I BF my first DS for 2.5 years. He was never immunized, but possibly received mercury through my breastmilk. I have two huge fillings, less than 7 years old. I also have other numerous fillings.


My LO has some issues including allergies and gut issues and we may get a ASD diagnosis this coming week.


Fast forward to now. I have a sweet 9 month old with whom I am desperately trying to save our breastfeeding relationship.

He has pretty bad reflux (just like DS1 did). Up all night screaming.. and so on.


Don't flame me now.. he's been on hypoallergenic formula for almost 4 weeks. He seems to do better on it. Of course I am still pumping, trying to do whatever it takes to get him back on the breast. But something inside keeps nagging me about the possibility of my mercury fillings being a cause of my firstborns ASD problems.


I am in communication with a holistic dentist about possibly getting the mercury removed and having inlays put in. I have a cavity underneath that needs to be removed within the coming year. He says if he removes it, I can "pump and dump" for three days and then put him back on the breast. Really? headscratch.gif But I heard somewhere it takes 18 months. When I questioned him about that, he said that he would be suctioning so that no mercury will be released. He also mentioned that he would not put me on anything to "detox" me, since he doesn't want to stir up the pot while I'm BFing. So with suctioning and no detox herbs and 3 days of dumping the milk he should be fine?


I'm getting old and want to have at least 2 more before I turn 40. Part of me thinks that maybe I should get this taken care of now, so that my future kids will have a better chance at being healthy. I am seeking some more info, research and maybe your experiences with mercury and breastfeeding.

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I'd start here: Amalgam Removal Risks and Protocols.  Read the links about breastfeeding and removing amalgams (in the post).

All in all, I would not remove the amalgams within 12 months of trying to conceive, or while nursing.  I know a couple moms who have made a different choice for their family. The most exposure to mercury is during placement and removal. 


Ooh! Thanks.. just what I was looking for!

Ahhh - I just reread my post from a few weeks ago. I had a 9 *week* old, not 9 month old. Now he is almost 4 months old. Anyway, I decided not to get the amalgams replaced just yet - thanks to all the research you provided me Pat.


A little disappointed as I have not been able to get him back on breastmilk and my supply is getting low. I'm pumping like crazy and he won't latch. I put some breastmilk in his bottle last week. Reflux ramped up again. It's been a week of little sleep for me and Daniel. So obviously (even though I am gluten, dairy, soy, corn and sugar free) he is reacting to something in the milk. The formula doesn't completely fix the problem, but it is hypoallergenic and seems to keep him happier.


I have a question for anyone out there. And if anyone knew the answer to this question, it would be you mamas... My first has ASD. No formal diagnosis yet, but they told us Aspergers. I breastfed him for 2.5 years with these amalgams. Going back over the info Pat sent me, it is likely that my breastmilk contributed to his toxic load. So I'm wondering, how do you make the decision whether to keep baby on formula or to breastfeed - considering the breastmilk is almost as toxic as the formula?


My little one is still refluxing. I've tried every remedy the naturopath has offered. I'm considering the Zantac and then hoping I can pump milk for him while I try to teach him how to relatch. Just wondering if anyone has experience with amalgams. I think I remember Tanya mentioning something, but just can't find it. Looking back, would you have switched your child to formula and do you think it would have made a difference in his or her health?


ETA: found some info on amalgams in last post... updated.

Knowing all I know now, I would still nurse for 2 years due to all of the immune benefits of breastmilk!

I had to eliminate the cruciferous veggies and the nightshade veggies too.

We dump toxins when we lose weight rapidly.  So, I'd focus on adequate calories, especially fats.

Have you considered the homemade infant formula?  I'd do that long before Zantac (antacids) which impairs digestion, leads to nutrient deficiencies and gut imbalances.  I'd offer a lick of liquid ferments from my finger - such as Bubbies sauerkraut juice or kefir.  I'd pump and add galactogens to maintain my supply.


Hi Pat,

I have thought about the WAP homemade formula. Just a little worried about giving him milk since we have milk allergies.  Goats milk might work... or raw milk. But I'm a little hesitant because I feel a little overwhelmed at the thought that he might react.  I need to find out more about what kinds of milk can be tolerated by allergic babies.


I love Bubbies. And totally forgot about the health benefits. You recommended Bubbies to me about 2 years ago when my first DS was having the same problems. Now I remember feeding him a little on a spoon each day. I think we had to stop because of a sensitivity to it. - a rash on the lips. I can't remember why... yeast maybe.. I'm still going to try it because I think the benefits outweigh the possibility of a reaction.


Just went out and bought an electric double pump. This handheld is nice, but not convenient for full time pumping. As far as galactogens, I started drinking the TM Mothers Milk tea  with fenugreek. I've always been blessed with an oversupply, but not having time to pump is taking its toll.


Ok, so I feel like I have a plan here... I want to try the homemade stuff, but would like to get some more info. Time to do a search for "allergic babies who are on WAP homemade formula."


Its 10 minutes until the "New Year" and here I am - up all alone with less than 4 hours of sleep over the past 48 hours -  holding my refluxy DS upright so that he can get more than 20 minutes sleep. How depressing :(


Hope the coming year is better than the past one for all of us!

I have an update on my situation. And some questions about protecting myself from the mercury.


Well, I was able to get my supply way up, thanks to your help. I was feeding him breastmilk in a bottle along with some formula. He had a hard time keeping the breastmilk down, and cried alot- no one was sleeping. So I gave him a week of rest. The very same week was when part of my amalgam filling and part of my tooth fell out! I dont know if I swallowed it. That was last Saturday. I havent given him BM since.

So now Im pretty sure theres mercury floating around in my system. Not because I could have swallowed anything, but because I exposed a new part of the mercury filling. I can taste the metal in my mouth.

I have an appointment this Thursday to remove the filling and another one right by it. They will be putting a composite in its place. In a way Im glad. I am definitely one of those people that has a hard time detoxing mercury, and I think my first son (with ASD) got lots it in my breastmilk. On the other hand, this will ruin my chances at ever breastfeeding my baby son, but I think I will continue to pump to help me detox the mercury through my breastmilk. It seems this is a good detox pathway for me. Does anyone have any opinions about doing this?


Im also wondering if theres anything I can do right now to protect me from the new layer of amalgam that has been exposed - without directly drawing mercury out of it.


I can't believe Ive pumped for this long and got so close to getting DS latched. And now this. Thanks for your help.


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