leaky gut to ecc for Aidan and me(long)

Hello all!
I have been at several boards for over a year now, and find myself just now figuring out some of the relations between the above mentioned challenges. I'll try to summarize(hooboy)...
Aidan was born at home after about a ten hour labor, after which I hemmoraged (retained placenta pieces) and ended up at the hospital for transfusion and I think(can't remember) some antibiotics. He had no troubles, stayed in our care , sans hospital staff and routines, and was/always has been a champion nurser.
We made the mistake through the teething months, I believe of giving him too much tylenol. I nkow this caused some damage even though I haven't seen any specific info on it.
he decided to start eating solid things around 11 mnths. Sweet potatoes and avocado were firsts. He was already showing some sensitivities to the top eight, which I narrowed out of my diet. Over the next six mnths he had a bout of eczema on the backs of his knees, crusty goo behind his ears , the shiners, and the red anus ring. at this point, we cut the gluten and further narrowed any knowns, did a charted elimination diet for myself and for Aidan, along with a long list of supplements and dietary changes. He is eczema free now, at 2yrs10mos. Still has the red ring sometimes, the shiners, and I still chart what seems to bother him. he does have cradle cap , doesn't like or do well with dairy for sure, and has caries that the dentist wants to put him under for, and fill.
Our protocols , with help from a naturopath, still have leaky gut in mind, with added things for remineralization. the list is becoming daunting, even though Aidan has no aversion to taking any of it or doing most of it. Im willing to learn and figure it all out, make the transitions, but I really have a hard time 'holding on to' the knowledge until it becomes second nature in practice.
I have had heavy metals testing, showed some low level lead and mercury, gently chelating, using captomer and chlorella, green juices(just got a juicer!). I haven't done any other detox paths and am ssooo grateful for this forum to learn where to go with that!
I am wondering how this all relates, the ecc, leaky gut, yeast?, metals. I know it all comes down to the gut.
Im hoping, that sharing the list of what we do, someone can help me narrow down, streamline, get it clear in my head, so that I don't feel like we are living on supplements. I have felt like our diet was pretty whole, we eat organic, grassfed meats and eggs, simple foods. At times it's seemed like we were down to ten foods only.
So here is Aidan's list , I will gather mine, and look forward to more and more knowledge to help me do the best for us

thank you for any and all thoughts and sharing, I am so excited about this forum!
ECC Management
* step up Xylitol use- mints 2-3 five times per day (riccochet, their‘s is corn derivative)
Bulk xylitol(birch)
Use xylitol in baking
*High Vitamin CLO….oslo orange-green pasture.org
Check A(no palpitates, ¼ tsp-2500 IU‘s under 4 yrs)
D-500 IU
EPA 145-375 mg
DHA 150-360 mg
*X-Factor HV Butter Oil (1 tsp daily)(MK-4)….green pasture.org
*MultiVitamin A-beta carotene-2500IU
*trace minerals…Brainchild Ultra sensitive, Concentrace, http://www.vitacost.com/Trace-Minerals-Low-Sodium-ConcenTrace- Trace- Mineral-Drops#IngredientFacts
6-8strains, 3-6 billion organisms/day
Sacc.boulardii builds secretory Iga in gut
Lactobacillus reuteri kills strep mutans
*NO chewable Vit C’s……acidic, wears away enamel….use Amla or acerola
*colloidal silver~ kills strep mutans(contact)
*calcium-800mg-empty stomach
*magnesium-400mg-before bed ideal
*D-drops-1000IU daily( per Dr Keller)
* Calm for babies- magnesium
Mag note….soy, nuts and whole grains sprouted only…for absorption, otherwise phytates inhibit mineral absorption

*Cal Fluor 30x-3xdaily(2)
*Cal Phos 30x-3x daily(2)
*Magnesium Phos-3x daily(2)
*Silicea 30x-3x daily (2)
*Kreasotum 30c (3 dissolved in 2 TB water)
*Cal carb30c-1x daily
3 month program , then drop to 6x for maintenance
*Gluten free
*No soy, wheat, corn products(hfcs), msg, coloring additives
*hard cheeses-especially late snack time
*bone broths once daily (1cup and/or cook veggies in, gravies, soups)
*add organ meats(ground in other meats or in stews) chicken livers in bacon
* stop all dried fruit
*cut back even more on sugared treats
*increase meats and cheeses…grassfed…..RiverRunFarm.org
*Kombocha http://www.organic-kombucha.com/kombucha_microbial_studies.html
*raw milk, cream, butter from grassfed cows OR try goats milk products(more Vit A in goats)…realmilk.org
*nori http://takaokayausa.com/html/noriben.shtml
*natto(K2 source) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natto (soy)
*no raw spinach(oxalates)
*sprout the grains!….see Nourishing Traditions
* avoid soy
*nut butters from sprouted nuts only
* ditch the Teflon
*more fish/shellfish…..check oceana.org for mercury info
*pureed soups (aid mineral absorption)
*fermented veggies (also aid mineral absorption, good bacteria) eventually ditch ProB supp
* healthy fats-avocado, coconut oil/cream,olive oil, pastured eggs, meat
*lotta veggies(try juicing)
*Encourage mints or water drinking afterwards
*continue to monitor night weaning
*try Qtip wiping with xylitol wash after asleep
* see….http://brianpalmerdds.com/pdf/caries.pdf
*sanitize toothbrushes~dip in Listerine, rinse hot water, air dry
*brush twice daily-Toms of Maine mixed with bit o xylitol OR white oak bark and xylitol paste, or try ‘the secret’ recipe
*begin flossing
*MI Paste , Dr Collins rematerializing toothpaste…..dentist.net
*try tooth soap….Naturaltoothsoap.com
*tooth wipes….spiffies.com
*explore Nova in ~NovaMin delivers an ionic form of calcium, phosphorus, silica, and sodium which are necessary for bone and tooth mineralization. When microscopic particles of NovaMin are exposed to water, they release mineral ions that become available for the natural remineralization process. The ions form hydroxyapatite crystals, a form of hard and strong mineral in teeth.[1]
NovaMin can be used an effective, non-toxic alternative to fluoride.
*UncleHarry’s alkalinizing paste contains.......
calcium cabonate, sea salt, bentonite clay, ionic minerals, castille soap, and colloidal silver, essential oils. comes in tea tree, peppermint and 'childrens' which has no 'flavorings that i can detect. I rubbed in some xylitol and Aidan seems not to mind it.
*also has 'remineralization powder' that contains.....
unrefined sea salt, calcium carbonate, tabashir, magnetic earth with probiotic bacteria, alkalizer ionic minerals, purified seawater and marshmallow root. (Uncleharrys.com)

*try ACT(fluoride) on a Qtip per Dr Ellies program

I’ve read that real healing and improvement didn’t really happen until you get the mercury out, also that kids can get a higher concentration from their mothers via in utero transfer. I have three teeth left with old amalgam fillings, gently chelating now, delaying further dental work except cleaning while avoiding mercury laden areas(2 of those molars are also damaged), while Aidan is still nursing so much. There are two holistic dentist in Portland who use IAOMT protocol for amalgam removal. (Shimanovsky or Williamso
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    ah I see, remove , pull, release...all fine lines. I think I have made some mistakes in this area. Especially even having this test done. I believe that if there is danger of something 'pulling' mercury out of my fillings, I really need to be more careful because two of those teeth with amalgams are badly damaged.
    I have been worried about giving too much, overlapping or doubling efforts through foods and supplements, and not understood enough it seems, to just keep it simple.
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    Shannon said:
    ferments would be great to replace probiotics - what about milk or water kefir? Or homemade yogurt? think Aidan would go for them?

    what does water kefir taste like? and do you just put it *in* something? like...smoothies? How much is enough? Did I read just a tablespoon a day to replace probiotic supps? and how much is too much?
    I bought some Helios brand vanilla milk kefir that Aidan loved. He asked for it again and again like it was icecream but later said he had a tummache, and he got those allergic shiners. I have ordered some water kefir grains to try...but need to read more on this.

    I also read there are specific probiotic strains recommended for leaky gut and ecc issues specifically, is this familiar or true or is it basically a more different the better' thing?
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    aha, this is where the kefir info is:) thank you Pat!

    regarding the beet test, neither Aidan or I show any urine color when eating beets. I have been choking them down to try, ew, but had to test. I am getting lost reading all the wonderful threads about detox paths, but not sure where to go for me next.

    Aidan's teeth are still looking on the iffy side, but no complaints of pain which is sortof a crap shoot at times anyway. We cancelled the appt we had for GA with the dentist. I am trying to just focus more on spending time in the kitchen to keep the whole foods flowing. I am looking at that supplement list and feeling now like I have no idea which if any of the supps to keep for him specifically, except the clo, cal/mag and homeopathics. Does he really need a multi or Ddrops(1000IU each) or the trace minerals? If our diet is varied, whole and I am adding the broths more, kefir, butter is getting better reviews lately......I would rather drop all the I sensibly can.

    I am still searching for another ND to partner with us, and am so grateful for all the wonderful information you all offer here on this forum, I wish you ladies had a book...lol...I would definitely buy it.

    Aidan will have great fun being in charge of the kefir ops.

    more reading!

    Pat Robinson said:
    It is "best" to sprout grains, beans, rice, nuts, seeds, I believe. But, it can't be my whole life. I just mix up my grains ahead and soak them all together, for the variety of nutrients. Sometimes, we eat the nuts unsoaked, but we still get nutrients. I don't believe there is a "perfect" diet. And I'm not tied to eating "perfectly". We eat out. We eat conventional spinach, green peppers, green beans, processed grains, etc. occasionally. We eat more optimally, as a 'general rule'. But, I focus on how we are being nourished, not on what the food lacks in health benefits, iykwim.

    I'd focus on adding nutrient dense options and not sweat the details. :-) You are already miles and miles ahead of the SAD. It sounds like you found some whole food probitotics; but ds hasn't? I add just a tablespoon of homemade milk kefir or homemade water kefir to other foods. A tablespoon is tons more nutritious than unused kefir, straight. ;-) Ds doesn't notice the little bit of kefir in smoothies, cereal, or juice. I just add a tablespoon each time and know it is more nutritious, no fuss, no taste issues. Both homemade milk and water kefirs have tons more probiotics than any store bought product. And both are SO EASY.

    Again, the homemade broth is more important than the toothpaste, imo. A little bit here and there is SO beneficial!! The amino acids, the micronutrients, the vitamins, the minerals, the gut healing...

    Bubbies dill pickles and sauerkraut are naturally fermented, not heat pasteurized. So, you get probiotic benefits of the fermented vegetables, with ease. I like ease. LOL Ds loves the pickles. Most store-bought sauerkraut is heated to "pasteurize" it, which means it KILLS all the good bacteria! Check what you are using, if you aren't making it already at home.


    Sure, oxylates can interfere with some nutrient absorption, but less so when the gut has the proper HCl and the proper nutrients in combination. Again, the Bigger Picture is to increase nutrients, not *avoid* nutrient dense foods, imo.

    Per my reading, most Americans have more calcium intake, as compared to magnesium. So, that supplementation of calcium and magnesium in equal amounts is more indicated, than the traditional 2:1 ratio. Still think that is a big dose of magnesium for a little guy, especially as a single dose. I believe that FF/PB/SB recommends Mag/Cal in the morning and Mag in the evening (divided dose), but I may have that backwards. Just curious if you were advised to buy the Cal/Mag supplement from the ND's practice, directly? And do you know what type of D3 it is?

    The colloidal silver is a broad spectrum antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasite. I don't believe in consuming broad spectrum antibiotic non-food sources daily.

    "And silver colloid can cause an imbalance in the microflora in the intestines that help you break down food and protect the gut from opportunistic infections, so it's important to recolonize those, " says Debra Brammer, N.D. In a word, if silver colloid does prove to have the benefits of antibiotics, it also has many of the same drawbacks." http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0820/is_n225/ai_18230829

    Did you buy the colloidal silver from her office too?

    Also, silver is a heavy metal. Unstudied ingestion of heavy metals doesn't sit well with me, personally. It has properties which are exerted on the other minerals in the body. Topically, yes, it can help kill strep mutans on contact, in vitro studies. But, it kills beneficial bacteria in the mouth at the same time. It disrupts the oral flora due to its *broad spectrum* qualities. Perhaps, swish and spit is an option? But, I wouldn't swallow it. Many, many alternative folks disagree. :-)

    Lemon in the water throughout the day, is ok, per my best understanding. Lemon first thing in the morning, followed by a high fat diet, for nursing mothers, is not advised.

    I believe that chlorella pulls mercury from your teeth (and other locations in the body) and releases it into the blood stream, to be eliminated by the colon. However, from my reading, it depends a lot on how well you digest/absorb the chlorella; and whether the chlorella has heavy metals in it, itself; and how quickly the mercury is excreted after being mobilized from the stored locations. It does seem to pull it from the tooth fillings, per my reading and some could be excreted into breastmilk.

    This article disagrees: http://books.google.com/books?id=3LQ57_4VdkoC&pg=PA79&lpg=P...

    My priority, is having someone *collaborate* with me, rather than direct our health care.

    HTH, Pat