All in all a REALLY good thing in times of illness! Long story short, it's good to trust our bodies! They are truly amazing.

A perfect bacteriostatic temp is 103.1 and a bacteriolytic temp is 104.9. Isn't it amazing that our bodies know how to handle anything that threatens them?

The first purpose is thermal action. The second is to stimulate the thyroid which helps the body eliminate toxins. The third is to increase circulation to increase the elimination time. The fourth is to increase liver activity which increases the ability to form immunoglobulins. The fifth is to increase interferon which kills infected cells (whether it's bacterial, viral or fungal!) and impairs the replication of the invaders. (credit for above: Elisabeth M.)

S.boulardii lactobacillis and bifidum bacteria probiotics for vomiting, if it continues. Give about hourly, until the vomiting ceases.

I'd only give small, frequent sips of bone broth, or ginger ale, or Emergen-C, until her stomach is settled for four hours. Vit C will help the immune system and decrease fever.

We do homeopathic remedies for any acute issues. Consider her whole picture: fever?, lethargy? thirst? color? diarrhea? discomfort? blood? projectile? voiding? etc.

Here are some homeopathic alternatives:

And some Epsom salt baths for the detox effect.

Also, ginger and fennel and chamomile are helpful for settling stomachs, herbally. This could be sips of a tea. Gripe Water or Tum-ease are just ginger and fennel extracts.

If she is lethargic, not voiding, or mucus membranes are dull, pale or dry, she needs to be seen by a physician and given IV fluids for hydration. She is unlikely to be dehydrated with one vomiting, with a mild fever, below 103. Fevers usually go up in the late afternoon, early evening. That is common. And are lowest in the morning.

Here are some homeopathic options for fever, if it gets very high. I'd use the Belladonna and other homeopathic antipyretics for fevers:

Here is an article called "Fevers In Children, A Blessing in Disguise". It was first printed in Mothering Magazine. It discusses the dangers of fever reducers.

Here are some more ideas:
Vit C-large doses (natural fever reducer, iirc)
Cod liver oil- essential fatty acids help the immune system (We use Nordic Naturals -strawberry and our son loves it!)
Chamommilla is good for restlessness, discomfort, insomnia, unbearable pain; fever; child is impatient and angry.
Zinc helps the immune system
Echinecea- We use Sambucol for Kids
Probiotics- for immune support, digestive system is 70% of immune system.

We don't treat fevers. One issue is that Tylenol wears off abruptly and Motrin wears off more slowly. Fever spikes are more common when Tylenol wears off abruptly. Febrile seizures are more common with fever spikes. We never use Tylenol. There are potential issues with liver toxicity too. Motrin has risks associated with taking it with viruses.

I have given Motrin a few times for abject inability to rest after half the night has past and no one is going to survive (sanity) without some sleep.

Hope she feels better quickly.

The healthy body is self-healing. Antibiotics damage the microflora in the gut. If a child gets antibiotics, the ability to fight off other diseases is compromised due to the damaged gut microflora. Additionally, it increases a child's risk of developing drug resistant bacteria.

As an aside, I would not vaccinate within four weeks of a cold or any illness. While the immune system is under natural disease assault and recovery, you don't want to attack it further.

The statistical risks of meningitis are projected by the fear-mongering media and the pharmaceutical company, unfortunately. Actual numbers are more useful. In the US, there are approximately 3000 cases of meningitis each year in a population of 300,000,000. (generally immune suppressed individuals) Thus the risk is 0.001% of even coming down with meningitis. (first you have to have a source) Approximately 10-12% of those cases are fatal. So, the risk is 99.9999% that she will not have meningitis and die.
(credit for above: Pat R.)

Herbal recommendations from 'Naturally Healthy Babies and Children':
lemon water
no dairy or cold foods
1 minced clove of garlic in a spoonful of honey (swallow without chewing)
Homeopathic aconite 30x or belladonna 30x (consult your homeopath!)
Lemon Balm
Elder flower
vitamin C (rose hips, kale, alfalfa sprouts, violet)
nursing mothers treat yourself - baby will get benefits through breastmilk!
you *may* give your child a bath one or two degrees lower than their temp. - lower will not be beneficial and stress the body, however, reducing fevers will confuse the body's natural response (use only if you or your child are uncomfortable) - a drop or two of lavender or rosemary oil may be added to your bath

Also see:
Wet sock treatment:

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I had a child who was feverish every few days, for about a week. She claimed to feel find otherwise. (Then/meanwhile, she developed phlegm and a cough) The fever would come on fast and furious, then leave (on its own) in about 30 min-1 hour or so.
I was feeling like her immune system wasn't strong enough to just get really sick and get whatever it was OUT.
My friend said that her immune system was what was keeping her from getting really sick.

Any thoughts on this?
Is she well? Did she get really sick? Sounds, like her immune system worked great!

Well, actually..... lol
She had that fever thing going on for a week. While that was happening her phlegm production started in her head. Then after the fevers "seemed" to be gone, the coughing stated and the phlegm moved to her chest as well. She is now still getting rid of the phlegm, and the cough is *almost* gone except when she's running around a lot.

She never had a "knocked down on her ass" kind of illness/flu. She complained of a sore throat one night and i did some internal work to get rid of that. Or it just left. ;)
So, instead of being REALLY sick for a few days, she has had this lingering kind of thing, throughout which she's pretty much felt fine (but being a highly sensitive kiddo, her emotions have been a bit up and down).

I do think that internal energies/ patterns can influence our illnesses too, so i'm trying to keep that in mind as well.

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