Adrenal Fatigue Solutions

by Pat Robinson

Adrenal Fatigue Solutions – 90 Day Plan to Improve Adrenal Function
is a self-paced eCourse which presents a nine-week plan of actions, nutrients, foods, herbs, and removing toxins for adrenal stress relief. It is followed by three weeks of support and review tools to strengthen your adrenal function.

This comprehensive resource provides practical, simple, and doable suggestions for exhausted, stressed, and sleep-deprived moms.

Baby steps are the goal.

Adrenal Fatigue Solutions teaches tools for increasing self-care, sleep routines, stress relief, toxin relief, nourishing foods, connecting with nature, recognizing depression, finding calm, balance, and energy while creating boundaries for yourself.

Recipes for power-foods for energy and herbal adaptogen alternatives are provided along with resources for ongoing support.

The intention is to empower you with straight-forward explanations for improving adrenal function:

  • daily routines to improve adrenal function
  • easy stress relief activities to incorporate into your life
  • increase awareness of the unhealthy aspects and toxic stressors in our daily lives
  • increase awareness of the toxic elements that you can avoid
  • improve your health environment with weekly toxin removal
  • priority steps to consider for optimal adrenal support
  • recipes, detox tools, herbal remedies, and stress relief resources
  • practical ideas for those experiencing the health impact of adrenal fatigue
  • self-help tools may be started wherever you are along the journey
  • weekly action bullets provide an outline of priorities to consider
  • weekly tools to create a path toward adrenal wellness

  • Perfection is not the goal.

    Goal: More ENERGY!

Table of Contents:

Adrenal Fatigue
Week 1 – Self Awareness
Green Smoothie Instructions
Week 2 – Sleep Routines
Nettle Infusion Instructions
Week 3 – Stressors
Kefir Instructions
Week 4 – Self-Care
Broth Instructions
Week 5 – De-stress
Master Tonic Recipe
Week 6 – Toxin Relief
Week 7 – Nourish
Week 8 – Nature
Week 9 – Wisdom
Week 10 – Calm
Week 11 – Balance
Week 12 – Energy
Boundaries and Trust


  • 48 most nourishing food ingredients to choose.
  • 49 hidden toxin exposures presented.
  • 50 practical skills and self-help activities to gradually incorporate for adrenal stress relief.
  • 55 herbal alternatives to consider, including adaptogenic herbs, infusions, and remedies.
  • 60 body care toxins to avoid.

  • Focus: less stress, more nourishing.

  • Helpful resources for adding whole food nutrients, addressing candida, and detoxification nutrients to include.
  • Nourishing rituals to build into our life.
  • Printable chart to reference for quick reminders of Actions, Nutrients, Foods, Herbs and Toxins to prioritize for adrenal health.
  • Priority nutrients explained and food sources identified.
  • Recipes for adrenal and immune support superfoods.
  • Recommendations for herbal resources.
  • Summaries as a method for committing to your own Self-Care.
  • Support to create boundaries for yourself.

  • 90 Day Plan
  • find calm, balance, and energy

Adrenal fatigue symptoms are reported as a myriad of generalized complaints which often are discounted by the conventional medical paradigm as “all in your head”.

  • I’ve read that 80% of Americans suffer at some point with adrenal imbalances (Lam) and 40% of Americans have some thyroid imbalance (Brownstein).

  • Mostly, it is women aged 35-55 years old who experience the constant “high alert” with cortisol elevation and feel “tired & wired”.

  • Fortunately, extreme adrenal fatigue can be improved in 4-6 months; mild adrenal fatigue can have much faster benefits.

The following have been reported as common among people with adrenal fatigue issues:

  • Emergency sensation
  • ‘fight or flight’
  • afternoon crash
  • anxiety
  • caffeine to function
  • can’t sleep, fitful in the middle of the night
  • dizzy with standing
  • exhausted
  • hyper-energy & drained
  • hypoglycemia events
  • jump at noises
  • lightheadedness
  • low blood pressure
  • marked irritability
  • palpitations, chest pain
  • rage
  • ruminating
  • salt and sugar cravings
  • stress
  • tired in the morning
  • too tired to think
  • trembling

Do you need Adrenal Fatigue Solutions?

This eCourse will walk you through finding activities to soothe, simple nutrient-dense superfoods, herbal support and toxin relief.

You can feel better. You will feel better!

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