Heat exhaustion is caused by water depletion (dehydration), or in rare cases—rare because of Americans' typically high-salt diets—by salt depletion. (We lose salt along with our sweat.)

Thirst is likely to be the first symptom, followed by loss of appetite, headache, pallor, dizziness, and a general flulike feeling that may include nausea and
even vomiting. In more extreme cases, the heart may race and
concentration may become more difficult.

Hopefully, you won't find yourself in that situation. Here's how to avoid it, and if necessary, how to cope with it.

Get out of the sun. This is as critical as it is obvious, especially for the person already suffering heat exhaustion. Otherwise body temperature could continue to
rise, even if the person is resting and drinking water, Dr. Keller
says. He adds that returning to the sun for very long, even if many
hours later, could cause a relapse in some cases.

Drink water. It's still the best beverage to turn to for hydration, says Dr. Keller. It should be taken a little at a time—not gulped down. The doctor adds,
"Ideally, you would have loaded up on water ahead of time—before going out into the sun."

Eat more fruit and vegetables. "They have a fairly high water content and good salt balance," Dr. Keller says.

Drink diluted electrolyte drinks. Gatorade is the best-known example and is widely used by professional sports teams. Football teams, for instance, often have twice daily
practices in July and August, and players who sweat heavily can lose a
lot of potassium and sodium, says Bob Reese, head trainer for the New
York Jets and president of the Professional Football Athletic Trainers
Society. "We have Gatorade and water available on the field at all
times," he says.

Avoid salt tablets. Once routinely handed out to athletes and anyone else who wanted them, these pills now are considered bad medicine by most doctors. "They do the
opposite of what they're supposed to do," says Larry Kenney, Ph.D., an
assistant professor of applied physiology in the Laboratory for Human
Performance Research at Pennsylvania State University. "The increased
salt in the stomach keeps fluids there longer, which leaves less fluid
available for necessary sweat production."

Avoid alcohol. Booze fast forwards dehydration, says Danny Wheat, an assistant trainer for the Texas Rangers baseball club. The team often plays in
100-degree-plus conditions in Arlington, Texas. "We stress to players
that the night before a day game, they should limit their alcohol
consumption," he says.


o Cure Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Quit all activity and get out of the sun fast. Drink cool, not cold, water with a teaspoon of natural apple cider vinegar in it. The vinegar helps to replace electrolytes and minerals like sports drinks do.

Drinking Raspberry Tea or
Peppermint Tea
produces a natural cooling effect on
your overheated system.

Putting a washcloth wet with cool water onto the back of the neck and the fronts of the wrists will cool the body down quickly.

When possible, a bath or shower in cool water is even more helpful.

Potassium and magnesium can be lost through excessive sweating and replaced by Gatorade, Pedialyte, natural apple cider vinegar, leafy
vegetables, bananas, whole grains, and nuts. Gatorade has a lot of
sugar so it is not the best choice for diabetics. Even the healthiest
people should not drink only Gatorade but drink it in addition to water.

Too Much Sun!

Preventing Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Wearing a thin shirt and pants helps cool the body down more than bare skin. The clothing gets wet from sweat, and this moisture is what makes you feel cooler when exposed to air from a fan or a breeze.
Clothing should be lightweight, and cotton is the best material.
Polyester and rayon do not "breathe" as well and make you even hotter.

Sweating will help you be and feel cooler. Drinking liquids prevents dehydration and allow you to sweat. Avoid drinks that contain
alcohol or caffeine (soda or coffee) since they cause you to urinate
more often instead of sweating.

Excess heat is released from your body through evaporation of sweat. Your sweat is less able to evaporate in high humidity, which is
when a fan is very helpful.

Older people have less of a sensation of thirst and should drink more water even if they don't feel thirsty.

Opening windows on opposite sides of the room or house cool things down more than a fan with the windows shut. Those in an
apartment with windows on only one side may join forces with their
neighbors across the hall. Opening windows in both apartments and both
entry doors can allow both apartments to receive cross ventilation.

Use an umbrella and a hand fan if you must go outside in the daytime. Walk slowly, resting often in the shade of a tree or building.
To go more than a short distance, find someone to drive you.

Too Much Sun!


Home remedies for heat exhaustion #1: Cool Cloth Therapy

In the cool cloth therapy for heat exhaustion a cool cloth is being placed on the back of your neck, forehead and wrists which not only helps to cool the body but also makes one feel better. But the best
place to put the cool cloth is on your head because our head holds most
of the heat of the body.

#2: Lemon balm tea
The lemon balm drink is an excellent home remedy for heat exhaustion which works perfectly to reduce body temperature and is also gentle on the stomach. The ingredients required
for this concoction is one cup of grape seed oil, half cup of fresh or
dried lemon balm leaves and boiling water. This home remedy for heat exhaustion can be taken as iced tea by adding
ice cubes to it or can also be taken as hot tea to soothe stomach

#3: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used for treating dizziness associated with heat exhaustion by combining 2tsp of apple cider vinegar with honey and
cool water. This concoction is not only less acidic but also more
palatable and is a great way to keep you safe from heat exhaustion.
Applying a cool compress of apple cider vinegar and water on the face
also helps in combating heat exhaustion.


Natrum Muriaticum and Lachesis for Heat Exhaustion

Natrum muriaticum is a homeopathic remedy that works well for those with heat exhaustion. This remedy works specifically for heat exhaustion
that was caused by exposure to the sun. This treatment should only be
taken in the 6x potency dosage.

Lachesis also works well for those who have heat exhaustion that was caused by spending too much time in the sun. It is effective for those
whose heat exhaustion was caused by falling asleep in the sun. Those who
will benefit from lachesis tend to feel very faint and dizzy.

Nux Moschtata and Gelsemium for Heat Exhaustion

Nux moschtata is a homeopathic remedy that works well for those with heat exhaustion who feel faint and drowsy. This treatment works best for those whose skin feels dry to the touch and who suffer from severe
thirst that cannot seem to be relieved. Nux moschtata is commonly used
during the summer months.

Gelsemium works well for those with heat exhaustion that was brought on by exposure to the sun and the heat. This homeopathic treatment works best for those that feel very drowsy. Those who will benefit from
gelsemium tend to be excessively thirsty, but are unable to quench their
thirst no matter how much water or other liquids they drink.


Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Signs And Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Indications of heat stroke can at times impersonate those of heart
attack or other conditions. Different people possibly will have
different symptoms and indicators of heat stroke. However familiar
symptoms and signs of heat stroke include the following:

1. Elevated body temperature

2. The lack of sweating, with burning red or flushed dehydrated skin

3. Trouble in breathing

4. Bizarre activities

5. Hallucinations and illusions

6. Nervousness and Anxiety

7. Convulsions

8. Loss of consciousness

Heat stroke can happen unexpectedly, without any symptoms of heat
exhaustion. If someone is experiencing symptoms of heat stroke, it is
important to seek medical attention at once.

High temperature is the main cause of heat stroke

Heat related conditions like heat stroke may arise when your body cannot remain cool. As the atmospheric temperature increases, your body stays cool as you sweat. On hot, sticky days, the loss of sweat is
measured by the increased humidity in the air. Dehydration too is a
major worry, as too much fluid loss can lead to heart and brain damage.
Chronic medical conditions like diabetes, nausea; vomiting or diarrhea
can put children and adults at threat for a heat stroke in dreadfully
hot climates. The other common causes of heat strokes could be as

1. High temperatures or humidity

2. Extended and excessive exercise

3. Excess clothing

4. Too much use of alcohol

5. Cardiovascular ailments

6. Sweat gland dysfunction

7. Medications that weaken the body’s ability to sweat may have an effect on people to this problem

8. Pregnancy

9. Obesity

Remedies for Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke home remedies and natural cures, Questions and answers

Victims of heat stroke should be moved to a cool area and clothing should be removed.

Heat stroke is a medical crisis involving hospitalization, and the local emergency system must be turned on as soon as possible.

1. The body temperature ought to be lowered instantly.

2. The sufferer should be moved to a cool area and clothing should be
removed to encourage inactive cooling. Energetic cooling methods can be

3. The victim should be positioned into the revival pose to make sure that their airway remains open.

4. Cool the person by sponging with damp towel.

5. Water containing electrolyte, juices and glucose should be given to the victim.

Diet for Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke : Home Remedies suggested by users

Stay hydrated and minimize sun exposure.

Drink plenty of water, stay away from the sun, and avoid taxing activity during hot weather conditions. If you start experiencing the warning signs, shift to a cool, sheltered area and gulp something cool.

Suggestions for Heat Stroke

Try chamomile flowers to get relief from heatstroke

If you start experiencing the warning signs, move to a sheltered
area and drink something cool. A few people also use chamomile flowers
to alleviate the symptoms of heatstroke, though the effectiveness of
this therapy is not assured.


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