Although I don't feel like I have any obvious symptoms of metal toxicity, I am very concerned about my amalgams. I foolishly had one replaced when my son was only 6 months old, and I feel very fortunate that he has not shown any signs of damage from that. I am pregnant and nursing now, so I plan to just keep taking mega doses of vit. C and leaving it at that.

Here are my questions:
What should a person avoid consuming in order to keep the mercury as stable and partitioned off as possible?

In what situations (obviously, not nursing or pregnant!) does it make sense to have amalgams removed?

There are times when I can taste my fillings and it really scares me. I would give so much to just have them out of my head. But I don't want to make the situation worse. Pat, I know I have seen you write that you would never get your fillings removed, what are people's opinions on removal. If a person is not going to have fillings out, what steps should they take to remove or neutralize the mercury, and can this ever be made a non-problem?

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I am trying cooking my eggs in CO and using pesto but no cheese as the filling, perhaps I will limit my CO intake to this for a while and see how I feel.

My concern is more with the feeding of my family than of getting what I need. John was vegan for a long time, and I really do know that the conventional wisdom about where protein and calcium come from is mistaken - we were able to eat quite well. In fact, in some ways maybe that would be easier, because I could be vegan plus meat :) but no dairy! I have switched my midnight snack from yogurt to eggs, I do feel a little better already (still not sleeping after I wake up in the middle of the night, though).

Also, I like dairy. I am curious as to what the thinking against raw dairy is? Pasteurized, I get, but raw cow, yak, water buffalo, sheep and goat milk are staples of many traditional diets, as long as the digestive enzymes are there I am not sure what the concern is. Is it just that it can be an irritant to some folks? Certainly, just because something is in a traditional diet doesn't mean it's good, but milk seems just like meat to me. Really, we aren't well-adapted to break down cellulose either, but we still eat raw greens.

Not arguing, just inquiring.
"vegan plus meat :)"


There is coconut milk yogurt, hemp milk yogurt, almond milk yogurt, raw goat's milk yogurt (iffy), rice-milk yogurt.

Plus have you tried 'nut-cheese', think they call it something else.

Your comments about cellulose and raw greens are potential issues for some, I do believe. But, mostly, once one develops a 'leaky gut', basically infiltrated by candida drilling holes into it, then the proteins are leaking into our blood stream, especially when our detox pathways are overloaded with excess mercury, it becomes an issue.

Bubbies sauerkraut and adequate stomach acid are key to effective digestion, imo. Along with enzymes, which are a whole 'nuther deficiency issue. But, supplementing has its own issues.

Dairy is a large protein which is more difficult to digest, commonly causes allergies and food intolerances, most common culprit. So, while pregnant, *I* would avoid exposing unborn child to the most common allergen with a leaky gut. Didn't, wish I had! The more exposures baby gets to food intolerances in utero, the more common colic, food intolerances develop, per our surveys at MDC. The alternate animal milks are less likely to be issues, due to less "intolerance" developed in the mama (due to less prior exposure).

Basically, the mama's food reactions impact baby, before and after birth. More intolerances = more to detox. With a load of mercury (candida is the evidence with the tooth exposure), I wouldn't want to tip the scales in that direction. Especially, when we live fine without dairy. :-) There are plenty of alternatives for calcium and protein.

However, I do raw milk kefir, in small quantities, most every day. And do believe it is beneficial for pregnant mamas, unless IgE to dairy protein, of course.

Also, is the raw dairy 100% grass-fed? And is it Guernsey cows (A2 casein)? Or, I'd consider raw goat's milk (A2 casein). Breastmilk is A2 casein.

Do you know RealPickles sauerkraut?

I guess, given that I don't know whether I have a leaky gut (never occurred to me, but now it does) or candida (should I bother to get tested?), perhaps I can at least give up uncultured dairy products for the duration of the pregnancy and the first six months of nursing.

Why is goat's milk iffy?

I have just started making kefir - couldn't stomach the first batch so I used it to soak garbanzos, which turned out really well! I used a lot more milk for the second batch and now I am having it in a smoothie; it seems okay. My smoothies are sort of random, but they usually have kale and parsley as the green base because it grows reliably here in the summer and then freezes well all winter.

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