Sarah Cortes

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How did you learn about the "Heal Thyself" site?
A friend suggested the FB group to me and after posting about my non-dairy yogurt experiments Pat suggested I come to the blog.
What does "holistic" mean to you?
Seeing the best way to health from any illness is through whole body health, not just treating the immediately affected organs and systems.
How long have you been interested in holistic living?
Lifelong. Stronger interest and practice came when I saw a Naturopathic Dr. to avoid surgery for cervical dysplacia.
a little about me
I love to garden and am also a crafter, mainly sewing lately. i do some home repairs, maintenance and upgrades. I do some work on my car such as brakes and whatever other minor things it needs. I am also quite thrifty and love to find ways to re-purpose things. I am an active member of freecycle and madisonplants exchange group. I also am looking forward to being a member of the Sun Prairie horticultural society. I like to ride my bicycle and hope to make it my main form of transportation like it was in my early 20's, a few years ago. I grew up an active child, studying martial arts and racing BMX bicycles.
Professional or business affiliations?
My boyfriend is a wood floor installer and I am a waitress in an Italian restaurant, I hope to be in a new job soon.

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  • Pat Robinson

    Welcome Sarah! Glad you joined us.

    You can select "Blogs" menu tab at the top of the forum and in the top right corner is "Add a Blog Post".

    Delighted to follow your journey and experimentation!

  • Gabraela

    Hi Sarah!  I'm hoping you will add me as a friend so I can private message you about one of your posts.  thank you!  Gabraela

  • Pam Genant

    Happy Birthday Sarah!