I am looking for starters of any and all kinds.Am new to all this.Have been buying Lifeway kefir which I know isn't as good for the sugar alone.I have candadisas and am trying to do the ferments, cultured,ACV, colloidal silver, olive leaf and oil of oregano. Thanks so much!!

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Hi Sherry,  I have water kefir grains, milk kefir grains, and a kombucha scoby that I can ship to you.  I just took my milk grains out of the fridge and they very slowly coming "back to life".   Inbox me your address, I can mail out on Monday.  I just ask that you send me the amount I paid for shipping....which will be on the envelope.  I'm guessing it will be around $10. 


Sounds awesome!! I am so new to this stuff .Thanks so much.Do you know where I can get instructions on what to do with them etc?
I sent a friend request as I could not inbox with my information til you friend accept. Thanks so much!!!

Tessa Gentile said:

Hi Sherry,  I have water kefir grains, milk kefir grains, and a kombucha scoby that I can ship to you.  I just took my milk grains out of the fridge and they very slowly coming "back to life".   Inbox me your address, I can mail out on Monday.  I just ask that you send me the amount I paid for shipping....which will be on the envelope.  I'm guessing it will be around $10. 


Hi Sherry,

 Forgive me for stepping in on yr. question. I am new to this blog and came here trying to find someone that wanted to trade  some water kefir grains for a kombucha scoby of mine. Thats when I came across yr post.

I am wanting to know....have you been told that you could include Kombucha in yr. fermented intake? I was recently diagnosed with candidiasis,like you ,and also, leaky gut. I was told not to drink Kombucha becasue it is a "wild" yeast and can actually fight some of the good probitics in yr. gut.

I'd like to hear yr experience with it.


In His Grace...


Robbie, I was told the same thing by Pat Robinson. But it seems I remember because of amalgam fillings. I have heard no ferments but I do believe they help.I haven't tried the Komchucha only the water Kefir and it was in minute amts cause it was rough on my gut. My doc has recently put me on Nystatin and Diflucan as I have a deep seated infection that is now in my toeanils.I have tried the herbs (Pau D Arco, Oregon Grape Root,olive leaf and oil of oregano)and really prefer them with the ferments but I am going to give the meds a shot with the ferments and see if I can handle it.I started them and started oil pulling at the same time and got sick (detox)  so I stopped.Then, about a week ago I got soreness and pain around one lymph node and kinda moved near jaw so I am thinking the oil pulling  maybe swallowed a little.Never had anything like that-thought I was getting sick at first.Just took a detox bath and hope that helps. I have adrenal/thyroid probs as well so I have many reactions.I am on Facebook if you ever want to compare notes.There is also the HealThyself Q&A on Facebook as well.I haven't been able to work for several years and have a very small budget so buying alot of stuff for me is not an option.My meds are covered by ins and doc told me if I could not follow the detox diet I did not have to.It was too hard for me.My system is still somewhat fragile.I had serotonin syndrome and almost died 5 yrs ago taking meds for fibro.That's how everything seemed to start even tho I know yeast was actually a prob for maybe 30 yrs.I have finally got some of the inflammation and edema down.Found dairy not good for me.I am so new to the kefirs and really unsure of what I am doing and put the grains in zip baggie and put them back in frig after I made some.I don't know if i can use them again or not.Do you know much about the kefir? This Candida is a monster!!


I look forward to talking with you again.


Covered by the blood,



Hey Sherry,

Wow we have a lot in comon with health issues. I too, have been diagnosed (16 years ago) with Chronic Fatique and Fibromyalgia,  have hypothyroidism too.

I tried to find you on facebook but there are a lot of Sherry Englands there,so no luck. I am under Robbie Countryman Wood.

I went to Heal Thyself on FB but couldnt find the Q & A you spoke of. I have been disabled for many years and totally understand the situation of not enough money to buy the items that can help.

How long did it take you to heal from serotonin syndrome? My neice was diagnosed with that this past summer, it almost killed her too, she is lucky to be alive. She is still suffering with brain function and memory.

I am fairly new to the kefir. I have been on BED for 7 weeks and during that time was in detox for 5 weeks! It kicked my booty, but slowly my energy is coming back and most of the negetive side effects are easing up. I make kefir with the BED powder and coconut water. I also make a lot of fermented veges, they really help me with the sugar cravings. Yes, the candidia is a challenge. I'm looking forward to having a piece of fruit for Christmas!!!

I'm on the lookout for some water kefir grains so I'm going to go post a "want ad".  LOL


In His Grace...


me...  https://www.facebook.com/sherry.england60


Heal Thyself! Q&A https://www.facebook.com/groups/198655400153292/


I am still recovering from Serotonin Syndrome but memory and function is better. I did not go to the hospital.(first mistake)I was scared to death.Caused massive panic, anxiety and hallucinations. It robbed me of almost everything needed to keep my body functioning .Did your niece feel like she was on fire on the inside? It was a very slow process as it caused my body to reject everything including much needed magnesium and calcium.I spent so much money on stuff that I had horrible reaction to.Everything in minute amounts.Hopefully, your niece was treated at the hospital right away.When I was able to go 2 weeks later all tests they said were normal but I knew I was not.I still have problems with switching letters and memory (trying to coordinate things, like using a recipe to cook from and forgetfulness).Some things I can remember it is weird.

What is BED? Do you make your own coconut water? What kind of ferments do you do.I have a horrible time with raw or cooked cabbage but would love to try Bubbys Saurkraut. My body does not detox well.I did oil pulling for a few days and started the Nystatin and I got real sick.My body cannot handle much.I have severe adrenal exhaustion. I thought if I could heal my gut first that would help so much overall but seems I take 1 step forward and 2 back. My husband does not eat very healthy and I find myself giving in to my cravings.Would love to try some fermented veggies if they help with cravings.I have eczema and yyeast in toenails which i use acv and coconut oil. I also drink 2-3 Tbsp coconut oil as I remember.Seems as if I get a little better more of life is put on.Lots of serious stuff and people who have not gone through just cannot understand.

I got overwhelmed with the kefir.What to do with grains.I wonder if mine are still good.In frig for a few weeks now.Water kefir grains.I was up to 2Tsp a day.It seemed so hard on my gut.I do nettles infusion most days but found do not take calcium with it!I got so sick-too much calcium.My doc had me on 1200 mg of cal and mag at night for the fight or flight cause of depletion from serotonin syn.So if I do mag detox bath and drink nettles i take none.My immune system seems high and I don't get viruses much, thank goodness.

Good luck with grains.If I knew if mine were still good I would send you some.They do not look like they have multiplied any.:( Look forward to talking to you.Have a very blessed day.(faith got me through some very dark times, don't want to think where I would be w/o Jesus)


Blessed Beyond Measure,


So how long has it been since you found out you had serotonin syndrome? My neice had a very hard time, just like you and felt out of her own body, got lost in her own house, couldn't think clearly, panic...all of it. It was a really bad time for the first 3 weeks. She wasn't admitted to a hospital but was given IV's for her brain function.

BED is short for Body Ecology Diet. I use young thai coconuts or Zico water to make my coconut kefir. I do love my ferments. I have made kefir, saurkraut, fermented veggies, KimChi and pickles. I do not know anyone that goes thru detox "easily" and unfortunatly, most ppl quit instead of going thru it. I can tell you, it gets better,but it does take time. I just wanted it to be over but for me, it took 5 long weeks of horrible side effects.

My husband doesn't eat the same way I do either but he doesn't expect me to keep anything in the house that I cannot eat. He eats  his junk food outside of the house which is a real blessing for me to not be tempted.

I'm looking forward to using the water kefir grains, but it will be a first, so right now I have no idea what to do. LOLOL

Amen, girl....I don't know where I would be without Jesus by my side. He is our absolute healer! We just keep on asking for guidance and following His lead, right?  ;)

In His Grace...


Robbie, My serotonin syndrome was caused by my rheumalologist in Aug of 2007. I went to him for fibro and took all my supplements and herbals with me.All were documented.He prescribed Neurontin and Zoloft.I was apprehensive about taken them and told him so.He said to stop everything I was taking as St Johns Wart and 5 Htp, SAMe etc. Said to stop all but SAMe. Well, I stopped them all and waited 2 days to start the meds.Started on Sat morning and by Sun night all I wanted to do was sleep.Couldn't hardly stay awake. I could not remember when my last dose was and I thought I needed to take meds.Right afterwards I had an explosion in my brain that sent a signal that fired through every nerve ending in my body to my feet. That's when the hallucinations started and the manic behavior.I was all alone in the house. I managed to call my Mom.When she got her my adrenaline was crazy high.She stayed and cleaned for a few hours and left and I layed down slept for a while and wok in middle of night.Actually felt better that day and called my husband and told him that I was feeling better and for him and my son to stay camping and if I got worse I would call. Well, about 4am on Tues all hell broke loose.I awoke thinking I was having a heart attack .Everything was going haywire and my insides were on fire.No temp though.I tried to call my husband and couldn''t get him.I waited a half hour or so and called my Mom and I turned on the water to lukewarm and got in and shook and shook as my insides cooled down.For 6 months I had all this going on.Went to hospital cause my doc went on vacation the day after my visit.So he was out of office for 2 weeks.When I called and told them that I needed to get in ASAP and what was wrong.They said it would be 3 weeks til I could see him.Hospital found nothing and sent me home to return if I got worse.When I did get in to see doc he put me on Ultram and Klonopin. My body went crazy.Hallucinations, no control of anything.Now I look back God had His hand on me cause I should have had a heart attack as bad as I was.I immediately quit the meds and went back and he wanted to put me on Lyrica  and Cymbalta.I took his scripts and cancelled my follow up appt and have not been back since.I found a Naturopath  after 6 mo Feb '08 and she worked with me for several months before she passed away from scleroderma. Since then I was seeing a Fam PA who kept pushing Cymbalta but I was so afraid of meds I wouldn't hear of it and it made him mad and he told me off in front of everyone.Through research I found I had gotten Serotonin Syndrome .In fact when I went to the hospital a couple weeks after all this began I casually asked the ER doc if by any chance it was ser syn and he said that I would be close to death. So he doubted it.None had a clue or they did not want to admit it.My pheum never did.But my new doc I have been seeing for about 7 mos alt med and a psychiatrist as well (Center for Alternative Medicine) said it sounded like the rheum was trying to bring serotonin levels down with the ultram to cover his tracks.So my life started out fibro, serotonin, leaky gut,chronic fatigue,low thyroid, adrenal exhaustion and you name it I have prob forgotten a few.Terrible edema which is getting under control.My brain is so foggy at times with odd stuff going on inside it and memory,circulation,thought process, and even misspelling words I never did before.I was always a great speller.One of my biggies is the major lack of organization skills.I just cannot get my brain to work that way and I lose focus and concentration very easily.All these things to keep an eye on with your niece. I still have issues with anxiety and panic and being around alot of people.Just started going back to church but I have reactions to everything and hypersensitive to odors, lights, sounds, perfumed anything.I have probs with liver and fam hist of liver cancer. I have been turned down for SSDI and have appealed.I don't know if I will ever be able to work again.My husband was working 2 full time jobs thru all this and quit his 2nd job a yr ago.We cut way back to minimums including just 1 car,phone tv etc.Hard when son is in college and comes home ev 2 weeks.lol He is only an hour and 10 min away in good weather so not bad.Our 12 yr old car has seen better days but she is hanging in there.I am blessed she is still running good and no rust but she sure sould use a paint job!!!I was blessed to have my son home as he was attending community college and got one degree there while I was so sick.I was scared to death to be by myself.I have come so far but I still have a long way to go.This desemminated systemic candidas that my doc calls it has been a kicker for sure. It is presenting in my scalp, face (ezcema) and toenails now.When it gets in my bloodsteam I get real sick. Praying for a miracle.I know God is in that business cause he healed my mitral valve stenosis and regurg 11 yrs ago.I was due for replacement valve in 2000.God gave me a new valve w/o surgery!!I do believe my journey is to help others as I had to do alot of research on my own.No natural or holistic docs. Only AMA rx writing docs.Til I found one local that diagnosed hypothyroid  and then I found my current doc (both are environmental medicine and prescribe Armour thyroid) I am going to go back to eating greens (turnip and kale) and try the saurkraut if I can do it.I am going to use a little raw honey occasionall. So hard to give up potatoes and rice and my bionaturae noodles.Maybe occasionally.I made Paleo bread tonight with coconut flour and almond flour. Well, I really need to go to bed. Til next time,have a good night!!



Seems like quite a few "Dr's" are causing this serotonin syndrome by not really knowing full containdications of what it mixes with. Sounds like you have really been through it.

I couldn't take Lyrica for the fibro. I just take supplements as I react really badly to ALL synthetic drugs. I was paleo for a while but it really made me gain weight eating all that bread again.

I hope you continue to get better by the day.  I'm getting some kefir grains and hopefully will be able to make some kefir next week. I'm so excited!  Keep me posted on whats up with you!


In HIs Grace...




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