*beet test: I've not eaten red beets in 8 months or more. When i did I had light pink pee. DD had reddish pee, thought it was blood till I remembered she'd eaten beets!

*low stomach acid - no idea if it is low or not. Probably not optimal though.

* digestive enzymes: better than it was 9 years ago.  I had to take enzymes for a couple of years with every meal every day.  Now I haven't had any in 3-4 years.


* All three of my children have been sensitive to foods I have eaten while nursing.  Dairy being the biggest one, but also green bell peppers.

* Haven't had antibiotics since 7 years ago. As a kid though, I had them 4-10/x a year, which was penicillin based and I am allergic to that mould now.


- low serotonin - hence medication

- transsulfuration - Sulfa anything makes me quite ill. I feel nauseated for the first hour after taking MSM (for example), then the hour after that I usually end up puking.  Too many eggs also make me feel ill.

- vit D have recently forgotten to take my D3, not much sun here either

- glutathione - I can't handle any caffeine. I get instantly wired, anxious, nauseated, then crash hard.

-300 mg Bupropion @ Breakfast
- 40 mg Escitalopram @ dinner
- Vit B-complex (50mg) @ breakfast
-Fish oil - one capsule right now, @ breakfast
- D3 (2000 IU) @ breakfast

- Vit C (1000 mg) @ breakfast

- Zinc (25 mg) @ breakfast


Magne (19 m) - nurses often. chewable C. Starting to really want solid foods more than breastmilk

Freja (nearly 4) - nurses once every few days. Chewable C. Sometimes a multi vit. Practically a vegetarian.

Vidar (6.5) -  Does not nurse. Chewable C daily. sometimes a multi vit.  Eats only bread, rice, and eggs -- fruit is usually okay for him. Carrots are only veggie he'll eat.
I'm still reading up on all this and may have some things mixed up. 

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    Pat Robinson

    I'd increase vit C (a lot) and decrease probiotics, transiently. Are you taking MSM? That will increase detox way fast! More magnesium could help too.

    How much vit C and selenium are you taking? I take 1000mg every hour if I overdo the detox inadvertently... like yesterday, I drank way too much water kefir (16 oz), apparently. And be sure I get several Brazil nuts for the selenium.

    Try an Epsom salt bath.

    Any chance you got some MSG?

    You should not be having headaches, it is an anomaly and means you need to cut back on some detox methodology. Could you repost what all you are doing/taking at this point? Some people like Bentonite clay for sopping up heavy metals. I haven't tried it.

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    Yvonne LV

    MSM makes me puke, so I've not tried it in 10 years now.

    don't know what brazil nuts are but i will google that. Okay, googled. Those are hard to open, if I remember right! Haven't eaten those since I was a young child at christmas! LOL. Not sure where I can find them here but i'll look around.

    AAAhhh, it's paranöt in swedish!

    No, I steer SUPER clear of MSG! Bentonite clay as in kitty litter?? Hrm, I do have some white clay that may have that active ingredient in it... I'll research that more.

    I think my headaches now have mroe to do with mis-alignment of the spine.
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    Yvonne LV

    Yippee! I got my water kefir grains from a guy in Denmark! I stuck some sugar and warm water with them into a quart jar (i think it's a quart? maybe it's half a quart? better google image that!) They smelled like lemony alcohol when they arrived, so i'm betting the sugar had been eaten up. Glad he sent them to me live, rather than hibernated.

    I think I'll be doing juice kefir with it. I'll try normal first though.