Master Tonic 101

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Master Tonic looks like it cures everything and is easy to make and have on hand.


[I did not peel my garlic this time --- MUCH EASIER!!]

(photo credit: Simi Amiet)

Master Tonic Ingredients

1 part fresh chopped garlic cloves (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitical)
1 part fresh chopped white onions, or the hottest onions available (similar properties to garlic)
1 part fresh grated ginger root (increases circulation to the extremities)
1 part fresh grated horseradish root (increases blood flow to the head)
1 part fresh chopped Cayenne peppers, Jalapenos, Serranos, Habeneros, African bird peppers....any combination of the hottest peppers available

(photo credit: Simi Amiet)

· Fill a glass jar 3/4 of the way full with equal parts of the fresh chopped or grated ingredients. Fresh herbs are best. Then cover completely with raw unfiltered, unbleached, nondistilled apple cider vinegar.


(photo credit: Simi Amiet)

· Close and shake vigorously and then top off the vinegar if necessary. Keep the jar in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks. (I store it in my cabinet with the drinking glasses so that I see it and remember to shake daily.) 

· Shake the tonic daily a couple of times.


(photo credit: Simi Amiet)

Begin this formula on the NEW moon and strain and bottle on the FULL moon, (approximately 14 days). Filter the mixture through a clean piece of cotton (coffee filter or colander), bottle and label.

Strain liquids from solids after steeping about 2 weeks.

May puree the solids and add to honey or lemon juice, or make salad dressing or marinade for meats. Master Tonic lasts indefinitely at room temperature, after straining

1/2 to 1 ounce, two or more times daily, as needed. I hear it is not only the cure for the common cold but every other disease of mankind. lol

Note: Store your Master Tonic in a dark place.

"This tonic is extremely powerful, because all the ingredients are fresh. Its power should not be underestimated. This formula is a modern day plague tonic. It is said that when added to an incurable routine it could cure the most chronic conditions and stubborn diseases. It stimulates maximum blood circulation, while putting the best detoxifying herbs into the blood. This formula is not just for the sniffles, it has helped to turn around the deadliest diseases."

"...I designed this formula as a fresh herb alternative to Dr. Christopher’s plague formula, to be more alive, a herbal juice tonic, and believe me, you don’t want to be without formulas like this when you or your loved ones get ill; it will save your life. Make up plenty, it can’t go bad because vinegar already is, and will last almost forever..," writes Dr. Shultz.

Quoted from Sam Biser’s “The Last Chance Health Report” on Killer Viruses: A formula for stopping them when drugs fail.

I've seen it recommended to add all ingredients to the blender to puree, others coarsely chop the veggies. I've also seen it recommended to consume it on top of bread and butter. And "if you eat it with cheese, it isn't even very spicy"?? The suggestion was to partake of it regularly in this way, like a condiment. :

Especially warming, if coming in from the cold, windy, wet weather. And, just sniff to clear the sinuses.

Supposed to be helpful for bladder and kidney issues? (Maybe because it makes you drink a LOT of water. LOL)

Apparently, excess ginger can cause uterine contractions?? So, caution with pregnancy.

This article describes some of the myriad of benefits from a scientific (sorta) perspective.
Also, delicious on fish, salmon, halibut, etc.

Here is a commercial version, without the horseradish: Blair's Mega Death Sauce- Feel Alive!

Maybe we need a bit of wasabi added?

Here it is Cyclone Cider Herbal Tonic: It is an herbal extract of CAYENNE PEPPER, GARLIC, ONION, HORSERADISH ROOT, GINGER ROOT, PARSLEY in a base of raw apple cider vinegar.

Between this and some raw milk kefir, we could cure the world.


Whew~ that is potent stuff!

I was brave. I took most of a tablespoon, without taste testing first and put it in the back of my mouth, gargled (sorta) a bit and felt it go alllllllll the way down to my navel.

About half way down, I decided I needed a chaser. My eyes were a bit teary. (I had an emergency banana sitting ready. But, left it uneaten.)

I made enough for the whole neighborhood, it appears! It cost about $20 for all the ingredients; and I have four mason jars full! I strained mine and I believe it will keep indefinitely. I saved the strained chopped bits in the freezer for adding to soups and stuff to spice it up.

I hunted for a recipe which included additional herbs and spices. Does anyone have one?

I know the following have natural antifungal, antiparsitic, antibacterial properties: black walnut hulls, wormwood, clove, raw pumpkin seeds, fennel, thyme, sage, goldenseal, oregano, water, salt, essential oils: cinnamon, lemongrass, thyme, peppermint, lavender, coriander; olive leaf extracts, vit C, onion, allspice, tarragon, cumin; capsicums, including chilies and other hot peppers; black and white pepper, ginger, anise seed, celery seed, and the juices of lemons and limes; cranberries, myrrh, turmeric, echinacea, licorice root, Pau d'arco, rosemary, basil, mint, anise, dandelion, honey, garlic.

So, I was curious about including these, or making an alternate tonic with some of them as an alternate to rotate. But, I wasn't sure about including them in the Master Tonic.

I LOVE my Master Tonic. I've been adding a teaspoon of it to a cup of bone broth occasionallys. It is deliciously zesty and invigorating!

(the thread that started it all)

Other references:

I put the whole peppers (with seeds and top little stem attached) in the food processor. De-seeding them seemed too difficult. My Master Tonic is wicked hot. It is easier in the food processor (than chopping/grating by hand) but leave the b...its coarse chopped, mine was diced to bits.

Use gloves!

Any jar will do. Mason jars are about $2 each at a (Ace) hardware store or Walmart of regular grocery. Or reuse an old mayo or pickle jar.

If you coarsely chop the ingredients, it is more mild than if you finely chop or puree the ingredients in a food processor. Coarse chopped makes it more palatable for children. Also, if you use a finer filter, like a coffee filter, rather than a metal strainer, more of the sediment is removed. Additionally, shaking it before each use increases the potency of flavor a LOT, lol. And imo, it is easier to swallow cold or warm, rather than room temp. And we chase it with honey. Diluted in water is another way to make it more palatable, sorta. ;-)

I add a shy tablespoon of the Master Tonic to a cup of bone broth. It is so zippy and warm and nourishing, especially when coming in from the winter cold, or first thing in the morning to get your blood moving!

(I did not make mine with the moon. I did not weigh or measure; I approximated the quantities very informally. I love my Master Tonic!!)

My understanding is that we shouldn't add ingredients after the ferment starts.

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  • Pat Robinson

    I have heard it is ok to brew longer.  I've also followed the original recipe. <shrug>

    glad you are feeling better!


  • Candy Martin

    I would like to make some of this, but I can't get any horseradish. Do you think it will still be effective without it? Is there something else  I could use instead?

    Thanks :)

  • Pat Robinson

    Candy, my last batch did not have horseradish. It is VERY strong still. No worries. :-)

  • Sarah Thompson

    As an aside, the mash is a terrific addition to green smoothies in the am!
  • Nat U. Ral

    Looking to add herbs to my MT, but how do I know how much is enough to be effective, and what form is best as some come in power, bark, and other forms...thanks
  • Gregory D Lake

    I have been taking Master Tonic for about 6 months and it definitely is addicting :-)  I made mine using two recycled 80 ounce Vlasic Pickle jars.  Ingredients: 1 pound each, white onions, garlic, ginger, jalapeno peppers, and horse radish.   Processed with food processor shredder/grater worked very well.  I divided the pulp evenly between the jars and filled to brim with Braggs ACV.  Turned and shaken once a day for 14 days.  When processing the infusion, I used a strainer lined with muslin to filter the pulp out.   When most of the juice was through the muslin, I then gathered the corners and literally rang out the pulp by twisting the bag as hard as I could squeeze.  The resulting juice had a lot of fine particles which I mix by shaking the container before I dispense it into my mug.  There is no reason to discard this nutrient rich (and expensive) juice!

    I am really surprise that so many people go through the torture of trying to swallow an ounce of the tincture in one or two gulps.  To me, this is not necessary.  I prefer to warm water to less than boiling and pour it in a mug.  I then add a heaping tablespoon of honey or sorghum to the warm water and let it melt.  Then, I add an ounce of the tonic and stir.   MMmmmm Good!  I crave it daily!

    To store my MT, I decided to purchase 1 quart, food grade plastic containers with a 1 ounce dispenser.  They are available at: .  They are really handy and store easily.  My wife and daughter love the "Master Tonic Honeygar" as I call it.  They claim that it suppresses appetite.  I am not surprised, it is full of nutrition.  Please visit my Facebook page: Master Tonic Honeygar.  Blessings, Greg

  • Janice Straight

    I love my MT and I just slug back my 1-2 OZ. I love the feeling as is goes down to my gullet... I get a warm sensation throughout my body. My wife seems to think it will be upsetting to her stomach so maybe I will add it to warm water and honey for her. I am also going to start making milk kefir and my own yogurt. I am tired of all the c**p that we intake from the outside as well as our water. My next investment will be a berkey water treatment. I know that our water has more nastiness in it than we all want to believe. I do not want to live forever, but, for the time that I am here I want to keep my body as healthy as possible. We eat almost NO processed food. Yes, groceries cost us more but I try to buy only local, home grown food.
  • Melissa Beth Heath

    Ready to make some of this! Stupid question here... when you say "equal parts" you mean in amount/measurement, correct? I'm thinking I'm going to need a TON of garlic to compare to the size of the onions.

  • Janice Straight

    Hi Melissa,

    I just take a 1/4 c measuring cup and as I cut I fill it with the individual item. Seems to work out okay. 

  • Sarah Cortes

    Yes, 1/4 cup of garlic, 1/4 cup of onion, 1/4 cup of ginger, etc. Then cover with ACV. Weeks later, when finished infusing, save the strained solids and add them to soups, chili, stir frys, mix with something to use as sandwich spread or salad dressing, I think I have used mayo. Since theyre acidified and most everything is anti-bac-michrob, in a year's worth of storing mine (the solids/pulp) in the fridge, I have not yet seen any sign of spoilage. The pulp is particularly good added to chili.

  • Marlene Villanueva

    I have made Master tonic 3 times.. this past time 2 weeks ago a friend & I decided we wanted to make large batch and not make it for months. We followed a video on youtube where this guy uses 1 pound of each ingredient per gallon jar, NO measuring. That would apply to buying each item by wieght, say buy smaller quantity 1/4 pound onions, garlic, peppers, ginger & horsradish etc... We also used 1 pound of each ingredient & the vitamix for most all ingredients except horse radish did not do well in vitamix so we grated that. Put it all in 1 gallon Jar and added 1 & 3/4 bottles of apple cider vinegar... I will be bottling it in few days its almost been 2 weeks... this was by far the fastest method for us and NO measuring. We know this batch will be the hotest using the entire pepper including seeds. With measuring things in past we didnt buy enough peppers bc it was hard to gauge how much peppers you need to buy if you mince them up and measure and finds its not quite enough .. SO going by wieght measurements worked so well this time we will repeat it in the future... SO we made 5 GALLONS total do you think this will last awhile? ;) ... we share it a lot especially this season of the year. This is amazing stuff... I began taking it only when i didnt feel well NOW I am taking it daily to ward of anything and to reap the probiotic & vitamin benefits.. LOVE this stuff!! Hope this is helpful

  • Pam Genant

    I never measure anything, LOL, I eyeball it.  And I will tell you the food processor works great too.  Makes it quick, although my family laughs at me as I get out my goggles and face mask to make it.  The air is just so "thick" I start coughing and my eyes water so much.  I also give mine away.  It makes a great gift!

  • Rhonda Clark Bond

    Can you ruin the master tonic.... I made some almost 3 months ago, I strained one jar but left the other one and forgot about it!!   Is it still usable ?

  • Pat Robinson

    Rhonda, I'm sure it is fine, if you used all fresh ingredients.

    I'd just strain it and it'll be STRONG. :-)


  • Rhonda Clark Bond

    YaaY ... thanks so much!!

  • Kelly B

    Started my first batch on 4/21/ the full moon this Saturday? Not sure I can wait 3 more days. I've got a wicked cold coming on (woke up with it this morning), and my usual remedies don't seem to be taking it out. I need something strong, stat!

  • Pat Robinson

    Carmen, you can start taking it now! It just gets stronger the longer it brews. Yes, Saturday is the full moon.

    Hope you feel better quickly. I usually take a tablespoon 2-4 times a day for acute issues, and follow with some whole food probiotics a couple hours after each dose. Generally, I'm healed in a few doses (thankfully, lol)!  ;-)


  • Sarah Cortes

    For future reference, here is a full year calendar with moonphases on it.  It's been so useful.   I print out a new one every year for various things.       I keep one along with a blank tiny homemade schedule book in my wallet.  I track my menses on it.  It's also  just neat to know when/what the moon phases are.  I keep track of when my snake eats on it.   It has nothing to do with the moon, but he only eats about every 3 weeks,  so I need to keep track.

    My go to method for taking Master Tonic is to heat up about 8 oz bone broth (I never have any variety other than poultry) and add about a tbsp to the broth.  It's delish  and the broth will also fight your cold and will also be easy on your digestive while your body's resources are directed toward fighting the cold.

  • Kelly B

    Thanks Pat and Sarah!  I have a fresh batch of bone broth in the fridge and freezer, so I will do that!

  • Pat Robinson

    Have any of you all tried GOOT?

    3Tbs Virgin Coconut Oil
    3 Tbs Olive Oil
    3 Tbs fresh, chopped garlic

    blend together in blender, use orally, topically, on feet, in ears, on chest, up nose, behind ears...

  • Kelly B

    I've cured many an ear infection with this! I add onion oil and tea tree oil to mine as well. 

  • Cathy Thompson

    It's a week past the new moon-should I wait until next month? I hope none of us need it before then. Any recommendations on when to make?
  • Pat Robinson

    Cathy, I've never managed to make it on the new moon. I have made my Master Tonic when I have all of the ingredients collected and it is convenient. It is plenty strong! :-)

    You can start taking it as soon as it is made, if needed. It just becomes stronger as it steeps.


  • Cathy Thompson

    Went to Whole Foods and got all the ingredients today. This will be my project for tomorrow. Once it's steeped for 2 weeks, I'm thinking f taking the solids and putting them in ice cubes and freezing for soups, chilis later on in the winter. Do you think this will work?
  • Pat Robinson

    Sure. I just pour some Master Tonic in/on everything. :-)

    The bits are still in my freezer. They are potent!


  • Pat Robinson

    FAQ (in no particular order):

    • HOW THIS WORKS: you show up in your kitchen and make this brilliantly hot and highly medicinal concoction on the 11th of january. any time you have. on the day. thats the party!!
    • It is fine to use the Master Tonic as soon as you make it. It just gets STRONGER as it steeps during the 2 weeks!
    • Natural Remedies for the Flu (free flyer to download for family and friends):
    • None of the ingredients are on the "Dirty Dozen" list. So, I don't worry about hunting for organic.
    • If you can’t find horseradish, it is fine to leave it out. But, check at a local Asian market. I found it very inexpensively there. I found ginger, peppers and horseradish VERY inexpensive at our local Asian grocery store. Like $3 for all of it!
    • I peeled the first two batches. And made 2 gallons (to share) the last time --- and I quit peeling after a short time, lol. Now, I just toss everything in the food processor and pulse to coarsely chop WITH PEELS ON. Happy Happy Joy Joy!
    • Peppers, seeds and all. Ginger, not peeled. Horseradish, just scrubbed slightly under running water. Onions, I took off the dried bit only - whole thing into the food processor.
    • WARNING use gloves on the peppers~! And the Master Tonic IS more potent with pureed veggies. But, just pulse and the bits were about pea-sized.
    • I also added a bunch of my dried kitchen herbs and spices last batch. It is lovely. I'm told it tastes like brandy. LOL
    • about 1 cup chopped, fill over half way, use extra in a second jar and cover with raw ACV.
    • Maybe start with 1-cup (chopped) each, fill jar over 1/2 way, cover with raw apple cider vinegar. Shake daily. Strain at 2 weeks. The recipe is flexible. Put extra in a second jar to share with a friend.
    • Just need to cover the veggies by a couple of inches. Finely chopped, the bits settle and it looks fine!
    • I just put it in my cupboard with my cups and glasses so that I'd see it and shake it daily.
    • Lasts indefinitely at room temperature.
    • USE GLOVES, if you try to de-seed the peppers!! btdt. Milk or bananas sorta help the burn. sorta
    • “The best time for preparing a tincture is on the new moon for this is the time when the natural energetic healing properties in the plant are most powerful and predominant within the cyclic phases of the moon.”
    • I added about 25 of my dried kitchen spices to my last batch of Master Tonic. It is rich, complex and nourishing.
    • each plant has different properties, even from root to leaf to flower to seed, the properties differ. The time of year or the age of the plant ingredient varies the constituents also.
    • But, the tonic is very flexible. Here's the fire cider (master tonic alternative) recipe. There're a couple of additions.
    • It is fine to start using it as soon as you make it. The tonic just gets STRONGER during the 2 weeks.
    • Lasts indefinitely at room temperature after strained.  Refrigerated is fine to.
    • I've seen many versions of the recipe. The one I learned was to shake daily and strain at two weeks. I've only seen one person comment they didn't think it was STRONG, lol.
    • Any vinegar is fine. I'd buy organic though as most vinegar is GMO-corn based.
    • chives, turmeric,
    • I added a Daikon radish to my last batch.
    • It is fine to leave out the horseradish if you can't find fresh. Or leave out the onions. It'll still be STRONG.
    • I added a bunch of my dried kitchen herbs and spices too.
    • Any onion is fine. Hotter onion are better. Refrigerate your onions to decrease tears. Leave the root on the onion until the last moment. Something about that end of the onion has more... whatever makes us tear up.  You could coarse chop the onions in a food processor too.
    • It is fine to leave the peppers out. It'll still be potent! I
    • I just used a colander, so I have an inch layer of mash/sediment even after straining. For dh and ds, I'll spoon some of the liquid off the settled Master Tonic. For me, I shake to mix the sediment and add it to broth.
    • Daikon radish is very nourishing!
    • Master Tonic is just food, like spicy salsa or hot sauce. You won't be eating much, lol.
    • I add the Master Tonic to everything: soups, broth, salads, dressings, side-dishes, sauces, veggies, meats, salsa, seafood, fish, even smoothies.
    • Can add more ACV, but don't add new ingredients. I strain all of the liquid at 2 weeks, discard bits. You can use the bits in broth or cooking or compost it. It is too spicy for me. But, some make a salsa from it. I froze my strained bits. They are still in the freezer, lol. I just pour a splash on the Master Tonic into everything, much easier than dealing with the frozen bits, imo.
    • shake it daily, strain in 2 weeks. It is fine to leave out an ingredient. It is still POWERFUL!
    • I was taught to strain at 2 weeks. I've seen several versions.
    • I've not made it on the new moon yet either. Mine is potent still!
    • Check at an old timey hardware store for a 1/2 gallon jar. Like ACE Hardware. Or Michaels craft store. Walmart might have a large jar. No special lid needed. This is a tonic, air is fine. Just shake daily.
    • Just a clean jar. Nothing can grow in this, lol. believe that nothing can grow in Master Tonic, lol.
    • Fill any size jar at least 1/2 way, cover by an inch or so with ACV.
    • start when you can, no worries, it is still strong
    • any size is fine. coarse chopped are more palatable, perhaps.
    • Easiest:
    • starting with apples:
    • This is a tonic, not a ferment, actually. But, yes, add some Chinese cabbage and salt and you have kimchi, basically. The plant constituents leach into the vinegar (acid medium). Whereas the benefits of a ferment grow microbials.
    • I add the Master Tonic to everything: soups, broth, salads, dressings, side-dishes, sauces, veggies, meats, salsa, seafood, fish, even smoothies.
    • But, at that first little tickle in the back of my throat or sneezing, I'll take a tablespoon off the top of the settled liquid, chase with water and raw honey. And repeat at least twice a day until I forget. I don't think I've needed more than 2 days worth ever.
    • I do take a tablespoon of kefir 2 hours after each dose of Master Tonic, if there is a hint of illness in the house. We probably need a Kefir Party too!
  • Jael Greenleaf

    I'm not sure I could consume this plain! It sounds like it would set my mouth on fire. Is there any way to tone it down? Add something?

  • Jael Greenleaf

    Best deal on jars! Big Lots has huge jars that I use for pickling and other things. Much much cheaper than I have found anywhere else. Also Target has 1/2 gallon mason jars.

  • Sarah Wood

    Personally, I take the MT in a shot glass, about a tablespoon.  It is hot, but tolerable.  Chase with a glass of milk, if necessary.

  • Pat Robinson

    I add the Master Tonic to everything: soups, broth, salads, dressings, side-dishes, sauces, veggies, meats, salsa, seafood, fish, even smoothies.

  • Pat Robinson

    Photo credit: Katharine Sweeney Bolender    

  • Pat Robinson

    Here are a bunch of Master Tonic "testimonials"!


  • Meem Noon

    I have come down with the worst flu that I have ever had.  Thank God that my Mom had made the Master Tonic in the nick of time (3 weeks before I got sick)!  I have been recovering quite well, Thanks to the Master Tonic!

  • Charleen

    I just strained mine it's blue/green?? Is this ok?
  • Tracy Baldwin

    Question:the new/full moon thing....what is the importance of that? And what happens if u leave the ingredients in the jar for over a month without straining?
  • Patsy Randolph

    I strained my master tonic yesterday and then forgot to put everything away. The solids & the tonic have been sitting on the counter since about 2 pm yesterday. Are they good - been exposed to light and the temp in house (69 or lower).
  • Pat Robinson

    Patsy, the liquid tonic lasts indefinitely at room temp. So, it is fine.

    I'd just freeze the bits (flat) in a plastic bag so that you can break off a bit as needed.


  • Sarah Cortes

    I just keep the bits in fridge and scoop out what I need.    I keep it in the fridge all year - until I make the next batch and have never seen signs of spoilage , due to the vinegar I assume.  

    The new moon thing  - it's intended to infuse the tonic with the energy to make the tonic more effective.    It applies the idea that each phase of the moon has particular energies due to it's magnetic pull that affect things here on earth - think of the moon and ocean tides, or menstruation and the moon.  

  • Lacy Farnell

    Has anyone else experienced mold around the lip of the glass jar the tonic is stored in? I think that is what I see anyway. It's on the inside and outside of one of the jars. It's dark brown so that's why I am not 100% sure it's mold. There is nothing floating in the liquid and I keep wiping it away but it reappears. If you are seeing this also, any suggestions for avoiding it? I made 2 quart jars of tonic and haven't opened the other one since straining.

    Also, I made recipe exactly as listed, and have come down with some sort of respiratory infection. Possibly bronchitis? I have been taking the tonic every four hours or more for 4 days and this sickness is still kicking my butt. Any suggestions for what else may help? I really don't want to go to doctor and do not want antibiotics. I am also taking raw honey in herbal tea several times a day, drinking my weight in lemon water, and drinking bone broth and taking vitamin c, green shake, inhaling eucalyptus steam 3x a day, and a few other things I can't think to write right now.

    Thank you.


  • Pat Robinson

    Lacy, if you have a metal lid the rusty/brown/black is probably just rust. I changed to plastic lids to store my tonic because the vinegar corrodes the metal. I don't believe that mold could possibly grow in Master Tonic. :-)

    I'm sorry you are under the weather! Vit A is important for immune support, especially with viral infections. Preformed Vit A is in liver, eggs and other animal meats. Large doses of vit C help with congestion too, ime. I made pine needle tea for some sinus/upper respiratory congestion and it was amazing! Pine needle tea has 4x the vitamin C of lemon juice even.

    Some sunlight for vit D could help significantly too. Echinacea and the broth sound wonderful. Rosemary and onions are fabulous for breaking up congestion also. Magnesium and Epsom salt baths too. Oh! And Omega 3 fatty acids, cod liver oil, cold water fish are my favorites.

    Are you resting? Or trying to keep a normal schedule? I know it is hard to slow down and allow myself to rest, but that has helped the most.

    Hope you feel better quickly.


  • Lacy Farnell

    Ah, the lid! That is what it is. I have mason jars, so I'll have to either find plastic lids or change jars.

    Thank you for all of those suggestions! I am actually feeling a little bit better since my earlier post.

  • Kate Paine

    Crossed a website that advised ingestion caution on garlic:  toxic! In a food sensitivity test ($300) garlic was tested at 3 in a personal test (1 lowest sensitivity, 5 highest). Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum stated that sensitivity tests have proven to be unreliable. I now go with what my"gut" says, "Nah, not up for garlic now, but I'd love to have some ginger :)".

  • Stephanie

     Do you use this everyday as a preventative measure- or just when you feel yourself getting sick?

  • Pat Robinson

    I add Master Tonic to some food most days. :-)


  • Yvonne LV

    Anyone in NE Ohio with some already completed Master Tonic? I'm out and could use some about 8 hours ago! 

  • Pat Robinson

    You can start taking the Master Tonic as soon as it is made. It just gets stronger the longer it steeps.


  • Cheryl Boyd

    I have tried twice to make this.  

    Both times it turned blue.  What am I doing wrong?

  • Cheryl Boyd

    I have tried twice to make this.  

    Both times it turned blue.  What am I doing wrong?

  • Pat Robinson

    It is common for fresh garlic to oxidize in vinegar and turn blue/green. It is fine. :-)


  • Wildapple

    Made the MasterTonic for the first time today (Black Friday) instead of going shopping.  Much more rewarding.  Can't wait to try it 2 weeks from now.  Hope all that peeling and chopping will pay off.  Didn't worry about the moon phase.