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    I am looking for more information on teeth!. I have switched my kids, well and my toothpaste from herbal 'natural' healthfood store bought toothpaste to toothsoap. My younger son especially is so incredibly prone to cavities and has already gotten at least 8 filled and one with a cap. I am looking at doing infusions with herbs and have heard perhaps nettles, horsetail and red raspberry leaf would be good ones. I was hoping to make like an iced tea that tasted good so he will drink it. I am wanting and open to any suggestions! We eat a vegetarian diet at home. There is once in awhile, less than 2 ttimes a month he may eat meat. Thanks for any ideas!


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    My 11 yr old daughter has a severe itchy scalp.  She has very thick hair and the baking soda & ACV didn't go over very well.  I am looking for something gentle, but effective as far a washing,etc.  She also has little bumps on the back of her arms.  Could this be related?  ALSO~ I need to get away from having so much wheat in the morning.  I need suggestions for breakfast other than pancakes. :)

    Thank you!

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    Serenity Ariz

    Hi! This is my first time posting a question so I hope I'm doing it in the right place :0)

    My friend's mom actually approached me about some feminine issues because she knows I'm learning about healing with Real Food, and doctors that she has consulted haven't been able to give her a diagnosis or solutions. Her problem is that she has really heavy periods- REALLY heavy. They are accompanied by very painful cramps and intense fatigue. It's been like this for a long time (years- always?). She's 42, no menopause yet. Doctors ran lots of tests (ruled out cancer and thyroid) but didn't bring anything to her attention that might be the cause- simply suggested B12 supplement pills. Have you or any of your subscribers had any experience with this?

    My first thought was hormone imbalance maybe? I would really appreciate any thoughts people might have to share on what might be wrong, and how she can change her diet to heal herself (since the doctor's don't seem able to). Thanks in advance!