Marlene Villanueva

United States

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How did you learn about the "Heal Thyself" site?
facebook page, Cultured food life
What does "holistic" mean to you?
Natural, raw, pure
How long have you been interested in holistic living?
many many yrs
a little about me
ummm.... working on healthy living for yrs, fallen abit in the process, have a circle of friends that are all striving for same so we motivate each other
Professional or business affiliations?
umm... i work for dentist who is Board Certified in Dental Sleep medicine, so we provide natural well... oral appliance to treat sleep apnea, when patients can not tolerate a cpap machine.. it a natural method that impacts health in HUGE way, as you read more and more about sleep disorders being at root of so many illness's treating it improves quality of life and so much more.. enough for now..

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