(I am copying Jessica's organization. why reinvent the wheel??)

1) I am almost perfect on the beet test, when adding fermented foods, I seem to be fine. yeah!

2) It has not been unusual for me to experience digestion problems in the past, including diahhrea. It is improved, but not great.

1) I have a leaky gut, and am taking action for that. I also have struggled with thrush in my breasts for a long time, almost 100% gone. I haven't had discomfort in my breasts for months, after experiencing it for 3 years. Yeah!!! I haven't done a super sugar test to see if it is still there. Is it correct that I will not be able to remove it all? will candida always be with me?

1) Glucuronidation - I used to get a high when drinking water kefir or kombucha. It is almost all the way gone. I will continue with probiotic food, and leave it at that. Keep up the good work little bugs. Yeah!

2) Amino acid conjugation - this doesn't seem to be a concern.

3) Acetylation - I'm not sure. any suggestions?

4) Methylation pathways - (not sure if all of this belongs in methylation)
I'm sure my vit D is poor. My cholesterol tested at 119.
Dopamine - I have a family history of anxiety and depression, my mother struggles with paranoia. I'm the only one in my family that doesn't take anxiety/depression meds. I struggle with anxiety and depression that includes fear of reaching outside of my family when depressed (precursor to paranoia?) - high dopamine
My father has been an alcoholic since his early twenties, and I believe still going strong forty years later.
dopamine inhibits prolactin - i have always struggled with milk supply. I think there are multiple reasons, but wonder if this is one of them.
homocysteine - both my boys and I have midline issues. Other members in my family have midline issues. I thought it was normal for tongues to look like my family's (posterior tongue tie)
I was on birth control pills for ten years. I got pregnant one month after stopping. I am assuming my folate was really low. So, it might not be the mthfr gene, maybe just results of birth control, and SAD diet.

Methyl cycle - need to get the MTFR test done.

Transulfuration - I have a sensitivity to sulfites added to foods. It first started with dried fruits. An extreme reaction to another food caused me to carry around an epipen for years. I used to bruise easily, not so much recently. I am still reacting to added sulfites (problem with a dried peach a couple of months ago). I become flush with wines. I struggled with asthma for years - hasn't been a problem since embarking on increased health this fall.
But does a sensitivity to sulfites and possibly high homocysteine levels contradict each other?
Sulfation - what should I be looking for? Is this the transulfuration?

Glutathione - I am very sensitive to caffeine, early morning coffee bothers me and my nursling in the night time. Turns out my 15 year struggle with insomnia seems to be an extreme caffeine problem. (but that's a phase 1 detox issue, I think)
so maybe i'm ok with glutatione

I have adrenal issues and suspect hypothyroid

For the past few weeks my depression has increased significantly. It was partially due to major friendship issues that have been heartbreaking to me. At the same time I was ill with a stomach flu, so my eating was really low. Last week I had some corn exposure, so I became even worse. I noticed that I felt ok in the morning and by late afternoon absolutely awful. I have added fresh juices on the afternoon (already doing it in the morning), and having epsom salt/baking soda baths in the evening. I am starting to get better. Do you think the soaks and vit/min from juices helped me?

so I will add what I should be doing at a later time. I just needed to get this down, so I could stop worrying about losing the info.

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iodine - i did a patch test and it disappeared by the 11th hour. My oldest son's disappeared by the 8th hour.
I have Lugol's but feel nervous about using it.
What about diet restrictions, probiotics, supplementation, allergies, intolerances, meat/egg consumption/milk? Are you nursing? Mercury fillings? Any other chronic illnesses? Medications?

"But does a sensitivity to sulfites and possibly high homocysteine levels contradict each other?
Sulfation - what should I be looking for? Is this the transulfuration?"

Sulfite sensitivity can be overactive transsulfuration as compared to your SUOX enzyme. Molybdenum and B6 are both necessary for that enzyme, but too much can inhibit the process.

Fast transsulfuration generally protects against really high homocysteine levels, but there are varying degrees of fast. So it might just mean your methyl cycle is really slow - which would match the high dopamine. And midline defects are also related to vitamin A, so that might be a factor as well.
I am nursing my 2.5 year old. He has multiple allergies (no-Ige): dairy, soy, beef, legumes, gluten, corn, eggs (within this week he seems to be ok with egg yolk - keeping my fingers crossed - it is crystal testing fine), citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, treenuts, peanuts, pineapple, shellfish, chocolate, coconut, hemp, flax, apple (I think I'm forgetting a few things.) Many of these were problems from the get-go, but some where problems after too much consumption. I believe some of these are liver detox issues. In fact, that is what my crystal is telling me. see supps below.
I, myself have learned through this journey that I have a problem with gluten, corn, stone fruit and citrus. I strongly believe that the stone fruit and citrus are liver issues. I'm not sure about the others. After connecting the dots, I realize that I've had corn problems my entire adult life. (I thought I was allergic to latex, but it was the corn.)
I used to have strong asthma and environmental allergies. I will see if they get worse this spring.
We occasionally do bottled probiotics, but do water kefir daily, and have recently fallen in love with fermented carrots.
supplementation - we stopped natural calm in december because of the potential corn issue, also because it has lemon in it. In beginning of Feb when I started crystal testing it said that it was a no-go for my son. A few days ago I asked if it was an allergen, it said no. This confused me because I believed he was reacting to it. I asked if it was a detox issue, and it said yes. When I asked about myself it said it wasn't an allergen for me. My bowel tolerance is VERY low for it, so I wanted to know more. I had already had 1/2 tsp earlier that day. I asked if I needed more, and received a yes answer. I then asked if I should have more now, and received a no answer. well the point is moot anyway until I find a mag that my son doesn't react to.
vitamin c (camu powder -yuck, allergy-c is reactive to my son)
vitamin D
raw fermented clo
B complex (only recent reintroduced because of son)
zinc (spotty intake)
msm (only recent reintroduction because of son)
vitamin k

I recently ordered other things (can't remember). It is hard finding things that my nursling doesn't react to. I want to start selenium again.

I eat meat, more than I would like. It is my main protein source.

I have one mercury filling - little pieces have broken off I believe.

I am very overweight. I had lost 60 lbs after my son's birth, all pre-preg weight. I've gained 10 back, and can't lose more.
Asthma is under control - no meds needed.
Plantar fascitis (sp?) in my feet.

My goal is to try raw goat milk kefir, but I wanted to be further into our detox healing. I hope to do so at the end of the summer.

eta: Prior to adding mag this fall I had problems with heart palpatations, tics, restless leg syndrome, relaxing. Mag really helped me with all of these things. I need to get a new supplement.
my food restriction make it difficult for me to get molybdenum in my diet. This should be important to add

vitamin A - I believe I had a compromized gut prior to my pregnancies. If this was the case, I might not have been able to change beta carotene into vitamin A. I don't believe I had been eating a lot of high quality, natural vitamin A sources prior to pregnancy. My severe morning sickness made it difficult for me to eat anything during pregnancy.
Are you doing calcium with the magnesium? My Mg tolerance is low if I don't balance it with Ca. My favorite Ca source is bone broth.
I haven't found a calcium suppl that doesn't make me want to throw up.

We try to have a cup of bone broth daily - but in reality it is 4-5 days a week. I juice greens but that's all I can think of.
I am just remembering that my NP, two years ago, tested me being "wicked low" in calcium. I responded really well to the Standard Process supps but they were made from foods my ds is allergic to. I should test them out now.

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