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How did you learn about the "Heal Thyself" site?
I came across one of the posts from the blogs section of heal thyself
What does "holistic" mean to you?
For me the holistic approach usually means that there are many ways to heal somebody's body and instead only using traditional medicine, there are holistic methods such as: meditation practice, acupuncture, cyropractic care, etc... The holistic approach takes care of not only the body/ physical pain but total well-being to include emotional and spiritual health.
How long have you been interested in holistic living?
20+ years
a little about me
I am a biomed naturopath based in Australia (Sydney) and New Zealand (Wellington).
My big passions are:
- treating kids with autism, ASD, ADHD, dyslexia and other learning and developmental difficulties. Focusing on treating the underlying immune, metabolic and digestive disorders which give rise to the neurological symptoms. As a result I also love working with adults with any of the above conditions to get them back to a point of wellness.

- Real food - breaking myths, getting people inspired to enjoy eating real food - not just because it's healthy, but because it tastes so damn good! I love how being conscious of what you eat awakens an awareness of how our food choices affect every part of our life - from individual health, to community health, to environmental health and economic health.. to name but a few.

- I have this year written a chapter for a clinical textbook on paediatrics, autism and ADHD, published by Elsevier and to be released in January 2011 (Feb at the latest!), titled "Clinical Naturopathic Medicine" by Leah Hechtman (main author).
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