Although I don't feel like I have any obvious symptoms of metal toxicity, I am very concerned about my amalgams. I foolishly had one replaced when my son was only 6 months old, and I feel very fortunate that he has not shown any signs of damage from that. I am pregnant and nursing now, so I plan to just keep taking mega doses of vit. C and leaving it at that.

Here are my questions:
What should a person avoid consuming in order to keep the mercury as stable and partitioned off as possible?

In what situations (obviously, not nursing or pregnant!) does it make sense to have amalgams removed?

There are times when I can taste my fillings and it really scares me. I would give so much to just have them out of my head. But I don't want to make the situation worse. Pat, I know I have seen you write that you would never get your fillings removed, what are people's opinions on removal. If a person is not going to have fillings out, what steps should they take to remove or neutralize the mercury, and can this ever be made a non-problem?

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Running out the door at the moment. But, I'd consider removal, if fewer than four, under proper removal and chelating, not nursing/preg, of course.

No kombucha, no yeast kills, no big doses of biotin, no systemic antifungals, no cilantro, no ALA.

Gradually work up to a lot of whole food probiotics. Selenium, magnesium, zinc. Heavy metal tested, organic kelp-low doses, slowly increase.

Consider zeolite (can't recommend while pregnant) or clay.

This thread has a lot of information:

So no systemic antifungals would include garlic, oregano and grapefruit seed extract?
Depends on who you ask. :-)

An MD may well be fine giving Diflucan to a pregnant mama. I wouldn't take it.

So, imo, garlic, oregano spice are ok. My premise is natural amounts of whole foods are safe for the body. I would not do oregano oil or GSE while pregnant. Maybe while nursing, but probably not with mercury fillings.

I'd focus on magnesium, zinc, selenium, vit C. Caution, dosing with selenium has a narrow range per the RDA.

Would you suggest supplementation in this case, then? Not cilantro, even though it's a food? Hmm, I have been taking gse for years, never knew there was a risk with mercury drawing. So, would you say that, if I have an overgrowth of candida, that it is related to neutralizing the mercury so I need it? How do I compensate for the adverse effects of the candida on my metabolism, then? I have exactly 4 fillings, and one gold crown.

It sounds like I should hang on and try to stay sane for the next four or five years, and then do some chelating once I am not nursing? But it isn't possible to chelate all the mercury from fillings, right, since they are still going to be there? I guess ight now I am trying to figure out how to stay sane - the hypoglycemic symptoms feel a bit dangerous to me - it can't be okay to have that extent of blood sugar swings.

What are the magnesium, zinc and selenium for?
Personally, I"m not keen on supplementing. I believe we can get what we need from food. However, that is more difficult in the midst of a health crisis, such as candida and pregnancy.

I can't prescribe doses. :-) I'd stay within the RDA, maximums.

The website "World's Healthiest Foods" is a favorite resource for me.


40 other major nutrients

The hypoglycemia is helped by correcting adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid issues. Have you had saliva testing done on your hormones? Of course, they'd be off-kilter while pregnant.

Green juicing, bone broths, green smoothies help. And protein every three hours helps, ime.

Yes, I avoid cilantro in food. I have 10 mercury fillings. It releases stored mercury into circulation, ALSO pulls it from teeth, per my understanding. Vit C and selenium help to bind the mercury for excretion out of the body. Magnesium and zinc help with effective detoxification.

Are you asking do you A) need the GSE,
or do you B) "need" the candida.

Probably B.

Lemon in water throughout the day, (not first thing in the morning) will help to improve alkalinity of the body, making it less hospitable for candida.

Can't chelate with mercury fillings In your mouth! Must use the IOAMT mercury amalgam removal protocol, with ventilation, oxygen, dams, and THEN chelating. And no pregnancy for 24 months afterwards. Huge deal.

Thanks. Yeah, filling removal and chelation are way out of the picture for the next several years, just curious. I just want to feel good, you know? And I don't want another colicky baby, if it can be helped. I have modified my diet considerably, and I am not afraid to continue to modify it, I just want to move in a productive direction.

Is it okay to fight the candida with diet, if not with a cleanse, or will that combat the mercury negation? Do you avoid coriander seed as well?
I don't avoid coriander. Although, we rarely use it. I believe, not certain, I read that coriander is ok. Doesn't make sense to me, though.

Personally, I don't believe that cow's milk is meant for human consumption. :-) I only use cultured dairy, in small doses for the probiotic benefit. I believe that nourishing my body is my priority, and trust my body to balance itself, without attacking my body. However, that includes natural antifungals, antibacterial and antimicrobial spices in "normal" amounts in my food preparation. I use spices without fear. Just skip cilantro due to my fillings.

I'd stop all dairy and be sure to eat some Bubbies sauerkraut 2-3 times per day. Here is a thread about preventing allergies in pregnancy:

Here are a bunch more about allergies, colic, food intolerances.

And this one is HUGELY informative: prenatal allergy prevention, nutrition-style:

Basically, colicy baby is generally due to food intolerances in your gut/body. Dairy (soy) and gluten (and corn) are the Big Four. I'd avoid them during pregnancy, if I knew then, what I know now. It is much easier to start now, then trying to figure out a whole new diet post-partum with a colicy baby and sleep deprivation, trust me.

Also this thread with currently pregnant WAPF mamas:

Caution the CO, kombucha, and lots of dairy advice, imo.

Thanks. I just can't imagine what I would replace the dairy with, but I will think about it.
Also, what is the concern with coconut oil (since I just bought a gallon on the WAPF recommendation:)
[I thought I replied to this. >???]

Are you concerned about calcium or protein?

Bone broths, greens, beans have calcium. Also, herbal infusions such as Nettles, Chickweed.

Also green smoothies have complete amino acids to make protein, if you vary the greens. Nuts, beans, legumes, meats, eggs, quinoa, amaranth all are protein sources.

I make up a dried fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, coconut 'granola', which I carry with me everywhere for quick protein.


Sarah Thompson said:
Thanks. I just can't imagine what I would replace the dairy with, but I will think about it.
Coconut oil is caprylic acid, which is a medium chain fatty acid which kills candida in the gut. "Too much" is an issue, when we have excess stored mercury.


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