Bone broth is a great non-dairy source of calcium. The longer you cook it, the higher the minerals, and if you add something acidic (vinegar, lemon juice, kombucha...) that will also get more minerals out.

If you start with bones that have some connective tissue (chicken wing tips, chicken feet, knuckle bones, shanks) you will get a lot of gelatin, which is good for digestion and for the villi in your small intestines.

If you use marrow bones, the fat at the top will have lots of vitamins, including vitamin K2.

I like to use bone broth to cook things like rice, and to make gravy. I'm in love with gravy right now :) What are other good places to put it?

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when you are all done, what do you do w/the meat that has fallen off the bones?

also, i've heard you can use the bones two times..... what are peoples experiences with that?
We sometimes use the bones more than once, it's supposed to help get the good minerals from the insides. If they're not falling apart, I freeze and re-stock!

I usually just use the bones after eating the chicken separately, but I think Nourishing Traditions suggests using the meat for chicken enchiladas or shredded chicken salad, and dishes like that!
Anyone know how much broth you need (approximately...I know each batch is a bit different) to make up for a glass of milk? We are currently very short on milk, as my 17 month old seems a bit cow-dairy intolerant but is ok on goat milk. So...I am doing cow-dairy free ... and right now raw goat milk is in very short supply. I do know that if I drink lots of goat milk (like this summer) I feel SO much better. I drink truly embarrassing amounts actually but then again I'm nursing 3 (mostly 2, the third just a bit) so I guess I use up lots of calcium.

Anyway...any thoughts on this would be much welcomed!
We had a discussion about this here:

So, about 350-400mg calcium per cup of bone broth. I'm certain it would vary.

Nettles infusion is another alternative for calcium.

Pat Robinson said:
We had a discussion about this here:

So, about 350-400mg calcium per cup of bone broth. I'm certain it would vary.

Nettles infusion is another alternative for calcium.


Pat, thank you! Just perfect. So it often does in fact have more calcium than milk. Hmmmmmm. And nettle infusions are awesome. We let ours sit then warm them up again because we love hot tea. Yum.
For Nettles:
From Nutritional Herbology by Mark Pedersen
Per 100g dry weight:

Calcium - 2900mg
Magnesium - 860mg
Potassium - 1750mg
Selenium - .22mg
Zinc - .47mg

Thiamine - .54mg
Riboflavin (B2) - .43mg

Not sure how much 100g is in cups, though?? So, maybe a cup of nettles = 100g. But, not all of the calcium in the nettle leaf is infused into the infusion. So, not sure how much calcium remains in the final product.

Cool! And I wanted to add that I've been doing the re-use thing for a second batch of bone broth and the second batch seemed to have lots of good stuff in it too (dark color, etc...although maybe that was from the carrots I added?). I do like trying to get as much as I can from those bones! And we go through stock really fast here. (for cooking pasta, wetting mashed potatoes, soup stock, cooking rice, stock for roasts, "breakfast soup" which is basically eggs scrambled in broth)
Oh, that reminds me. I wanted to mention that I toss the used nettles leaves into the freezer, and then add them to my next bone broth pot!

Pat (or anyone else)--do the nettle leaves make your stock taste like tea? I think it is a great idea but I'm hesitant about it because of flavoring. I guess I could just try it myself but thought I'd ask first!
Hmmm... my bone broth just tastes like bone broth, I guess. But, I add EVERYTHING vegetable and meat matter to it, including egg shells, any produce tips or bits, leftovers in stead of freezing, old frozen meat or vegetables, any bones, mushrooms, potato skins, old salad bits, etc. etc. Add a bit of Master Tonic and you wouldn't taste anything odd, lol. But, I've never noted the broth tasting too "green" from the nettles leaves. Nuts are about the only thing I haven't added, that I can think of.

We drink the broth straight each morning. Sometimes we add a teaspoon of Master Tonic. I use the broth for making rice, pasta or gravy also. No funny flavors noted.

Ok, cool, thanks! I'll try adding nettles next time. Bone broth adventures, fun! I love using up old scraps.
This is an amazing article about the extensive nutritional benefits of bone broth!!


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