AA conjugation -

Acetylation -

Glucuronidation -

Methylation - do raw tomatoes turn your skin red?

Sulfation -

Glutathione - how sensitive are you to caffeine?

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No, raw tomatoes don't do anything to my skin.

No, caffeine doesn't make me jittery. But I don't usually have much of it. Maybe if I had a ton of it.

I have no idea about drug reactions, since I've never needed one. But I do have some kind of issue with raw onions (and to a lesser degree garlic) that make me wonder if I have an issue with sulfur compounds. Where can I learn more about that?
Shannon has info about the detox pathways on Detox Puzzle: http://www.detoxpuzzle.com/sulfite.php


Leigh Kornishev said:
But I do have some kind of issue with raw onions (and to a lesser degree garlic) that make me wonder if I have an issue with sulfur compounds. Where can I learn more about that?
Yeah, I've read that a gazillion times.

What seems strange to me is that I have trouble with THE SMELL of raw onions and raw garlic and broccoli, but I am very attracted to eggs and sauerkraut and kale. And I don't have a problem with onion or garlic that has been cooked or dehydrated (finished off-gassing?). I don't seem to have a problem with foods known for having sulfITES, like wine or dried fruits. But I also don't eat all that much of them.

I understand this part on Shannon's sulfate page: "Dietary sulfur is broken down into sulfite. Sulfite is converted into sulfate by the sulfoxidation process. This requires molybdenum and vitamin B6. Too much of either can inhiit the process, however."

But, how do I know where the process is breaking down? Do I have too much or too little of something?
Lots of people seem to have trouble with raw vs cooked garlic/onions. I'm not sure what causes it - maybe a gut bacteria thing?

Caffeine not affecting you means you likely have a fast phase 1 detox, which means you might want to keep an I on oxidative stress/damage.

Sulfa drugs are eliminated by acetylation - how're your adrenals and cholesterol levels?
Re possibility of gut bacteria: the smell of raw onions makes me sick. Just smelling it. So if I chop onions, i chill them very much first, do it in a well-ventilated place, try to do it quickly, then cook them immediately. I take any scraps and either throw them in the outdoor garbage cans or flush them, so I don't smell them sitting in the garbage can.

But when I've eaten them raw in something like a chopped salad, they don't bother me at all.

Broccoli, though, I haven't TRIED eating, either raw or cooked, in over a year. The smell tells me not to put it into my body. I always loved broccoli before.

I wouldn't say that I feel NOTHING from caffeine. Just that it doesn't hit me bad like some people.

My cholesterol was normal in a recent test.

Adrenals? I'm not sure. I read a ton about adrenal fatigue. A lot of it sounded like me. BUT, it sounded like me when I don't get much sleep. When I get sleep I am fine. I tried all the self-tests I read about (the blood pressure thing, the light in the eyes thing, and the scratching yourself with a dull edge thing) and was fine with all of those. I'm not sure I can conclude anything other than "humans need sleep sometimes". If anything, I'd say that a year or so ago, when I was getting much less sleep, I might have been in that early stage of adrenal fatigue where you produce too much of the stress hormones. And maybe I haven't fully recovered.
While we are doing an "all about me" here:

I've had some blood sugar issues since about 18 months ago. I've been able to control that by eating meat first, then veggies+fat, then a starch+fat. As long as I eat like that, I feel fine.

I was eating by this new method for the last several months, before my recent testing that showed everything is normal. During the first few months of blood sugar issues, I gained some weight, mostly in the middle, but now it is going away again with no other particular effort on my part except following this diet plan.

I am heterozygous for C677T.

We have no food allergies that I can detect. I tried eliminating all the usual culprits for 75 days, had no change, and started them up again with no change. (I have a pollen allergy that gets activated in the spring and fall, and i think, based on what is blooming at that time, that it is a tree that's getting me.)

I eat lots of probiotic foods. I remember that I read somewhere that Pat wrote to start up drinking kefir with small amounts and increase it. I started before reading that, and started with about 8 ounces at a sitting. And within a few days I was drinking at least double that. No change in me at all. And when I posted about that, Pat was surprised that I didn't feel ANYTHING different.

I've tried many kinds of supplements, and never had any change at all. Except, when I started taking iodoral, my poop was slightly dark green for 2 days.

Overall, I am very healthy. Never had any serious illnesses. Never needed any medications. No mood problems. I have great teeth, hair and nails. But not very good skin (though it is getting better on this diet).

But clearly something is not as it should be in me, and I don't want to ignore it and let it turn into something worse.

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