I've been meaning to post this for a while, but haven't had the time - so I'm taking some time out tonight (ds is sleeping). Hope it's not too long, but I've been reading through all the posts and I wanted to give as much info as possible. Not even sure if I posted it in the correct category.

I had a very bad diet growing up, lots of secondhand smoke, lots of antibiotics. Iv'e always had allergies from milk to tomatoes. Of course, I still drank tons of milk - lots of excema.

At about 25, I went on the birth control pill for 2 years. I noticed that I became depressed, slept a lot, wanted to be alone. I always had low resistance to sickness. Had sinus infections, allergies, excema. And now the anxiety became noticeable. Of course, I still drank soda, milk, ate tons of ice cream and cookes (thinking about it now is making me want to gag!)

I had 2 more mercury fillings put in (told the dentist I wanted composite – but they made a mistake and I ended up with mercury). That makes 5 mercury fillings total.

2004 tried lexapro for anxiety. Was on it for about three months. I decided that I didn’t like the side effects – did some research and found out that I should change my eating habits!!!

When I cut sugar out of my diet (cold turkey), I developed a hideous rash all over my face, arms legs chest. It felt like it was underneath the skin. Incredibly itchy and flaky. I also had some sort of eye problem. My eyes were leaking so much that each morning they were sealed shut with goop. I went to the allergist. He prescribed prednisone. 3 weeks on prednisone and when I came off of it, the rash got even worse.

He wanted to put me back on, I told him no. I had to take matters into my own hands
That was the beginning of my journey towards health.

In 2005 I learned from a friend that I could have candida overgrowth, so I started the candida diet. I noticed some change, but the rash on my face never went away, just got better/worse. I didn’t see the benefits.

2007 Went to naturopath who had me on candida diet plus rotation of herbs and antifungals. Also digestive enzymes and aloe. I was taking 30 plus pills a day. I couldn’t keep up with it b/c it was so expensive and it was impossible for me to stay on the diet.

Got pregnant in 2008 – all candida symptoms went away – I felt great and could eat anything I wanted (even sugar, which I stayed away from as much as possible - but it was nice to have some).

Gave birth June 2008. Planned a home birth but my waters broke early, so I was induced and gave birth vaginally in the hospital. I was on lots of antibiotics b/c I had Group B Strep. Also had the epidural.

Ds roomed in with me and was breastfed for the first 3 days. After that, he had jaundice and had to stay 4 more days in the hospital. I was allowed to come and feed him 5 times a day (every 3 hours). He was being fed formula half of the time.

When I brought him back home, I weaned him off the formula and thats when the acid reflux symptoms started. After a year of trying to eliminate anything that is causing reflux I am now off of milk, gluten, corn, soy, nuts (not sure about the nuts), eggs. I think he also reacts to meat in my breastmilk!! I can’t understand why, but I do have a hard time digesting it myself.

After I had the baby, as I am making less and less breastmilk, the symptoms are coming back.
(maybe hormonal?)

Here are my current symptoms:

Flaky rash on scalp, eyelids, above lip
Itchy eyes
Rash on legs/arms
Sore throats and sinus problems/ allergies
Sensitivity to perfumes/chemicals
Acid reflux digestion problems
Geographic tongue reactions to certain foods (had one to bubbies sauerkraut last week)

Ds symptoms
Acid reflux
Excessive drooling
Will not lay down (reflux)
Nurses and pulls off, will not stay on breast
Wants to feed all day
High pitched squealing and gurgling
Will not stay still

My plan so far:
- Bone broth
o Tried making bone broth from turkey legs. Love it! I mixed it with rice and fed to DS and DH.
Chicken livers – they are sitting in my freezer.. soon I will get up the courage to cook them up and eat them.
Fermented foods – I have been snacking on bubbies sauerkraut. Sometimes I have a geographic tongue reaction to it. Today I didn’t (yay)
Water Kefir – I plan on getting the grains at some point, when I have the money.
Epsom salt baths – took one today with ds

Raw foods – ds and I both seem to do WORLDS better on raw foods. I like my rice pasta and buckwheat muffins, but I may have to go strictly raw for a while.

Supplements – Started Vit D and Vit C. The Vit D really makes me feel good!

Kombucha – The ladies on Mothering say I’m not supposed to be drinking this while bfing, but I was drinking 12 oz a day for about 2 months, until I started to realize it was bothering DS. I stopped it completely about a month ago, but still have a little left in the fridge. I am taking about a half a cup a week until my supply is gone.

Looking for a multivitamin that does not have allergens! I tried the vitamin code and there’s something in it that he’s allergic to.

Today my diet was :

Spinach salad with avocado and blueberries and chicken salad
Afternoon: Rice cakes with coconut butter and applesauce
Dinner: Ground turkey with rice noodles and coconut oil
Snack: Apple, avocado, blueberries, coconut milk ice cream.

I seriously need a change. My body feels the lack of nutrition. Problem is, I am not satisfied on veggies and fruits all day. Rice and meat are needed in my diet, even though they sometimes make me sick. I cant even keep up with DS milk needs. Seems he’s always frustrated at the breast. It’s time for a change. Im tired of the ED. I need help!!!

Hope this wasn't too long. I know you ladies have done so much research and I thank you in advance for your help.

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Oh - forgot to mention, DS failed the beet test. I think I passed. Urine was normal, poo on the other hand was red!

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