Think of each of the six detox pathways as individual obstacle courses. For each, you have to complete a series of challenges in the order presented. If you solve one, you can move on to the next. If you solve them all, you win and that detox door opens.

Now comes the test. You have a wall with six doors in it, some open, some closed. You blast the wall with green slime. If it all goes out the doors, you win and you're healthy and feel great.

If there's not enough room for the slime to get out the doors, it starts oozing out the cracks and getting into places that it shouldn't. That's when you notice symptoms like eczema and diarrhea and whatnot.

To make matters worse, sometimes gunk can get stuck in the doors, making them really hard to open, even if you finish the right obstacle course. That would be heavy metal poisoning or salicylates, etc. acting as barricades.

It is possible to cheat the system and open one door wider than it should open. I've stumbled upon doing this with mega doses of pantothenic acid to open up the acetylation pathway. But it comes at the cost of damaging the wall somewhat.

Now, to add a little twist, everyone's obstacle courses are just a little different. They may look alike, but if you try to copy what your neighbor is doing, it probably won't work. You have to figure it out for yourself.

Basic Liver Detox (video)


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Okay, now lets fill in some more details. What, exactly does one of these obstacle courses look like? Some are easy and some are hard. Some have shortcuts, and some loop back on themselves. What they have in common is the theme that you need to solve each challenge in the order given - no matter how well you may be able to do the last challenge, if you can't get to it, it doesn't matter.

What are the challenges? Those are putting the right amount of the right chemical to the right enzyme. And everyone's enzymes are just a little bit different.

Now if you look at where you got stuck on the challenges, a pattern forms. By looking at that pattern, it's possible to figure out where you need help (which nutrients) based on that pattern (your symptoms).
I am with you on this! I am very interested in the challenges to see where we get stuck and what that means for us. We're doing Vit C & MSM right now and DD's eczema is clearing with a rapidity. Despite rotating in peanut butter, corn, scallops, etc.
What a great description. I am going to share this with family.
thank you

You are doing a great job explaining complex ideas, here and elsewhere.

So, if supplementing with pantothenic acid to open up the acetylation pathway is "cheating", and comes at the cost of damaging the wall somewhat, then what do you do? I thought that the way to unclog the pathways was by supplementing with the right nutrients, is that right? Can you explain further? And thanks again, so much, for bringing out all of this!
I think of it as cheating, because the quantities of pantothenic acid that I'm taking would NEVER be found in foods alone - 2g/day.

The damage that it's doing is in creating other nutrient imbalances. Biotin is needed to process the pantothenic acid, but I didn't know that for months while I was supplementing. I'm certain there are other nutrients I'm now deficient in as a result, but I don't know what they are yet.
Have you by any chance figured out yet if there are other things you should be doing to counteract any potential imbalances caused by the B5? I know I need B vitamins at an increased level, and I am trying to figure out "how" to divide them up, and which ones to take and when. As opposed to just taking a B-complex.
Great description of toxins in the body. Thank you!
I'm trying to understand the means to open the pathways now, and I've jumped all over this site trying to piece it together.
So, you say pantothenic acid, but what if you just take this in a B complex of equal 50's. Would this not work.
In a video elsewhere on this site, she so very well explains taking Molybdenum to support sulfur pathways, and glutathion for sulfur as well as calcium d-glucarate, which is helpful for candidia toxins.
Am I understanding this correctly? Is there more you can explain about this?
The problem with a b50 complex is that its not very balanced for what your body needs. You might need more or less of one of the nutrients, or in order to get a specific therapeutic effect from one of the vitamins you might prefer more of a megadose. I was taking megadoses of pantothenic acid to support my adrenals, but adding more biotin brought down the requirement significantly - even more than when I posted this. Turns out I have generally low amino acids in my body due to poor pancreatic function/bad gut environment.
Hmmm, its all very curious and complex isn't it? How did you find out you have poor pancreatic function?

Do you take any of the other detox supplements?

I have noticed an overlap between detox supplements and adrenal support: they seem to go hand in hand!
Yeah, poor detox is a stress on your adrenals for sure!

I had a urine amino acids test that showed low values pretty much across the board. I tried digestive enzymes with pancreatin, and got a very strong die off reaction from them. A urine metals test showed some metals dumping. And pine nut oil, which increases CCK/supports the pancreas gives me the same die off symptoms.

Right now, in addition to a Thorne basic b complex (which has folate instead of folic acid!), I'm burning through a ton of molybdenum, presumably from all the die off, and taking extra b6, biotin, pantothenic acid, grape seed extract (not grapefruit seed extract), and vit C and GABA. And mag. And a few others... Dh laughs at me :p
Thanks Shannon. That was helpful! off to iherb. . .

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