There are specific nutrients which are related to hormonal balance. Have you had saliva testing done? There is commonly an association between androgen levels and estrogen levels. Both can be elevated. Read on the iodine thread also about the relation to thyroid receptors being blocked by halides also. The hormones are all interrelated. My understanding is that all 5 hormones need to be saliva tested: thyroid, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and cortisol, multiple times during the day.

This is my Cliff's Notes to thyroid stuff:

This post has more info about T3 and T4 testing and meds.

Here is "Recommended Labwork":

Mistakes Patients Make:

This post is about the nutritional issues and thyroid function.

This is a list of supplements and how they function in the body.

I always recommend whole foods for nutritional support. Check the site "World's Healthiest Foods". It lists each of those nutrients and the foods most dense with that nutrient. 

Also, elimination of specific foods: cabbage, peaches, radishes, soy, peanuts, spinach and rutabagas which can interfere with thyroid hormone production, if consumed in large quantities..

Most of our diets are depleted in magnesium. We use Natural Calm. It is most bio-available. You want magnesium citrate. We also supplement with CLO for Vit A and Omega 3, zinc and selenium and kelp for iodine and liver for B-vitamins, vit C, iron. I eat my two Brazil nuts (maximum, cause more can be too much selenium). And other food sources for the nutrients. Here is a list of
nutrients to be sure are adequate in your diet:
Hormones are also influenced greatly by the types of fats you eat. You need healthy saturated fats (avocado and coconut), and essential fatty acids: cod liver oil.

Iodine supplementation is another avenue to research:

Here is more info about this important nutrient:

 Kelp is the seaweed highest in iodine and for example, you would need approx. 1 teaspoon a day of organic, heavy metal tested kelp to get 12.5 mg. Iodized salt is not a good source. Real sea salt
is good source, but not sufficient. Selenium in conjunction is important.

Adrenal fatigue is also interconnected with stress, cortisol exhaustion, and thyroid levels.

I'd also strongly recommend seeing a classical homeopath. Homeopathy can help to address hormonal balance.

My understanding is that the blood test for thyroid function is not as accurate for *bio-available* levels of thyroid function. See this old post of mine with more info:

The recommendation is to have *saliva* testing done for progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, AND thyroid. The hormones are interconnected. Basically, the thyroid, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and cortisol levels all need to be evaluated, as they change over the course of day.

Also, evening primrose and magnesium help with hormonal balance. Gut health is important to nutrient absorption which impacts hormone production and weight gain, new studies show.

So, I'd start with the "Healing The Gut-cheat sheet" :

Where to Start, Help 101

Also, consider PCOS issues and the related hormonal imbalances:

Also, read Bruce Rind's article in the latest Wise Traditions called Low Metabolic Therapies Addressing Thyroid and Adrenal Insufficiency. Dr. Rind discusses the importance of treating the adrenals *BEFORE* trying to heal the thyroid since trying to fix the thyroid will result in further weakening the adrenals.

Dr. John Dommisse articles and interviews at

There were some really informative articles about iodine in the latest Wise Traditions. Read Best Kept Secret.

And, The Great Iodine Debate by Sally Fallon Morell - 15 pages about iodine!

THE Iodine Thread

THE Adrenal Fatigue Thread and Adrenal Fatigue Thread (Part II)

The Thyroid Thread (Part II)

My story, my cure...

Start at the back of those long threads, then read the first page or so.

Thyroid and food

This site says that Brassicas are rich in iodine. However, brassicas contain thioglucoside compounds that may disrupt the function of the thyroid gland, this could be an important consideration for people deficient in iodine, who may need to monitor iodine levels, take iodine tablets, or limit the intake of brassicas.

This site recommends, "1 cup of raw brassicas in normal thyroid or 1/2 cup of lightly cooked but not nuked, for abnormal thyroid history."

BTW, the goitrogens (thyroid-inhibiting substances) found in brassica veggies may be neutralized by fermentation!  Although, WAPF, says fermentation does not neutralize the goitrogenic effects:

Also, there is a "something" called I3C which is present in raw and fermented Brassica-type vegetables (e.g., cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts) which inhibits breast cancer cell growth. But, it is deactivated when the brassica foods are cooked.

This woman states, "Most agree that in a person with a healthy thyroid, the amount of isothiocyanate needed to inhibit thyroid function would be virtually impossible to get from food alone." "You may be able to get the best of both worlds....cancer protection and thyroid health... by eating raw brassicas daily and adding sea vegetable, especially laminaria digitata kelp. (1-2 ounces a week depending on severity). And please, if you have any thyroid problems, avoid gluten 100%." "Gluten often triggers and autoimmune reaction sending antibodies after your thyroid. So going gluten free is a good idea regardless of whether you also have Celiac."

Selenium, the trace mineral facilitates the process of conversion of iodine.

"Conventional dairy contains estrogenic hormones and pesticides that damage the thyroid. Vegetables and whole, pre-soaked grains should continue to be staples of your diet, with soaked nuts and seeds, fermented foods, and if you're a meat eater, organic and hormone-free meats only. Estrogenic foods, including peanuts and processed and raw soy (including soy milk and tofu should be avoided; fermented soy (tamari, miso, tempeh) is fine but should not be overused.

Brassicas (broccoli, kale, cabbage, collards, and other vegetables in their family) are goitregenic foods, which means they sap iodine from your system and should be avoided. Cooking or fermenting decreases the goitregenic properties, but do not entirely eliminate them; limit cooked or fermented brassicas and eliminate raw brassicas. Choose chard, spinach, or lambsquarter over kale or collards for your leafy greens; chard contains iodine, lambsquarter and spinach contain L-tyrosine. Coconut oil, which contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) can improve metabolism for hypothyroid people.

One Brazil nut a day supplies all of the selenium your body needs to fuel the conversion of iodine and L-tyrosine to thyroid hormone. Just keep a jar of Brazil nuts in your fridge and pop one per day; one nut contains a healthy daily dose. The most significant thyroid-healing herbs are seaweeds, packed with the iodine that builds thyroid in our bodies. Digesting iodine from plant-based sources (rather than simply pouring on the iodized salt) is the most effective approach."

For more information about healing naturally, keep updated on Facebook  Heal Thyself!

Overwhelmed? Where to start?     ~Become your own Gut Guru!


Welcome, we hope you will join us!


Pat RobinsonWellness Educator



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That bit about gluten and thyroid problems is a piece of a puzzle of mine, maybe. I've heard it in passing before and it's nice to hear some start of an explanation. Thanks. Should those Brazil nuts be soaked?
I'm sure ideally. :-) I don't. ;-)

i always die a bit inside when kale is a possible culprit with an imbalance. lol
i eat copious amounts of this super food!
Where do you get your Brazil nuts? I've been disappointed with the quality of some of the nuts I've purchased.
I purchase them raw from our local EarthFare.

I really don't know of a raw nut source online. I'll ask around. It is very expensive to purchase retail raw nuts.

Btw, there is a big controversy about whether fermenting lowers or increases the goitrogenic properties of cruciferous veggies.

There is general agreement that heat/cooking decreases the goitrogenic properties.

I read somewhere that once a Brazil nut was shelled it lost much of it's selenium. I believe the recommendation I saw was two freshly shelled or about 8 pre-shelled. I saw this a few years ago, maybe on Mercola? But of course I can't remember now :) Any idea about that?
news to me!

I did just read that water/soaking makes a food lose a lot of selenium. I wonder if the processing includes washing and thus losing selenium?

I read this about variable selenium values and worry more about 'too much': "Brazil nuts are not uniform in their selenium content and may contain much more or much less than the estimated 50 micrograms per nut. No more than one or two Brail nuts should be consumed daily to avoid excessive accumulation of selenium in tissues. "

"Brazil nuts may contain as much as 544 micrograms of selenium per ounce."

"Brazil nuts grown in areas of Brazil with selenium-rich soil may provide more than 100 mcg of selenium in one nut, while those grown in selenium-poor soil may provide ten times less."

So, I eat two most days and some days none.

thanks for the info.


Just trying to bump this discussion back up !!!

I have  been reading the book " why do I still have thyroid symptoms" by Datis Kharrazian.

It is also very informative and interesting and he has a lot of education and experience  and seems to really have  the science behind his theory.  He says that most hypo thyroid that do not respond or initially respond to medication and then while their labs show normal they still have symptoms is because they have hashimotos and that is the most important test . Also hashis is first and foremost an immune disorder and should be treated as such.

most of his nutritional/herbal/natural recommendations seem really good except for the one biggie......


He claims that iodine to hashis is like adding gasoline to a fire!!!!!!

He has read dr.Brownstein's book and agrees that for non hashimotos iodine could help but goes on to explain how many naturopaths prescribe iodine for hypo and many patients feel beeter for a while and then back to not feeling better or it just doesn't help ........

Anyhoo, I would really like to have somones input on this, I don't know if it has been discussed somewhere before but it is really interesting and really making me think here.

I even spoke to someone in my area that has a practice based on his recommendations and she says that she has a high rate of success.

somehow it bothers me, the iodine  thing.....since it is always recommended....

please someone tell me you have read about this, or will look it up and we can explore this more.   I probably didn't express what it is he does do very well, but I find it fascinating, since something like this can be the missing piece of someones puzzle......... 


Gilla, you ask the million dollar question. There are the Brownstein Iodine Advocates and the Kharrazian Iodine-Hashimoto Naysayers.  From what I have seen in the many people taking Iodine for thyroid in the alternative circles, there are large portion who feel better initially and a large portion who feel like they are dying from the toxin dump.

There is a large segment of the population with detoxification issues and the iodine makes things worse because it triggers them into a raging autoimmune dysfunction. The iodine isn't the cause, it is the trigger, perhaps. Detoxification dysfunction is common to 40% of the American population with the MTHFR gene polymorphism. And from what I've read, some 70+ percent of women have Hashimotos, not your run of the mill hypothyroid. Compounded by the nutrient deficiencies that pregnancy and nursing can lead to in our SAD (nutrient-deficient) culture, I do NOT feel comfortable with the iodine supplementation that Brownstein advocates.

However, two or three of my most respected nutritional mentors disagree with me. :-)  I will say that we/they didn't know about the MTHFR gene and detoxification dysfunction and the concerns regarding displacing mercury from the thyroid during iodine supplementation, before 2009.

These discussions are informative in your exploration of this dilemma:

There were some really informative articles about iodine in the latest Wise Traditions. Read Best Kept Secret.

And, The Great Iodine Debate by Sally Fallon Morell - 15 pages about iodine!

THE Iodine Thread

THE Adrenal Fatigue Thread and Adrenal Fatigue Thread (Part II)

The Thyroid Thread (Part II)

My story, my cure...

Start at the back of those long threads, then read the first page or so.

Thyroid and food

I will say that I do not believe that detoxification or healing should make you feel worse.  And many people "push through  die-off" and I believe that our body is sending a message and it is healthier to listen than to ignore feeling bad.  They have a term for the healing crisis called a "Herxheimer reaction".  I do not agree with that philosophy, myself.

The caution is once you mess up your immune system with iodine supplementation, even Brownstein agrees, "Oops".  But, oops is too late, when it is YOU.

Dr. B:

Dr. K:

Browstein:  " I agree that iodine can aggravate autoimmune thyroid conditions. Iodine supplementation in those that have an autoimmune thyroid problem can be akin to pouring gas over a fire. However, with hypothyroid conditions that are not autoimmune in nature, iodine-containing foods can actually help the thyroid function better."

I ain't taking the iodine.

thanks Pat :) I knew you would know about this and have tons of smart info!
Iam slowly working my way through the links.
It annoys me that most dr's don't want to test for tpo, thyroid antibodies.....
I took my 2 dd's for check ups and specifically asked for that and the dr. was trying to convince me why we don't need to test for thyroid antibodies even after I told him that my mil has hashimotos.........
I wish I could afford to have everyone tested privately and I decided what tests to do :)
I understand.  We have to be responsible for the research ourselves!

Please do share any interesting info you find!

Personally, I eat kelp, seafood, use sea salt liberally, eat goitrogens and selenium.


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