Pat Robinson


Charlotte, NC

United States

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How did you learn about the "Heal Thyself" site?
I created this ning
What does "holistic" mean to you?
That which integrates my mind, body, spirit in a whole and natural manner.
How long have you been interested in holistic living?
since I became pregnant with our son, 19 years ago~approximately.
a little about me
I love gardening. I'm passionate about holistic health after being a critical care nurse for 17 years.
Professional or business affiliations?
Passionate about whole foods healing!

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  • Sunset O'Neil

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks, am still finding my way around here with all the wonderful information.

    Kind regards,
  • Kathleen Lane

    I look forward to learning all I can about the power of food.
  • Sara

    No, Thank YOU for such a wonderful site.

    Have a wonderful weekend a head.

    xo From me here in Australia.
  • Wee Peng Ho

    The honor is mine, Pat! Thanks for accepting my registration. Looking forward to learn more from you. Keep up the good work!

  • Wee Peng Ho

    Thanks for your compliment, Pat. There's still a lot more rooms for improvement for my website. I'm on the road to learning about healthy and conscious living from people like you and others. I'll like to contribute whenever I can too!

  • April Hildreth

    thanks for adding me.. i look forward to learning from you and the other wonderful minds here :)
  • Jane Brubaker

    Thank you Pat . I have been searching for antidotes for fluoride poisoning and other disease related info and Have found so much to share. Calcium and boron seem to alleviate the effects of the fluoride toxicity. Selenium appears to be an antidote for arsenic and mercury toxins. There is intersting field research that a selenium atom will bind to a mercury or arsenic atom and pull it out of the body. Loved your oatstraw article , while I was searching for silica sources for bone and tissue repair. Will share more with you later and I think you a a great site here and plan to read up on much you have posted.
    Have a great day.
  • Maria

    Holistic is the way to go....
    Jump on this wagon & join us!
  • Steph Chipley

    Thank you Pat! glad to see you back! I enjoy you on facebook! very interesting & informative! I'm considering ordering some milk kefir from you, mine I'm not sure smells right & I'm curious if yours would smell different? Anyhow, glad to be here & love hearing your stuff!
  • Shannelle Renee

    Question, how do you combat the enamel erosion that comes from lemons, i have not experienced it but people warn me all the time.
  • dennis g roberts

    Pat, I have hepatitus C. I've taken the interferon/ribaviran treatment for 7 months and at that time my viral load started to rise again, which is called a relapser. Geno's 1a and 1b are the hardest to get rid of. Come Jan 1st of 2011 I've heard the FDA has approvd an additive to the interferon/riba treatment which is called Vertx V950. The cure rate is supposed to be substancially better. I hope and pray that it is and that I cure. Taking the treatment is no fun at all. The side effects are somewhat like cancer treatment except iv is not used. One pinches a spot in tummy or thigh and injects a once a week treatment, plus about 5 capsules per day. A very aggressive treatment is what is needed to beat the dragon. I've never hear a word of knowledge given on your show about hepatitus, however when prayers are given I always put my hands on my liver area and pray that Jesus will tough my liver and blood and put his majastic cure upon it. Please pray for me and the many other's afflicted with this horrid desiese, for it kills many before their time and it is a horrid death with poison reaking he whole system one becomes very sick. Thanks, Pat or whomever prays at that time. Dennis, Indianapolis, IN.
  • PurifySelf

    Ok I will add some of our Dishes instead!
    Stay Alkaline!
  • Helen Padarin

    Thankyou Pat, very happy to be here
  • jennifer larson


    I would like to send you some of my water kefir grains because I have now about 6 cups that I need to pass that ok?




  • Kratom

    Kratom is legally available in the US and is currently used by thousands Americans as an alternative herb for all kinds of emotional and physical pain.  It is an alternative to harmful painkillers and offers relief to those coping with serious and chronic pains, people who are detoxing or coping with withdrawal from opiates and for anxiety and depression. Millions of pharmaceutical prescriptions are given to those suffering from emotional distress and chronic pains, yet there are some very good herbal alternatives, including Kratom, that offer a much safer solution and can be just as effective.


    Since the herbal market does not have huge budgets and an army of marketing people and lobbyists like the pharmaceutical companies, these solutions are not very well known, I thought this might be a place to share this information. 


  • Alannah

    Hello Pat,


    I found this forum while searching for water kefir grains.  I am really wanting some.  Milk kefir is too difficult for me to tolerate.  I do have some really nice kombucha scobies that produce a carbonated tea.  I would be happy to share those as they come available.


    Please let me know that you have received this message and have some grains to spare and I will be happy to send you the paypal amount.




  • Pam Genant

    Thanks Pat, I am glad to be here.  We will see if I can keep up, LOL.
  • Lauren

    Pat, I'll happily moderate the paleo/primal group. Can it be set up so I get an email if I need to do something moderate-y? ;)


    Lauren :)
  • Karen Davis

    Thank you for the birthday wish. I am really truly glad that we are friends, too.
  • Simi Amiet

    Hello Pat, you are my 1st friend, Im not much familiar with these invitations, I see there are many members with expertise in various departments, interesting how you developped this site and congratulations, I might be a moderate member :)
  • Pam Genant

    Pat, question for do you mail your kefir grains? I might have some to share if friends don't take it all, but am concerned about shipping them.




  • melinda weaver

    Hi Pat, First I wanted to see if you had shipped the kefir grains yet? Secondly we have an original band and a song was used in a home birth documentary, is there a way to link the band website to our page so people can hear the band and click on the documentary to learn more about home birth?
    our band website is you can also find us on facebook under odlaw, both places have links to the documentary (it was on our birth this April done by an amazingly talented documentary film maker with the idea of helping others be able to choose that option.)
    Thank You
  • Peggy

    It was my pleasure to contribute to the upkeep of this wonderful site.  It is a goldmine of information, and I am so thankful to have it as a resource.  THANK YOU for sharing so much, and for putting in your time and energy to helping educate others on how to be healthy. 

    Your generosity is amazing, and a small donation is just a drop in the bucket in return.

  • thelma anne matthews

    hello pat, i started making milk kefir, it thickened in regular milk, so i then started it in coconut after about 4 days, the coconut milk separated and it didnt work, the kefir grains i see on this website are pretty good size and i can barely see mine, they dont look like what i see on this site, can u give me some advice to what i may be doing wrong and why they r not getting bigger? thank u, thelma
  • Kelly Weyd

    Thank You!
  • Joy Kennedy

    Thanks Pat! 

    I am planning on going to the SE Womens's Herbal Conference!  Very excited, I plan on registering soon.  I'd love to bunk together:)!

  • Amanda Rose

    I know. It was the only PayPal button I could find. I am trying to figure out Ning
  • Pam Genant

    Thanks Pat!


  • Justine May

    Many thanks Pat, I truly appreciate that.  Namaste, Justine x
  • With Love LB

    Thanx...still learning.
  • Yvonne H. Laine

    Thanks Pat.  I didn't realize I stamped anything when creating the post.  Guess I'll have to be more watchful for further ones. Thanks! :) Yvonne
  • Yvonne H. Laine

    I don't know what's going on with the post - defaulted back to a time stamp.  Wondering if it has something to do with exterior link to the pic (for wikipedia). I deleted the post and will repost without the pic -- curious to see what's going on. :) Thanks.
  • Yvonne H. Laine

    Tried adding in the photo and the time stamp thing kept defaulting. I took the pic off and the time stamp remained -- I think it may be glitchy when trying to edit an already "posted" post? I even rename and resized the pic so it had not exterior link, but got the same results.  I'll make another post tomorrow of something else and see what happens then too! Thanks. :)
  • PurifySelf

    I think you just don't like me because I see other ppl on there sending links. If you don't like our message just say so.  Your threats are acidic
  • Barbara Hyman

    You're right, this may not be the right forum for me. Can you please just refund my $29?



  • Simi Amiet

    Hi Pat,  are comments in this blog public on google/bing since I found my post there, Im confused that to comment here I need to sign in, then how does this get out?? Tx for reply, Simi
  • Liz Harp

    Hi Pat
    Thank you for this site.  I am really enjoying, and sharing it with my community.  
    I am not good at self promoting and am more into healing than business.  If there is something on my profile page that you want me to remove, please let me know,.
    Thanks again for all of your good works and info.
    Rachael Jean
  • Ginny

    Thank you Pat!
  • Lauren

    Aw Pat!  Thank you!  I too am delighted we are friends.  <3  Hope you are having a great day!  :)
  • Joy Kennedy

    Thanks Pat~ 

    It was wonderful seeing you at the SEWC!

    I loved it and hope to see you again next year?


  • Sherry England

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Pat. I had a wonderful day full of blessings.Love and hugs Sherry

  • Peg Campbell

    Hi Pat, There was a time when I was receiving something from this site in my email but for a very long time---nothing and even not seeing many posts on FB in my newsfeed so forgetting about you!  :-(

    Other Ning groups I belong to, the admin. occasionally sends out a message to all in the group which goes to email, that way we remember the group and if the message is something of interest, go there and start checking out what's going on.

    Also, other Ning groups have a feature in discussions that we can click on "Follow this" and then the replies to that discussion will show up in my email.  Every new discussion in any group I join will show up initially in my email as a new discussion started.  It's then up to me to click on, go to group and click on follow it.  I think as an admin. you can enable this feature.  I would like it if you could.

    Thanks, Peg

  • Peg Campbell

    Hi Pat, Thanks so much for all you're doing.  I understand very much how much time it takes to monitor and administer groups, having spent many hours doing so for many years.  I really was not complaining at all, just trying to figure out how best to help get and keep group participation.  I saw the setting you mentioned after I left my comment and mine was already set to receive emails.  However the only group I had belonged to so far was the Buyers club and haven't received any emails pertaining to it that I can remember anyway.   I just joined a few more so we'll see how that works.  But I still don't see a way to follow the discussions in a group or not.  It would be on the page at the end of the initial start of a new discussion.  It says "Follow this discussion" or if you click on that it then changes to "Unfollow this Discussion".  I'll let you know if and how it works for me.  I really do depend on whatever I'm inteested in to come into my email although I like to have some control.  Facebook has been improving on that but not with pages which is why so much of what a page posts gets lost in the newsfeed flow and there are no options to have those postings come into our email or even just to get notifications on our FB page of those postings.  Only with groups and comments do we get those options.  And we do have more choices on how much of our friends postings show up in our newsfeed.  Maybe someday they'll change that.

  • Kara Hess

    Wow! Love this gift of information!!!!!! You are so kind to have put so much love into your mission!  Is there a list of resources on this site for local grass fed beef and poultry. farm eggs, and raw milk???  I am in the Weddington area and would to support our local suppliers! Thanks!

  • Kara Hess

    Do you do consultations?  Thanks again!  Your fan, Kara :)

  • Pagan Overton

    Hi Pat. I was wondering if you could post a question to the Heal Thyself Facebook group for me? I wasn't sure what the best place to send you a private message at was. Thank you!

  • fran g

    HI Pat, 

    Any natural remedies on coughs !! what a good food for coughs ? 

    thanks so much , 


  • Annie

    Hi Pat! I just wanted to confirm that any posts here are only viewable by members? Thanks in advance :)

  • Steven J Lundy

    Hi Pat! I'm a new guy in the group and I hope you and the others can assist me. I've had Psoriasis for most of my life and can't seem to control it. I have tried quite a few things as you could imagine and I'm now on day 8 of a Juice Fast. At some point soon I will transition back to eating whole food which I would like to know what foods yoou might recommend and do you think it would make sense for 14 Steps for Healthy Guts to be my next step? A few years ago while I was trying different things playing with my diet and supplements I did take a lot of high quality Probiotic capsules and my Psoriasis did go into remission for 30 days but then  just stopped working and my body went right back to where I started. This was a sign to me though that something natural could work.

    Thank you and the others for any advise.


  • Elizabeth Lawson Evans

    Thanks for the suggestion to check out the Charlotte group! I just submitted my info!