Candy Martin

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How did you learn about the "Heal Thyself" site?
Through friends that also have chemical sensitivity
What does "holistic" mean to you?
Looking at the whole of your health, at the body as a whole ...ummm
How long have you been interested in holistic living?
Oh, about 30 years
a little about me
I have chemical sensitivities, and am virtually housebound as I react to perfumes and fragranced products etc. I am really interested as food for healing, and have seen it help me considerably.
Professional or business affiliations?

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  • Pat Robinson


    Consider posting in our many Forum discussions or Groups, start your own "About Me" thread, or create a Blog post about natural health and healing!

    We love photos of kids enjoying whole foods too!

    Glad you joined us.

  • Pam Genant

    Happy Birthday Candy!