mouth and drowsiness. Nettle actually inhibits the body’s ability to produce histamine.

17. Butterbur. Derived from a common weed in Europe, butterbur (Petasites hybridus) is another alternative to antihistamines, though it may be hard to find in the United States.

18. Local, raw, unheated honey. Dancing Bees and Erin and Jacob Ritter's Raw Honey are both local and untreated honey. (available at Matthews Farmer's Market and EarthFare)

19. Gargle with salt water, Netti pot nasal wash

20. Epsom salt baths, 2 cups in a full tub of warm water for 30 minutes a day.


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Comment by daryle gabbard on September 22, 2012 at 1:03pm

Happy Equinox!  I need Help!!! I have chronic, life long excema and have stopped all topical corticosteroids and eat a VERY clean diet. Nothing, including ACV and coconut oil  helps the itching of my dishydrotic excema hands. Gluten and  soyfree for a long time. Take FCLO every day along w. problems. Only a spoonful of raw cream in my 1 cup of org. coffee daily. Am currently taking Wobenym for a broken shoulder...could this worsening of my excema be a die off? I am also under a great deal of emotional stress. Can anyone help?

Comment by Pat Robinson on September 22, 2012 at 1:19pm

I'd try nettles infusions which have anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory benefits. Also, black seed oil (nigella sativa). Avoid Omega 6 fats (corn, canola, nut and seed oils). Healthy fats: pasture-raised animal fats and eggs, ghee, avocado, olive oil.

topically, I'd try plantain or witch hazel, both help with itchy rash, ime.

MAGNESIUM would be a priority for me, including Epsom salt baths.

Skin is a detox pathway. I'm not a kombucha fan if you have mercury or eczema.


Comment by daryle gabbard on September 22, 2012 at 1:26pm

Thank you!!

Comment by daryle gabbard on September 24, 2012 at 12:47pm

The nettles and black seed oil are wonderful! The epsom salt baths are soothing, also. Since kombucha is now out should i avoid the jar of fermented beets I got from the farm? Thanking you in advance...dg

Comment by Pat Robinson on September 24, 2012 at 12:58pm

Ferments are fine, just go slowly on increasing the quantity.

Pat (I too love nettles and black seed!)

Comment by daryle gabbard on September 29, 2012 at 1:23pm


o, I should avoid coconut and flax seed oil and concentrate on the healthy fats you mentioned?  Should I avoid the org. vinegar I usually use for vinagrette? Thanks in advance

Comment by Kristin on November 20, 2012 at 12:09am

Plantain plantago helps immensely with the topical itching. My husband who has chronic eczema swears by it. I make a salve with dried plantago, bees wax and organic almond oil. Stops the itching and soothes the skin.


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