*beet test: I've not eaten red beets in 8 months or more. When i did I had light pink pee. DD had reddish pee, thought it was blood till I remembered she'd eaten beets!

*low stomach acid - no idea if it is low or not. Probably not optimal though.

* digestive enzymes: better than it was 9 years ago.  I had to take enzymes for a couple of years with every meal every day.  Now I haven't had any in 3-4 years.


* All three of my children have been sensitive to foods I have eaten while nursing.  Dairy being the biggest one, but also green bell peppers.

* Haven't had antibiotics since 7 years ago. As a kid though, I had them 4-10/x a year, which was penicillin based and I am allergic to that mould now.


- low serotonin - hence medication

- transsulfuration - Sulfa anything makes me quite ill. I feel nauseated for the first hour after taking MSM (for example), then the hour after that I usually end up puking.  Too many eggs also make me feel ill.

- vit D have recently forgotten to take my D3, not much sun here either

- glutathione - I can't handle any caffeine. I get instantly wired, anxious, nauseated, then crash hard.

-300 mg Bupropion @ Breakfast
- 40 mg Escitalopram @ dinner
- Vit B-complex (50mg) @ breakfast
-Fish oil - one capsule right now, @ breakfast
- D3 (2000 IU) @ breakfast

- Vit C (1000 mg) @ breakfast

- Zinc (25 mg) @ breakfast


Magne (19 m) - nurses often. chewable C. Starting to really want solid foods more than breastmilk

Freja (nearly 4) - nurses once every few days. Chewable C. Sometimes a multi vit. Practically a vegetarian.

Vidar (6.5) -  Does not nurse. Chewable C daily. sometimes a multi vit.  Eats only bread, rice, and eggs -- fruit is usually okay for him. Carrots are only veggie he'll eat.
I'm still reading up on all this and may have some things mixed up. 

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At first glance, I'd suggest magnesium, folate and whole food probiotics. A forkful of sauerkraut with meals could improve digestion also.

Have you tried green smoothies, green juice?

Have the kids tried clo?

What about Nettles infusion or bone broth for minerals?

Vit C and selenium help with detoxification, along with B6 and B12. Oh, and an iodine source? Seafood or heavy metal tested kelp?

Is it okay to take magnesium in a supplement or would I be better off finding a rich food source?

I used to drink nettle tea daily. I still have a huge bag of it leftover from my pregnancy. It feels like too much effort to do this right now though. Mostly due to mobility issues I am having.

I haven't had bone broth since I was a child. I was thinking this could be my first step actually. I have 2 kgs of chicken thighs that I could quickly brown up, then throw in the slow cooker with some water and vinegar and onions. Let it cook on low for a day.

I drink a fruit and spinach smoothie with protein powder every morning for breakfast. Used to have oats with it, but I think I will give buckwheat a try now. Or a mix.

Oh, yes, kids take CLO when we can afford them. Expensive stuff though here, the kids version.

I hate sauerkraut, but I love fermented beets and carrots. That'd be pretty easy to start up again too.

Seafood, to get the good stuff i'd probably need to find an Asian shop. Or is Nori sufficient for that? THey sell that one at the local grocery store.
It is very difficult to get adequate magnesium from food. Beans and spinach are your best bets. http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=nutrient&dbid=75

We use Natural Calm. Or any magnesium citrate or Epsom salt baths.

I understand on the nettles. I just put a handful in a mason jar and add hot water. The straining is a bit of a pain. I toss the strained nettles into my freezer to add to broth.

You can cook up and eat the chicken thighs and then use the bones in broth. Even if we chewed on the bone, the bone goes into the broth here.

Watch the protein powders often include gmo-soy. :-/

We give ds fermented clo, same as we take.

Have you tried tossing some cabbage into the smoothie? Just a few tablespoons would be great for digestion. You wouldn't be able to taste it, I bet.

It is tricky at our Asian market, nothing is in English. So, I don't know what has and hasn't been heavy-metal tested. Sea vegetables absorb heavy metals from the sea and from our body. So, we need to be sure to only consume kelp which isn't high in arsenic. I'm not sure about Nori. I have some here and am perplexed what to do, since it isn't labeled related to heavy metal testing.

Did you have any specific questions regarding detox issues?

HTH, Pat
Good thing I love beans and spinach then! :D Haven't found Epsom Salts here yet and I wish we had Natural Calm. Sweden's import rules for supplements can be funny. Looking forward to moving Stateside for sure!

Ooh good idea about the strained nettles in the broth.

We use 100% whey. NO Soy in this house! Ever.

I've not found fermented CLO here either. I have found some in the UK, but dear god the price is heart stopping! And we have to pay 55% duty taxes too! Oi.

No, I've not tried raw cabbage in my smoothies.

Yeah, maybe I can find some certified seaweed at a health food store.. hrm.

No, No other detox questions at the moment. I am going to nano baby step this, starting with the bone broth.

Thanks, pat.
So I went ahead and ordered Blue Ice Fermented CLO with fruit flavor, kelp powder and some butter oil. If it does't get hung up in customs, they'll be here at the end of the week.

Yesterday I bought some pointed cabbage and am trying to ferment it in a glass jar. Exciting to see how that turns out.

Hopefully today I'll be able to start making the bone broth. So much for it being my first step, LOL.
Sounds like you are making big strides!

Okay, the cabbage has been fermenting for 3 days now. is it normal for the color of the cabbage to change a bit?
I'm clueless about making veggie ferments. :-/

Hopefully someone will come along; if not, bump and I'll find a knowledgeable responder. :-)

LOL. Weren't you posting last year that you were going to get brave and start making some? ;)

It is a bit ... scary. This unknown territory. I tasted it and it tastes alright. Need it more fermented I think though.

My new blender came today, so tomorrow I will pick it up! Looking forward to making my green smoothies.
Yes, petrified of petrified food. LOL

I have some fermenting cabbage from a friend. I kept it in the cupboard for about a week and then put it in the refrigerator. (Jessica, if you are reading, is it safe?!?!? )

Love microbials. Scared to death of microbials!

Love green smoothies too. They don't scare me. LOL

Pat, the girls are eating that sauerkraut by the bowlful, so I think you're safe. ;) If it smells bad, throw it out, but it should be fine. Glad to see you're still standing after the carrots and garlic.

As for color, the fermentation does usually change the color. Mine tends to get more gray as it ages.
Ok, I think. Are you sure? It sat in the cupboard for at least a week. I haven't tasted it. It smells sweet. There was plenty of salt right? So, that should keep the bad guys in check.

I have a little bit of carrots left. They've been refrigerated all along, they are still ok?

I swear, I'll drink 2 week old kefir, but I'm phobic about microbials in veggies. It is all in my head???


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