A MTHFR Manifesto by the Probiotic Police and natural Peacekeepers

A MTHFR Manifesto by the Probiotic Police and natural Peacekeepers

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far, far away...

It is a period of nutritional war. Rebel "Food Has Power" agents, striking from a hidden base, Heal Thyself, have won their first victory against the evil Food Disease Administration (FDA).

During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon: Companies Obstructing Real Nutrition (CORN), an armored seed source with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, Folate Girl races home aboard her website, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy…



About 100 years ago, our planet began moving away from raw food with nutrients (and enzymes) to forced pasteurization and sterilization of our Living Foods.

Pathogenic bacteria began developing due to industrialization, under the guise of Food Standards.  The All Money Alliance (AMA) then championed the "hero" antibiotics which have become the "villain" due to inappropriate over-utilization.  Now the Probiotic Police (probiotic supplements) must come to the rescue due to inadequate microbials from our diet (and soil) creating an imbalance of toxins from the approved "foods" of the Food Disease Administration (FDA).

Like the Red Cross, the rebel Food Has Power agents provide nourishing Living Food nutrients and natural peacekeepers:  natural antimicrobials and whole food probiotics.  These agents of health are needed in a constant supply.  Or else we must call in the Probiotic Police to clean up the war in the gut for microflora territory.  Of course there is Candida Diva who just wants everyone's attention - infiltrating everywhere and stealing nutrients.

  • Folate Girl is a Secret Agent. (my undercover persona)

Beware the MTHFR Mafia gene which impairs utilization of nutrients.  Since 1998, the Food Disease Administration (FDA) has mandated synthetic folic acid fortification in our industrialized food supply, blockading the utilization of natural Food Folate.  Thus, our friend Food Folate must pay extra to the MTHFR Mafia to maintain our health.  Unfortunately, Food Folate has been replaced by a synthetic laboratory created “nutrient”.

Caution: there are Gluten Gangsters with its leaders, Wheat, Barley and Rye.  They keep nutrients from being available throughout the planet. Gluten Gangsters are hiding in nutrient-deficient processed foods everywhere.

Companies Obstructing Real Nutrition (CORN) bought up all of the planet’s seeds and won't allow people to keep seeds to grow their own food.  CORN is an arm of Government Mafia Organization (GMO) in bed with the Food Disease Administration (FDA), which is funded by the All Money Alliance (AMA).  

HFCS is CEO of Companies Obstructing Real Nutrition.  HFCS is Henry F. Claims, Sr.  (the F stands for False)  CORN has created a monopoly of the food supply by buying access to prominent positions within the Food Disease Administration.

The AMA is against Homeopathy, Energy Medicine, Acupuncture, Living Foods, Truth and Herbs (HEALTH).  The All Money Alliance with support from the Corporate Disease Center (CDC) has openly opposed all competition to their Sick Care System.

  • In this nutrient war, there are Secret Service Supplements which are frontline agents employed to combat assaults and danger. The Probiotic Police work for the Secret Service.
  • And there are the Whole Food Probiotics. They are critical to peacekeeping in the gut.  Plus their role in deploying natural B12 and Intrinsic Factor for immune support.  Whole Food Probiotics are grassroots keepers of the peace throughout the land.


  • There are health missions for Buddy B6 and Methyl B12, and cautions about Magnesium Madness and Zippy Zinc depletion, etc.
  • Diplomat (vitamin) D helps to keep everything functioning during time of disease and distress.  And we need real Sunshine to keep Diplomat D supplied with energy.

Then there are the Food Has Power agents which go on secret missions. These power food agents are simple foods which have the power to save people from CORN.  Food Has Power gets updates, alerts and missions from M.  No one knows who M is.  (Although, someone saw the name Mercola in the reflection of a mirror.)

The Detox Agents (simple foods) work with Food Has Power and are deployed to different duties to detox the world.

  • Magnesium (another secret agent) is a Messenger of Peace and Calm.  However, if he gets depleted, he becomes Magnesium Madness.  Of course there are Catalyst Enzymes who work behind the scenes to keep everything functioning properly.  Zippy Zinc keeps everyone healing from assaults.
  • We've come to realize that Diplomat C (called "The Cleanser"), Agent Magnesium and Diplomat D can stand in for the other secret agents when they are weakened.  However, the danger lies in the secret agents, Diplomats C, D and Mag, not being brought to the health mission as back up.  They must not be absent in our nutrient war.


The Big Evil is toxins from People Having and Recommending Medical Allies (PHARMA) and from CORN removing nutrients from Whole Foods.  So, we are always on edge about the pending toxin overload and must be alert to supply whole food nutrients to detox.

Of course, Big PHARMA’s Anti-Life-Biotics are atomic bombs obliterating microbials in their wake.  These bombs allow Candida Diva to flourish.

Candida Diva is high maintenance and requires a lot of sugar, which makes her manic.  Or depressed.  The drama seeking Diva is dependent upon getting enough excitement - until she develops adrenal fatigue.

  • Another nutrient avenger is Howard HCl.  Howard is considered an acid.  And the AMA, along with the FDA, is working to suppress Howard HCl throughout the land.  However, Howard must be welcome in the stomach to make nutrients bio-available.


GERD, colic and eczema are Red Flags that nutrients and toxins are out of balance.  And we need to be aware of free radical damage from over-processed foods, especially fat from CORN.  Omega 3 is losing ground to Trans Fats and Omega 6 fatty acids in this imbalanced battle of power.

  • Captain Cholesterol has a controversial history, but some recognize that the demonization of his role in health comes from PHARMA and the AMA.  Cholesterol is necessary to the health of every cell!
  • Invisible Iodine is a powerful ally hidden in sea vegetables and seafoods.  And Underwater Agent A arrives to the battle scene riding in on cold water fish.  Agent A protects us from virus attacks.
  • Fortunately, Moly(bdenum) is an undercover agent.  Moly and Food Folate are stealth and mysteriously present in beans, greens, legumes and liver.  They are secret detox agents which protect us daily.
  • Selenium is a foreigner from Brazil.  He is just a nut.  But, packs a punch to heavy metals and is a heavy weight with detoxing!
  • Glutathione helps defend the body against damage from toxins.  As a detoxifier of heavy metals and drugs, Agent G protects living cells in several ways before the toxins can do harm.  Glutathione must be created on site from its precursor amino acids, glycine, glutamate and cystine.  Agent G (Glutathione) can't be supplemented in battle.  To boost Glutathione levels naturally, provide milk thistle, asparagus, whey protein, Indian curry spice, curcumin (turmeric), Brazil nuts, broccoli, avocado and spinach.  Bone broth for health!

    Raw eggs, garlic, kale, onions, cabbage, watermelon to the rescue!

  • Biotin is fuel for ATP production. The ATP system is unrivaled in our body for instant production of energy and detoxifying the assault of toxins continuously.
  • Agent B5 has a pivotal role in helping to release energy from energy production factories found in every cell called the mitochondria.  Sustained energy or fatigue depends on him!


The Food Has Power detox missions will gear up for Sulfation and Methylation and specific secret agents (Sulfate, Methyl) will need to arrive at the scene before the mission can proceed.  And Agent G (Glutathione) will need to be produced for the Detox Missions to succeed.

We need your help!

Special Note: the amino acid Cysteine is critical to neutralize Toxins. There are two main Phases of the Detox Mission and there are specific foods (and their amino acids and nutrients) which facilitate each.  Those are Phase I and Phase II of the Detox Mission, before toxin overload destroys health due to the propaganda and pervasive power of CORN !


  • We need the Probiotic Police...they are such a major force of the whole healing war--and they totally act like police.  Probiotic Police help to keep all the not-so-good bacteria, viruses and yeast in check. Probiotic Peacekeepers (the whole food probiotics) come to spread peace throughout the gut too.  They must be included in our health battle.  Keep Whole Food Probiotics in your kitchen for optimal protection in this nutrient battle.


Alert! Alert!   Undigested proteins and the impending dire situation we are all trying to avoid... Leaky Gut Syndrome.   That which wreaks havoc on all who succumb...



Stay tuned...

















Philosophy of the Gut~


The mission of Food Has Power is to restore balance to the body and gut microflora before Companies Obstructing Real Nutrition (CORN) destroy our health (inadvertently and unbeknown to us).  Awareness and Choice is the key.

Please share this mission on.  Our goal is dissemination of this empowering health information.  Folate Girl has no products for sale on Heal Thyself!, in order to keep out of the FDA's reach.  And we are never going to name companies by a real identity.  We want the story to remain a parody, not political. I believe there must be truth in humor.

And yes, E. coli, cancer and candida are not the enemy.  Supportive Real Food nutrition is the key to restoring nutritional balance, even in the face of toxins from our food and environment.  Add more balancing nutrients, rather than defeat/avoid/eliminate/attack/fight/destroy "bad".  Then Big PHARMA and the AMA become obsolete.


May the Food Force be with you, always.





Join the Food Has Power mission.  For more information about healing naturally, keep updated on Facebook to Heal Thyself! 




For more information about healing naturally, keep updated on Facebook  Heal Thyself!

Overwhelmed? Where to start?     ~Become your own Gut Guru!


Welcome, we hope you will join us!


Pat RobinsonWellness Educator



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